Chapter Four

Clara ran inside the TARDIS, her bladder nearly bursting after hours of holding it in. She and the Twelfth Doctor had just escaped from a dungeon on a distant alien planet and she refrained from using the filthy toilet in their cell for fear of catching some weird alien disease.

She didn't wait for her friend as she sped out of the console room and headed for the nearest toilet. She went to the first bathroom she saw, sped inside, slammed the door and locked it and quickly pulled down everything before setting down on the toilet seat with a sigh and releasing the contents of her aching bladder.

"Thank God," she murmured as the splatter of pee hitting the water reached her ears.

She sat for a moment in relief and meditation, thankful to be back on the TARDIS when she suddenly heard a knock on the bathroom door. Her head jerked towards the door as the knocking continued.

"Clara, open up, I need to go to the loo!" the Doctor yelled through the door.

Clara did a double take.

"UmI'm using it at the moment and there are other toilets in here, Doctor. I've seen them," she said.

She gasped when the pounding increased and the Doctor screamed, "LOOOOOOO!" through the door.

"Doctor, what the hell?" Clara said.

"I GOTTA USE THE LOOOOOOO!" the Doctor wailed through the door.

"There's another toilet, Doctor, go find it!" Clara said.

"But I love this one! LOOOOOOO!"

Clara stared at the door in silent shock. Since his regeneration, the Doctor had acted completely different from the last one and she wondered if the reset had unhinged his mind. She gasped when the Doctor pounded on the door and screamed, "LOOOOOO!" at her and she quickly got off the toilet seat, pulled up her pants and trousers and flushed the toilet.

"I'm going, I'm going!" Clara said as she hurriedly washed her hands.

She unlocked the door and flung it open, hoping the Doctor wasn't going to trample her on the way in. Instead, she found him standing there, giggling softly and she stared at him in complete confusion.

"Ah, that never gets old," the Doctor said to himself while Clara stared at him in total silence.

"What?" Clara said.

The Doctor smiled warmly.

"Just a very old practical joke I like to play on my companions," he said, patting her on the shoulder. "After the events of today, I thought we could use a bit of lighthearted shenanigans."

Clara visibly relaxed.

"Thank God, I thought you were going off your trolley there for a moment," she said.

"Me? No, I went off my trolley centuries ago. But I hope I didn't scare you."

"No, I'm just glad you're still in your right mind. Anyway, let me get out of your way," Clara said, stepping aside.

"That? No, I already went. Just teasing you. See you in the console room, then?"

Clara nodded and the Doctor gave her another pat on the shoulder before turning and walking towards the console room.

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