Chapter Nineteen

Twenty minutes later, Eleven returned to the lounge carrying a tiny black box. Embedded in the center of the box was a large crystal. Eleven sat it on the coffee table.

"TARDIS made this for the crystal," he explained as he knelt down by the table.

"And that will allow us to see Amy and Rory?" Ruth said.

"Yes, the crystal allows hidden objects to be seen in a one hundred foot square area," he said to them. "I didn't know it worked on the spirit world but Amy and Rory couldn't possibly know about this unless they were given inside information but anyway, here goes…"

He pressed a button on the side of the box and a blue light filled the inside of the crystal.

"Look," River said when Amy and Rory suddenly appeared by Mandy's blanket. They were standing three feet in the air, smiling warmly at everyone while Rory had his arm around his wife's back. They waved to everyone.

"The TARDIS told us about the crystal," Amy said to them. "We've been listening to you trying to find a way to bring us back but there's no need to when you have this. I mean, we're with you always."

"Yeah and quite frankly after living a full life, I have no desire to leave this place," Rory said, gesturing around him.

"We will tell you this though, Heaven is all around you, all the time, just on a different vibration level so you can't see it," Amy said. "And it's three feet above the Earth plane and that's why we look like we're floating. We're not; we're standing on the ground in our dimension. But yeah, it's gorgeous here and peaceful and pleasant. I'd rather stay here and just watch over all of you from here. Now about Donna…have you considered your chameleon arch, Doctor?"

Ten and Eleven jerked their heads towards each other while Martha's mouth dropped open.

"Chameleon arch?" Sarah Jane said. "What's that?"

"It rewrites a Time Lords biology, makes them human," Martha said.

"Makes them whatever they want to be," Eleven said. "But it only works on Time Lords or those with Time Lord DNA in their bodies which means it could work on River or…Donna."

"You mean, turn Donna back to a human?" Jack said.

"Full human, yes, or a full Time Lord, it could go either way. But given her situation, we might have to turn her into a Time Lady to save her."

"What about River?" Lori said. "You could do the same for her, right?"

"Nah, I don't wanna give up my humanity, I'm happy the way I am," River said.

"I suppose we could go talk to Sylvia about this," Ten said. "Wilf would be all for it, obviously, but Sylvia…"

"Are those Donna's relatives?" Lori said.

"Mum and granddad," Eleven said. "Granddad was very supportive of Donna traveling with me but her mum…"

"Was a pain in the bum," Ten said. "Yeah, she needs to be convinced, even though Donna is in her thirties and it should be her decision."

"Except…" Eleven said. "Donna was a self-absorbed woman before she traveled with me and I'm sure at the moment she'd rather watch telly than go with me."

"Oh, I don't know, Wilf might convince her to go," Ten said.

"Yeah, but we have to do it safely so she doesn't overload before we mend her," Eleven said.

"You know, talking to yourself is a sign of insanity," Lori said.

Everyone burst into laughter when the Doctors stared at one another for a moment and then joined in the laughter.

"See, this is where Bookworm gets the cheekiness from," Eleven said, pointing to Lori.


For a few hours, they chatted with each other and that included Amy and Rory. Eleven was thrilled to see them again, although he found it odd that they were sitting three feet off the ground on thin air. But the crystal had allowed them to appear solid and they appeared happy. Indeed, they told Mandy they didn't want to come back to the Earth plane when she asked them. He was glad that they were somewhere safe and happy and could still look in on everyone and be a part of their lives.

At lunch, they ate pizza and Mandy drank milk while everyone else sipped tea. And around two thirty, the first bus pulled up and Tom and Michelle came home. Tom ran willy-nilly to the door but Michelle carefully walked to the house while cupping something in her hands. Lori went to the door and greeted her son with a hug and a kiss.

"I have a surprise for you but we need to wait for your sister," Lori said to him.

"I'm coming," they heard Mandy say in the distance while she walked towards the porch.

Two minutes later, she finally came in the door.

"Sorry, Mommy. Mrs. Shields gave me a birthday cupcake like the TARDIS did so I was saving it to show everyone. Is Uncle Dan and Aunt Ruth and Great Uncle Tom and Great Aunt Alicia here?"

"Yes!" the four adults said in unison.

"That was the surprise?" Tom said.

"No, come this way," Lori said, leading them into the living room.

She paused by Amy and Rory and both Tom and Michelle froze and stared at them while they waved. Michelle looked at the three feet of air under their butts and looked at her mother.

"Is this a movie the Doctor made?" she said.

"No, this is really Amy and Rory. They're in Heaven and this crystal thing made them visible to us. Now everyone can see them, not just Mandy."

"You came back?" Michelle said to Amy and Rory.

"Came back? We never left ya, love," Amy said. "We've been here, watching you. But you couldn't see us until now. And we can go where you go, we just have to think about it and we're there, it's very handy. But, now that you can see and hear us, happy birthday."

"Happy birthday, Bookworm," Rory said fondly.

"Are you coming with us tonight?" Tom said.

Amy and Rory looked at each other.

"Well, yes…but I told the Doctor not to turn this thing on in the restaurant because we don't want people seeing us and freaking out. But we will be with you," Amy said." We want to celebrate with you along with everyone else."

Eleven grinned at his counterpart before getting up and sauntering over to Amy and Rory.

"Now!" he said while Amy and Rory looked at him. "You are finally visible again which means…I can order you about again."

"P'eh, guess again, Raggedy Man," Amy said while Rory chuckled. "We're on an eternal holiday here and we're not under your authority any longer."

"You are always under my authority from the moment you sign the contract of submission in your own blood," Eleven said.

"What?" Amy said to Rory while the Doctor sniggered. "I'm sorry, dearest, we didn't sign any contract and we certainly didn't sign it with our blood. You are soft in the head, as usual."

"Now," Eleven said, pretending to ignore her, "first, I want the TARDIS cleaned from top to bottom and made spic and span. Second, you will give me a bath and a massage and delouse me. Third…"

"Whoa! Delouse you?" Amy said while everyone laughed. "No, I am not picking things off your body, Doctor."

"You have to, you signed the contract in your own blood," Eleven said.

"I'm so glad we're over here and not over there anymore," Amy said to Rory.

"I second that," Rory said.

"I'll do it," Mandy said, tugging on the Doctor's trouser leg.

"There! Mandy will delouse ya!" Amy said, pointing to her.

Eleven grinned and picked her up.

"So…you wanna sign a contract in your own blood then?" he said to her.

"Yes," Mandy said.

"Do you understand what I just said?" Eleven said.

"No," Mandy said while everyone laughed.

"So much the better. I can get my way and you'll be none the wiser," Eleven said, pinching her nose.

"Quit," Mandy said.

Eleven pinched her nose again and Mandy pinched his nose in return. Amy and Rory looked at each other when the two of them began pinching one another's noses.

"Perhaps we should come back to the Earth plane long enough to save the children from him," Rory said, pointing to the Doctor while he and Mandy continued their pinch nose fight.

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