Chapter Two

(Tom Baker voiceover…) It's noon o'clock in the city of Cardiff and confirmed homosexual, Jack Harkness, is holding a meeting with his team deep in the bowels of Torchwood…

Owen, Tosh, Ianto and Gwen sit at a wooden table in the conference room of the Hub. All of them are growing impatient because Jack Harkness is late for the meeting.

"Where is he?" Owen said. "Doesn't he realize we also have things to do?"

"He'll be here," Gwen said. "Just be patient."

"I have an alien autopsy and I would like to finish it before midnight," Owen said with an angry sigh.

Everyone looked at the door when it opened. Jack strolled into the room wearing a black rubber outfit.

"Sorry everyone," he said as he sat down in his seat. "I had a bit of trouble on the bus just now."

"What sort of trouble?" Tosh said. "Aliens?"

"No," Jack said. "people were commenting on my outfit and how ridiculous it looks. The utter cheek of some people!"

"Well, to be honest, it does look daft," Owen said to him.

Jack's mouth dropped open.

"How dare you speak to me like that, Owen! I am proud of who I am, especially since I'm the only gay in the village!"

"And by village, you mean Cardiff?" Gwen said.

"Exactly! I am the only gay in the village and I will not be bullied by bigots who have a problem with me being gay."

"I don't have a problem with you being gay, I have a problem with your fashion choices," Owen said, pointing to his outfit. "And as for being the only gay in the so-called village, I believe Cardiff has more than one gay person in it."

"Rubbish. I am the only gay in the village!" Jack said dismissively.

"Whatever, mate, just get on with the meeting," Owen said, rolling his eyes.

"Very well," Jack said, folding his arms on the table and looking at his team. "First item on the agenda, I believe there is a need for a gay pride day in Cardiff so I can show all the non-gays how fabulous being gay can be."

He paused for comments while his team looked at one another.

"Jack, I think Cardiff already has a gay pride day," Tosh said.

Jack gave her a shocked look.

"How could they? I've only just thought of the idea," he said.

"Mate, you're not the only homosexual in Cardiff, alright?" Owen said, trying to be patient with him.

"I am the only gay in the village!" Jack said, slamming his fist down on the table. "Anyone who says otherwise is being a great big liar!"

"Fine, I'm a great big liar then," Owen said, throwing his hands up in the air. "Just move on to the next item of business."

"There is no other item; I just think Cardiff needs a gay pride day."

Jack's team stared at him long and hard.

"You called us in here for that?" Owen said.

"Yes. I think the need for a gay pride day is important, especially since I am the gay representative for Cardiff and I need to educate everyone on how glorious it is to be gay."

"Right. I'm going to go back to slicing open the alien now," Owen said, getting up from his chair. "Anyone else wanna join me?"

Tosh, Ianto and Gwen leapt up from their seats and followed Owen out of the room while Jack glared at them.

"See! This is why we need to have a gay pride day here," he yelled out as they walked out of the room. "This is the sort of prejudice I get day in and day out around here! I am proud to be the only gay in the village and you lot don't understand that!"

He sighed when Owen slammed the door shut, leaving Jack alone in the room with his thoughts of a gay pride day for Cardiff.

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