Chapter Seventeen

The storm wasn't letting up and getting worse so Ten finally suggested everyone go into his TARDIS to wait it out so they could have electricity and warmth and food and drink. Lori took a candle and Jim started to pick up the radio but Ten told him that the TARDIS could tell him when the storm was passed. Jim turned it off and they blew out all the candles except the one in Lori's hand and everyone followed her down to the storage room. They went inside Ten's TARDIS and the Doctor asked his ship to make up a playroom for the children and a bedroom for each child and Jim and Lori plus a room for Rex as the dog came into the TARDIS. He shut the doors and the storm was shut out as well as everyone followed him to the lounge. The TARDIS made a playroom for the children and a room for Rex and put them next to the lounge so the children could be near everyone. The playroom had shelves filled with games and toys and was big enough for a slide and swingset and a huge playhouse. The children were delighted with it and rushed inside while Eleven showed Rex a room filled with chew toys, dog toys and a huge dog bed. Rex barked his thanks to the Time Lord and trotted inside, settling down to gnaw at one of the chew toys. The TARDIS also provided the three youngest children with their own child-sized recliners and two mats with duvets covering them. And she provided enough chairs for everyone and a small table filled with snacks, pop, milk and tea.

Brittany and Michelle enjoyed the playroom, exploring it while Tom and Mandy giggled and swung on the swings. But Brittany and Michelle soon drifted out into the living room, more interested in their new friends and the adult conversation. Ten pointed out the little recliners and the mats with the duvets on them by the TV. Michelle was delighted with all of it and thanked the Doctor for everyone before she walked over to the table. She took a few biscuits and poured a small cup of Coke before walking back to the recliner nearest the sofa. She sat down while Brittany got some Coke and a small sack of crisps and walked over to a larger recliner beside the one Sarah Jane was sitting in. The adults were making small talk, getting to know one another and telling each other about their lives. While they were doing that, Ten was checking on the younger children, grinning at their laughter and loving the fact that they were no longer afraid. He was walking back towards the adults when he suddenly stopped and closed his eyes as if deep in thought. He grinned and opened his eyes just as a flash of light appeared at his feet. When the flash disappeared, there was a folded blue blanket there. He picked it up, unfolded it and Michelle's eyes widened when she saw a photo of the Backstreet Boys in the center of the dark blue blanket. Ten looked at her and grinned as he carried it over to her.

"I believe this is for you, Shelly," he said to her. "The TARDIS released it was your birthday tomorrow so this is a gift from her."

"How do I say thank you to her?" Michelle said while the Doctor covered her lap with it.

"Just say it aloud, she can hear you," Ten said.

"Thank you, TARDIS," Michelle said while the adults chuckled.

She heard a short rumbling.

"That was her, she said you're very welcome," Ten said.

"How did she know I liked Backstreet Boys?" Michelle said, rubbing her hand over the soft blanket.

"Ah, well, she can read minds," Ten said. "She can see your thoughts and memories and she designed your room to reflect what you like. She does that for everyone. So your bedroom will probably be all books and Backstreet."

"What room? I'm surprised the TARDIS didn't just put a bed in the library," Eleven said.

Michelle giggled and Ten tousled her hair before sitting back down. She finished eating her biscuits and finished half of her Coke, setting the cup on the floor by her recliner between sips, before her eyelids suddenly grew heavy. By now everyone except Brittany were growing sleep and Ten decided to take them to their rooms. Lori and Jim kissed them all goodnight and Michelle wrapped her blanket around her body. Everyone wished them goodnight before the three children followed Ten out of the room. They turned right, walked a short way to the end of the corridor and Ten pointed out their bedrooms. Two on the right and one on the left. The TARDIS guided him, telepathically telling him which room was which and he directed them to their proper rooms. As predicted, Michelle's room was decorated with posters of the Backstreet Boys along with a poster of Hello Kitty and one of Dora the Explorer. The bed was big with a white wooden headboard and a pink blanket. There were two big bookcases filled with books and a few dolls and toys on a smaller bookcase by the door. There was a chest of drawers and a small walk-in closet with more clothes. There was a wooden nightstand by her bed with a Dora lamp on it and a couple of books. On the bed was a pink Hello Kitty nightgown and the Doctor pointed out a door at the back of the room. He opened it and showed her the adjoining bathroom, decorated in pink with a Hello Kitty motif. Michelle hugged him and Ten chuckled and kissed her cheek.

"Get some sleep and the TARDIS will wake you in time to get ready for school tomorrow," he said. "In fact…TARDIS, activate voice interface."

He pointed over her shoulder and she turned to see a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair who was wearing a long gown the color of the TARDIS exterior.

"This is the interface, this is how the TARDIS communicates with my friends and family," Ten said. "She will wake you up and assist you in the morning and if you get frightened, call to her and she will come."

"Thank you," Michelle said. "This is so awesome!"

"Yes, it is. My ship is the most magnificent thing in the universe," Ten said. "And…there is something else I have for you but it can wait till tomorrow night. For now, get some sleep and I'll check on your brother and sister. If you need them, you saw where their rooms are and Brit and your parents will be in this corridor as well. Okay?"

Michelle nodded and the Doctor kissed her goodnight. He smiled tenderly at her and wished her goodnight and told her he'd see her when she was ten years old as he walked out the door.

Michelle took her nightgown and went to the bathroom. She undressed herself, put her nightgown on, used the toilet and washed her hands. She walked over to her bed with her Backstreet Boys blanket and put that on top of the pink blanket. She pulled both back, climbed into bed and lay back as she pulled the covers up. The TARDIS dimmed all the lights, leaving her a little to see by but not enough to keep her awake. Michelle lay there for awhile, enjoying the feel of her new bedroom and loving the fact that she was sleeping on an alien spaceship. Then her eyelids grew heavy and she finally surrendered to sleep.



Michelle frowned when she heard a beautiful female voice calling to her. She opened her eyes and saw the interface standing by the bed, smiling warmly at her.

"Good morning, Michelle, it is time to wake up and prepare for school," the interface said. "Happy birthday."

"Thank you, TARDIS," Michelle said.

She lay for a moment in the bed, savoring the moment, before she reluctantly got up and prepared for the day. She could hear her siblings and heard her mother helping them. She called to her mother and she came into the room.

"Happy birthday, darling," she said, hugging her daughter.

"Thank you, Mommy."

"Daddy left for work but he didn't wake you when he kissed your cheek. You were sleeping so soundly and he decided to wish you happy birthday when he came home. This interface thing is in every room," she said, pointing to it. "It woke your father too, which made him laugh. So I'm going to go help Mandy and the interface will help you if you need it and I'll come back and check on you, okay?"

Michelle nodded and hugged her mother. Lori tousled her hair before she left the room.


After getting dressed and freshening up, the interface led everyone to the kitchen where the Doctors and the rest of the inhabitants were waiting. They yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" when she came in and cheered while Michelle giggled and blushed. Ten showed her where she could sit and eat an English breakfast and took great delight in pointing out the little birthday cupcake by her plate. Michelle, her siblings and mother took their places and everyone ate breakfast and chatted. Michelle devoured her food, loving the taste of it and the fact that once again she was eating breakfast on an alien ship. After they were finished, the TARDIS took their plates and cups and silverware away and everyone made their way to the front.

"Jim didn't come back so I'm assuming the house is still there," Lori said to the others while they walked into the console room.

Ten opened the door and they stepped out into the storage room and looked around. The house was dark and quiet and didn't appear to be damaged. Eleven picked Mandy up and urged Rex out before closing the door. They went out and headed upstairs where Mandy, Tom and Brittany collected their school things and wished everyone goodbye. There was a misty drizzle so Lori gave them their umbrellas and told them to be careful before letting them go outside. She then headed into the living room with everyone else and turned on the morning news, keeping an eye on the children while they waited at the end of the driveway for the bus. Eleven offered to make some tea for everyone and Lori showed him where the kettle was and the tea up in the cabinet. While she was doing that, she heard the anchorman talking about storm damage in Indianapolis and Greenfield and several tornado touchdowns around the area.

"You were lucky," Eleven said after listening to it.

"Yeah, we have been for a long time but I'm sure eventually the big one will hit again," Lori said while she filled the kettle with water.

"But soon you'll be rich and you can leave if you want," Eleven said, pulling out a couple of tea bags. "You can go anywhere and do anything if you have millions."

"I'd love that. You saw what it's like around here. I don't want the children growing up and being stuck like I was," Lori said, taking the kettle to the stove and turning the burner on. I don't know what Jim wants to do but I'm sure if given the chance, he might want to leave too. After all, if we're multimillionaires, we won't be hurting for money. You've given us so much, Doctor. How can I ever repay you?"

"Just live a stellar life, you and your family, that's all the repayment I need."

Mandy came into the room.

"Except for her. Leave her out in the woods and let her turn into a bear," Eleven said, pointing to her.

Lori giggled when Mandy stopped and stared at him.

"You hush," Mandy said to him.

"No, you hush, little bear! Don't growl at me!" Eleven said.

Lori laughed when Mandy let out a little growl and Eleven feigned fear as he backed up against the counter. Mandy giggled and walked over to him and squealed when Eleven picked her up and rested her on the crook of his arm.

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