Chapter Four

Cathar chuckled as he watched the footage in the control room. A moment ago, the hairless ape was being cocky and defiant and now she was scrambling through the forest while her brainwashed associate tried to kill her.

"You aren't so brave now, are you, little one," he purred as he watched Rose scrambling over some large rocks with the Doctor not too far behind her.

He watched the Doctor with a smirk on his face. The Doctor had a blank look while he continued to pursue Rose.

"And you," he said, pointing to the Doctor, "you were defiant as well. But you seem to be made of stronger stuff than the female. Perhaps after you finish with her, we will keep you and train you to be a gladiator. "

He chuckled softly as he continued to watch the monitor.


Rose ran behind a large boulder and gasped for air. She couldn't run any more. Her legs felt like jelly and her lungs felt like they were about to explode. She wished the Doctor would just give up but she knew Hell would freeze over before that happened. The only options were to hide or outwit him and at the moment, she was too tired to think let alone outwit the Doctor. But where to hide?

She glanced over her shoulder and tried to will her legs to move again, knowing that the Doctor was close but she could only manage five steps before she collapsed to her knees, panting.

"Oh God, this is it, he's going to kill me," Rose panted as she sucked in lungfuls of air.

She glanced over her shoulder and her blood chilled when she saw the Doctor coming around the boulder. She debated whether or not to beg for mercy but she could tell from the blank look in his eyes that it might be a waste of breath she didn't really have. She decided to face death with dignity and hoped that the Doctor wouldn't remember killing her and living with the guilt the rest of his life. With shaky legs, she got to her feet and stood before him as the Doctor approached.

"I'm not afraid," Rose said, trying to keep the tremor out of her voice.

The Doctor stopped about a foot in front of her and stared at her with a blank look on his face. Rose glanced down at the dagger in his right hand and the long blade that protruded from the hilt and she prayed that it was sharp.

"Beg for mercy."

Rose jerked her head up when she heard the Doctor's dull voice. She stared at him and thought she saw the corners of his mouth upturn slightly and a hint of a twinkle in his eyes. But she figured it could also be her hopeful imagination too.

"Beg for mercy," the Doctor repeated.

This time there was a wink and Rose knew that he wasn't under any control, only pretending. Her heart began to slow back to its normal rhythm as she realized she wasn't going to die.

"Beg for mercy, Rose," the Doctor repeated.

"Please," Rose said, aware that they were being watched.

She knew this was the idea. They were being watched and the Doctor wanted her to show fear but she felt silly pleading for her life like this. But the Doctor gave her a withering look before assuming the blank look again and she knew she should do something to convince their captors that something wasn't wrong. So she fell to her knees and clasped her hands together as she looked up at the Doctor, hoping her performance wasn't too corny.

"Please, I beg you, have mercy," she said, feeling even more corny since she'd seen people say that a million times in schlocky films.

"Why should I have mercy on you?" the Doctor said.

Rose was thrown for a loop. She saw a bit of a smile on the Doctor's face and it peeved her that he was enjoying this at her expense. When she didn't answer, he waved the blade of the dagger back and forth in front of her face.

"Why should I spare your life?" the Doctor repeated.

The Doctor bit his lip at the annoyed look that crossed Rose's face for a moment before she feigned fear.

"Because I…can serve you," she said.

She knew she said the wrong thing when she saw the amused look on the Doctor's face.

"In what way can you serve me?" he said, not even trying to look like he was under control.

"Doctor, stop it?" Rose muttered to him.

"In what way can you serve me?" the Doctor said emphatically.

Rose sighed.

"I will be your slave," she said, trying not to appear annoyed.


Rose was taken aback by the request for a moment before getting to her feet. The Doctor said nothing, just gestured over her shoulder with the dagger, indicating she should turn and walk. Rose, wondering what the Doctor was up to, turned and began to walk slowly through the woods with the Doctor following close behind her. Just when she wondered where they were going, she heard the Doctor clear his throat and to her shock, begin to sing loudly and off-key.

"Ooooh, I once set out one afternoon, walking on a planet by the light of a moon and while I was walking there came this tuuuuuune…and I shall sing it now. Rose Tyler is a big fat cow, not a dog or a pog or a big fat sow, not a little cat that says meow, she's a big fat bloody cow!"

Rose gasped at that and turned around but the Doctor was waving the dagger at her and winking. Rose glared at him, half wanting to plunge the dagger into his eye before she slowly turned back around.

"I am now evil," she heard the Doctor say, "and so I say evil, hurtful things to the woman I care about."

"No, you're a wanker and you say evil, hurtful things to the woman who's gonna deck ya," Rose growled at him.


Rose found herself stopping without thinking because of the authority the Doctor's voice carried. She stood there and eyed the Doctor as he walked around her, dagger in hand. He had a smirk on his face and Rose wondered if she should punch him in the mouth to teach him a lesson.

"So…what will you do for me, Slave?" the Doctor said airily as he waved the dagger back and forth in front of her face.

"Doctor, you know you're being filmed and people are watching, yeah?" Rose said, pointing to a camera in the tree behind him.

The Doctor spun around and to Rose's surprise he screamed "AAAAAAAAH!" at the camera for twenty seconds before he spun back around.

"Do I care that I'm being watched?" he said to Rose.

"Um…apparently not," Rose said.

"Darn tootin' I don't," the Doctor said. "Let the lizard gits come and get me. I'm ready for them. HEAR THAT, I'M READY FOR YA!" he yelled over his shoulder at the camera. "AAAAAAAAAAH!" he yelled as he spun around and faced the camera. "HA! I'M INCAPABLE OF BEING BRAINWASHED BY GITS SUCH AS YOURSELVES! AND FURTHERMORE, YOU LET ME FIND ROSE AND NOW SHE'S UNDER MY PROTECTION…AND SHE'S A BIG FAT COW, BUT DON'T TELL HER THAT AND…oh, hi Rose," he said, spinning back around. "I didn't see you standing there."

Rose giggled in spite of herself while the Doctor gave her a loving look.

"You are a git and a arsehole and you act like you're five years old sometimes," Rose said, trying to be angry at him but failing.

"Yup, yup and most of the time, yup," the Doctor said. "So, ready to snare us some snakes then?"

"Is that what we're up against?" Rose said.

"Yes, humanoid snake creatures with big fangs and big tempers who want us to kill one another for fun. So, interested?"

"Um…in stopping them. I'm not interested in dying," Rose said.

"My thoughts exactly and with that…"

Rose's eyes boggled when the Doctor undid his trousers, pulled down his pants and briefly mooned the camera before pulling his pants and trousers back up and fastening them.

"Okay, I think we better start running now," Rose said.

"My thoughts exactly. Shall we, Slave?"

"After you, Master."

The Doctor grinned, seized her hand and they ran deeper into the forest.

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