Chapter Six

Cathar gasped as a bright light suddenly enveloped the Doctor and Rose and blinded him as he watched the monitor. He wasn't the only one. The other programmers gasped and yelled in shock as the light temporarily blinded them too. Cathar rubbed his eyes and he listened to the cries of shock when he saw for himself that Rose and the Doctor had vanished into thin air, leaving behind a very confused Vor. The Vor sniffed at the spot where they vanished while Cathar yelled at his staff to find the Doctor and Rose.


After thirty seconds, Rose felt like she was back to normal and the bright light was gone. She still kept her eyes shut; for fear that the creature was still there. She wondered briefly if the bright light was the tunnel and she had died and not known it.

Then she felt soft lips on the side of her head along with the soft murmuring of her name. Rose opened one eye and was shocked when she saw the TARDIS console was in front of her. The TARDIS was powered down so it hadn't made its usual humming but all the same, Rose wondered how they got inside the TARDIS as she opened her eyes.

"I know something you don't knooooow," the Doctor said in the same singsong voice as Rose looked around the room, wondering if it was an illusion.

"Are we really inside the TARDIS?" Rose said.

"We are."

"How did we get here?" Rose said.

The Doctor reached into his pocket and showed her a small, black remote control with several black buttons on it.

"Remember when that transmat beam took you from the Gamestation to the Dalek ship," he said. "I was thinking about that and hit upon the idea to make one of my own. What just happened, Rose Tyler, is you and I were transmatted back to the TARDIS and out of danger. So you see, Pig Dog was a stupid git who had no chance of getting us."

Rose gasped and the Doctor grinned when she hugged him in relief. The Doctor eagerly returned the hug and they stayed that way for fifteen seconds before Rose had a thought and stepped back.

"Sowe're just going to fly away then?" she said to him.

"No, this bloodsport needs to be stopped," the Doctor said. "What we're doing now is taking a breather and I'm showing you what this device can do. I can transmat us out of danger so I say we should thumb our nose a bit more at our captors before paying them a visit. Interested?"

"As long as you're there with me," Rose said.

"Weeeell, actually I was going to sit here and eat a bowl of ice cream and watch you scream via the monitor," the Doctor said, pointing to the monitor on the console. "I was feeling a bit peckish and I'm old and decrepit and you're young and strong and you can outrun a pig dog with no problem. OrI can come with you," he said when Rose eyed him and cocked her eyebrow.

Rose grinned and smiled when the Doctor pulled her close and gave her another kiss on the head.

"You just hang on to me somehow when I'm ready to transmat and you'll be pulled along with me," he said.

Rose nodded. The Doctor put his arm around her and asked her if she was ready. Rose nodded and shut her eyes while the Doctor put the remote back in his pocket and pushed the button.


Cathar was shocked when he suddenly heard someone yelling on the monitor behind him. He was yelling at his staff and castigating them for not finding their captives when he suddenly heard their tinny voices coming from the screen. He turned in shock and watched as they flipped the vees at the camera and shouted crude things.

"Sir, they're back on screen," another programmer said behind him.

"I can see that, you fool, I have eyes!" Cathar yelled, whirling on him.

The programmer nodded sheepishly and turned his eyes back to his monitor while Cathar turned back around.

"Hey, Cathar, nice pet, is he yours?" the Doctor jeered at the camera while Rose giggled. "Me, I like a nice yorkie but you know, some people like big dogs."

"Does he sleep in bed with ya?" Rose yelled up at the camera.

"And not only that, is he your girlfriend?" the Doctor yelled.

Cathar hissed in fury as the Doctor and Rose laughed at that.

"Triangulate their location and kill them!" Cathar said as he spun around. "I don't care if the Doctor lives or not, just finish them!"

The programmers nodded and rapidly keyed in some instructions.


"I love taking the mick out of pompous idiots," the Doctor said to Rose. "Being cheeky is so much fun. Much funner than shooting them."

"Funner?" Rose said, bemused.

"Yes. It's funner to make fun of funny people, Rose," the Doctor said while Rose sniggered. "I hearby declare that funner is a word! So there!"

"So what happens next then?" Rose asked him.

They heard some hissing behind them and the Doctor and Rose turned to see several large cobras slithering out of the woods towards them.

"Apparently, we're going to meet Cathar's sisters now," the Doctor said as he put his arm around Rose.

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