Chapter Five

Cathar was livid as he watched the footage of the Doctor mooning him. The cameras had heat sensor devices on them that alerted them if something warm was nearby and they automatically switched on and off, filming whatever was there. So he had been following the Doctor and Rose's progress through the forest after the Doctor had finally caught up to her. At first, it looked like he might kill her but then he realized that he had been duped by the Time Lord and the sight of his bare buttocks waving cheekily at the camera was enough to enrage him.

"I will not let two hairless mammals defy me!" he yelled to the stunned programmers. "Stop them from escaping! Kill them!"

The programmers nodded meekly and sat back down. The talked amongst themselves before they decided to release the first peril.


"Doctor, are you sure you know what you're doing?" Rose said as she followed him deeper into the woods.

"No, but that's usually the norm with me, yeah?" the Doctor said.

"But…they're watching our every move," Rose said, pointing to another camera in a tree.

She gasped when the Doctor grabbed hold of the limb the camera was sitting on, pulled himself up to the lens and mooed into the camera in a deep voice before dropping to the ground.

"That oughta hold the viewing public's attention for twenty minutes or so," he said to Rose as he walked away.

Rose couldn't help herself and burst out laughing at that which made the Doctor grin.

"See, you and me, just thumbing our nose at danger, same as always," he said to her.

He whispered into Rose's ear and then held her up to the camera. Rose laughed a moment before braying at the camera like a donkey. The Doctor sat her down and he flipped the camera the vees. Rose followed suit before they both walked away. Despite the sudden levity, Rose knew that whoever was doing this wasn't about to let them get away with insulting them and walking away without a fight. So she glanced around nervously while the Doctor continued to stroll through the forest, seemingly unconcerned.

"I know something you don't knoooooow," the Doctor said in a singsong voice as they walked.

"What?" Rose said. "What do you know that I don't."

The Doctor didn't answer that but kept on walking. Rose wondered what he was on about when suddenly they heard a low growling behind them. They turned and Rose gasped when a huge creature stepped out of the trees and came towards them. It was about the size of a pony but it looked like a cross between a dog and a boar. It had a boar's body with a Doberman type head and boar tusks that jutted out from its mouth, white and sharp. It opened its mouth to growl and Rose saw a mouth filled with sharp teeth to accompany the tusks. Rose glanced at the Doctor but the Doctor was standing there, unconcerned, with his hands in his pockets.

"Put your arm through mine," he said to Rose as the creature growled menacingly.

Rose did as he said and threaded her arm through his and stayed close to him while the creature growled and snarled at him.

"I assume this is my punishment for showing my buttocks to the higher-ups?" he said to Rose.

"Yeah, I'm sure it is," Rose stammered as her heart beat rapidly in her chest.

She looked at the Doctor and there was that same look of unconcern on his face. She wondered if he was completely mad, at least madder than usual. This beast was about to attack and he was looking upon it as if it were a Chihuahua.

"Soooo, what are you then? A dog boar, a boar dog, a boring dog?" the Doctor was saying to the growling creature. "Were you sent by Slytherin House to kil us, is that why you're here being menacing and all?"

"Doctor, this isn't the time for fun," Rose said tersely. "That thing is gonna kill us."

"Pish tosh, I'm not afraid of a slobbering, mangy pig dog," the Doctor said, sticking out his chest. "Come on, Fido, do your worst!"

The creature crouched down and Rose tensed and shut her eyes tightly, waiting for the moment when it pounced on them. She heard the creature let out a howl and then suddenly she saw a bright light beyond her eyelids and she felt herself becoming lighter than air.

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