Chapter Eleven

"Come on, Tom, Mommy and the Doctor and River are waiting," Michelle said as she got off the bus with her brother.

They ran to the house, eager to see them again. They yelled and waved when the Doctor appeared in the bay window and waved at them.

"Get out of the window!" Michelle yelled at him when she reached the brick walkway beside the window.

"NO!" the Doctor yelled at her and grinned when she laughed and sprinted up the porch steps.

They went inside and Lori greeted them at the door.

"Children, we're going to be rich," she said to them. "The Doctor is helping us win millions of dollars."

Tom and Michelle's eyes widened and the Doctor walked into the hallway with River and Rex. Lori showed them the winning lottery ticket the Doctor gave her.

"He did this for us so we won't have to worry about money ever again," she said to them.

"Are you an angel?" Tom said, walking over to the Doctor.

The Doctor chuckled.

"I've been called that before but no, I'm not," he said.

"Really? Because I wonder that myself at times," Lori said, hugging him. "Anyway, we'll tell the others when they get home but get your coats and shoes off and do your homework if you need to. We're having Mexican food tonight."

The children cheered and ran down the hallway.


The Doctor and River sat on the sofa, relaxing while Michelle sat in the chair by the window while she read her history textbook.

"So? Civil War still?" the Doctor said after watching her for a moment.

"Yeah, but we talked about Abraham Lincoln getting shot today," Michelle said, looking up from her book.

"Ah! He was a very nice man," the Doctor said.

"You met him?" Michelle said, awed.

"Yes. Not in this body, in a previous life, I did," the Doctor said.

"In the Donna life?" Michelle said.

"No, earlier than that. Donna Life? Heh," the Doctor said, grinning at River. "So my tenth life is my Donna Life now."

"Was she the only one that traveled with you?" Michelle said.

"No, Amy and Rory did and River does."

"No, I mean in your Donna life, did anyone else come with you?"

"Yes, several people traveled with me or helped me during that life."

"Like who? Were there girls?"

"Yes, there were several girls and a few boys."

"Did they like traveling with you?"

"Yes," the Doctor said. "At least I never had any complaints from them…no wait, I did have a complaint from someone's mum but that's because the crafty witch snuck in my TARDIS when I wasn't looking and I ended up leaving with her on board."

"Was she really a witch?" Michelle said.

"Witch as in Harry Potter, no. Witch as in pain in the bum, yes," the Doctor said to her while River chuckled.

"Did you like the witch's son or daughter?" Michelle said.

"Daughter and yes, I did, very much," the Doctor said wistfully.

"I wish I could meet her," Michelle said.

"Why?" the Doctor said with genuine curiosity.

"Just so I can ask her a few questions about traveling with you."

"Well, ask River, she's available," the Doctor said, pointing to his wife.

"Do you mind?" Michelle said to her.

"No, hon, I don't mind. What do you want to ask?" River said with a shrug.

"I just want to know where you've been and what you seen and if you've ever gotten hurt and is it dangerous?" Michelle said.

"Wow! Um…that would take a couple of hours to answer them all," River said while the Doctor chuckled. "But I will say this right now. Yes, it is dangerous and yes, I've gotten hurt several times. Are you worried about that?"

"A little," Michelle said.

"What about what happened to Amy and Rory, does that scare you?" the Doctor said.

Michelle thought about it.

"A little, I guess. I love Mommy and Daddy and my sisters and brother. I don't wanna be trapped somewhere where I can't see them. But if I see cool things, I'll risk it."

"Ah! Love, you'll see very cool things traveling with him," River said while the Doctor gave Michelle a cheesy grin.

"I just wanna hear some stories but right now, I gotta do this so can we do it later?" Michelle said.

"Sure, baby," River said.


Michelle went back to studying while the Doctor grinned at his wife and put his arm around her. While they were watching TV, the Doctor's ears perked up when he heard the faint sound of the TARDIS downstairs. River heard it too and they shared a look before getting up and heading downstairs.

By the time they reached the storage room, the Tenth Doctor was emerging and looking around. His eyes settled on River and this time Eleven saw recognition mixed with pain in his eyes.

"Sorry, I was hoping this was a free day," Ten said to his counterpart. "I thought I would come for a visit but if you're here…"

"Wait," Eleven said, holding up his hand. "Where are you at this moment, timeline wise?"

"I just back from trying to help Adelaide," the Doctor said sadly.

"Ah! Okay, I see," Eleven said. "So, Donna is no longer with you then."

Ten shook his head sadly, his eyes cast downward.

"I just need to…"

"Recover from the shock?" Eleven said, feeling a bit of déjà vu from all of this.

"Yeah," Ten said. "River, nice to see you again," he said.

"And you," River said, nodding.

"I know who you are this time. Donna and I did meet you finally," Ten said.

The Doctor glanced at his wife, wondering if she would read into those words her final meeting with him but she nodded and smiled and the Doctor figured that she probably wasn't sure what life of his she would end her life on.

"Listen, come upstairs, forget about leaving. Lori is fixing tacos and Mexican food tonight and she'd love the company. Also, Bookworm's birthday is tomorrow and we're invited to attend. Would you like to do the same?"

"Really?" Ten said, smiling. "How old will she be?"

"Ten," Eleven said. "And you know her, she'll beg for you to stay and celebrate."

"After all I've been through lately, I could use some celebrating," Ten said with a weary sigh.

"Come upstairs then," Eleven said.

Eleven led everyone while he walked upstairs. He reached the top and stepped into the hallway. He looked at Michelle. She was still sitting in the chair, reading her textbook silently.

"Shelly, got a surprise for you," Eleven said in a singsong voice.

Michelle looked up and Eleven walked down the hallway so the others could come up. River appeared and then Ten. Michelle's eyes bulged and she cheered as she threw her book off her lap and ran to hug him. Lori came out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was and she grinned from ear to ear when she saw Ten.

"Wait, did you do this when you off getting the lottery ticket?" Lori said to Eleven as she walked towards him. "Did you go get your other self too?"

"No, this is entirely a coincidence," Eleven said. "However, he needs a bit of a rest because at this point, he also has experienced loss. What I said about Donna, he's lost her at this point and been through hell, to put it mildly."

"Oh no, not Donna too," Lori groaned.

"Too?" Ten said, frowning when she went to hug him. "Wait," he said, looking around. "Where are Amy and Rory?"

"That's what she means by "Too," Eleven said grimly. "River brought me here for the same reason you came."

"Oh no," Ten groaned before she hugged Lori.

"Come and relax," Lori said, taking his hand. "TOM, Uncle Past Doctor is here now!"

"Uncle Past Doctor?" Ten said, amused, while Lori led him to the living room.

Ten turned his head when he heard heavy footfalls and saw Tom dashing towards him, glee on his face.

"Shelly, finish your homework so you can hang out with them tonight," Lori said to her daughter.

"She's studying the assassination of Lincoln," Eleven said to his counterpart.

"Oh! Yes, very sad moment in history," Ten said, heading for the empty chair while Lori patted him on the back and let Tom follow him. "Wait, can I see your textbook? I don't trust those books to report history truthfully."

Michelle picked up the book from the floor, found her place and brought it to him.

"Your other self said you knew Lincoln," Michelle said to him while Ten hugged Tom.

"Yes, I did which is why I need to check to make sure this is accurate. I know more about Lincoln than some twenty first textbook author does," he said.

"You're that paranoid, huh?" River said while Eleven snickered.

Ten glanced at her and looked at the children.

"She's an archeologist, I point and laugh at them," he said to the children.

River raised her eyebrow while the Doctor chortled.

"Is that so?" River said, looking at her husband. "Do you think that as well then…Sweetie?"

Eleven cleared his throat and gave her a sheepish grin while she eyed him.

"I love you?" he said hesitantly while River rolled her eyes and shook her head.

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