Life Finds a Way

A Gundam Wing/Max Headroom/Doctor Who Crossover

-Chapter Two: An Old Police Box in a New London-

"You want all four of us to fit into that little box?" Duo wondered aloud. "No wonder I get pregnant."

"Baka," Heero scoffed. "Just stay in your Gundam until I give the order."

"Any ideas Doctor?" Clara inquired. "You're usually the one in charge, but these kids..."

"Oh well... I guess if you two aren't keen on seeing the most advanced technology in the universe..." the Doctor fixed his bowtie. "Coming, Clara?"

"Of course, Doctor." Clara pushed her hair back and opened the door of the TARDIS, which the closed again. She wondered why he was giving up so soon.

"Heero," Duo asked his fellow pilot. "How did that door close if she's in there? Wouldn't that girl's being in there block the door?"

"This might be worth investigating after all," Heero decided.

"How did you know?" Clara asked.

The Doctor smiled "Watch."

As the two pilots disembarked from their Gundams, Clara was astonished. They weren't any older than she was. And to be piloting such large craft.

The four entered the TARDIS. After several quiet moments, Duo went back outside. Heero went to follow, but the Doctor put a hand on his shoulder.

"He'll be back inside in a minute. He's just walking a circle around the TARDIS. At least one member of all of my teams have done so."

"Teams?" Heero asked.

"I always travel with at least one companion. Usually female, but there had been others."

"You mean men."

"Sometimes," the Doctor agreed. "But I did travel with a robot dog for a while. Good ol' K-9."

"But if he was a robot, why not just remake him?" Heero asked, somewhat sensibly he thought.

"I could no more simply remake K-9 than you could remake Duo," the Doctor explained.

Duo walked in. "You could really help the colonies with these things." he said. "One of the biggest problems is limited space for both housing and business. I grew up on L2 and I remember the shops got bigger and the homes got smaller."

"Economic overbalance," the Doctor knew the phenomenon all too well. "Unfortunately," he pointed out as he worked the controls, "this baby has a few special touches that make her just a little out of your range." He pulled a lever and the TARDIS gave out that sound he loved so much.

"What's going on?" Heero. "Are you kidnapping us?"

"Think of it as being commandeered for an adventure." the Doctor told him. "Think of what you can learn and how you can use that knowledge when you return home."

"Does this adventure have anything to do with the baby I'm going to have?" Duo asked.


"An exciting adventure leading to romance and a child." Duo cooed. "Won't that be great?"

"Terrifiic," Heero agreed. "I still don't see how you're going to have a baby."

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