Chapter Two

The Doctor jerked his body around when the light faded and he found himself inside a polished steel room. The walls and room were bare except for a huge plate glass window embedded in the wall to his right. There was no door that he could see so he went to the window and pounded on it as hard as he could. The glass didn't yield so the Doctor looked through the window and he gnashed his teeth when he made out the silhouette of Rose standing near the back of the dark room. He yelled her name but Rose didn't respond or walk towards him. He pounded on the window again to get her attention but there was still no response so he gave up and paced around the room while he waited for something to happen.

He stopped when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the wall shimmering and melting and forming a doorway. He glanced over at the darkened room as an alien entered with blaster aimed at him. The alien was tall, a humanoid snake with a rattlesnake head and a short tail with ten rattles on it. He was dressed in a black spandex jumpsuit and black boots. He had humanlike hands and was brown and scaly. His yellow eyes narrowed as he stepped in front of the Doctor and the wall reformed behind him.

"The Slithar," the Doctor said, naming them. "One of the cruelest and most sadistic species in the galaxy. A species that enjoys their bloodsports. But unfortunately for you, you kidnapped the wrong people this time."

"You are sure of yourself, Hairless Pink One," the Slithar hissed at him. "Many others have made claims such as yours and they found death as you will find death."

"And what of Rose?" the Doctor snarled as he pointed to the window. "Are you going to recondition her since she was breaking through your brainwashing."

"No, we have grown bored with the female. You seem to be much more interesting as an assassin. It is you who will become our mind slave next and then you will hunt the female, torture and kill her for our amusement."

The Doctor smirked at that. He was used to hearing threats like this and many people from the Master to the Daleks had tried to take control of him in the past but his mind always proved to be stronger than whatever they threw at him. But he knew if he didn't do something, they would harm Rose and possibly brainwash her to the point that she no longer remembered him. He had to take a risk in order to protect his lover from further harm. Besides, if he pretended to be under their control…he could gain the upper hand with them being none the wiser.

"Very well, I will submit to your control under one condition. Rose's mind is left untouched. If you do that, I will give myself to you for your amusement."

The Slithar sniggered at that.

"What is your name, Brave One?" he said to the Doctor.

"I am called the Doctor and you?"

"I am Cathar, one of the programmers here," he said, sticking out his chest proudly.

"Very well, Cathar, do you accept my offer?" the Doctor said.

Cathar studied him for a moment before he grinned and nodded.

"Very well, Doctor. We will spare your Rose's mind but she will still participate in the games," he said to him.

"As long as you leave her mind alone, I will agree to that. My Rose can beat your game with no trouble."

Cathar snickered at that.

"You are quite brave and very sure of yourself, Doctor," he said. "But let's see how sure you are when you are under our influence."

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