A/N: I finished reading Martha in the Mirror and I thought the idea of mirror people was cool so I decided to loosely base this story on that concept but with Donna and Rose instead of Martha.


(Kingdom of Atalantia, 2006)

"So why are we here?" Rose said as she walked beside the Doctor.

"I have been asked to help negotiate a peace treaty between the Atalantians and the Morgos. Don't ask me how they found me," the Doctor said to her. "I'm hoping it won't take ages though. Negotiations always bore me."

Rose nodded in agreement. They were inside a castle that would have looked right at home in medieval Britain. In fact, Rose thought it resembled a fairytale castle with the stone walls and tapestries lining the hallway. Except the tapestries had alien creatures on them. The Doctor stopped and examined one and Rose did the same. He pointed to the tapestry in front of them. It depicted a tall thin alien battling a dragon. The alien had white skin with black spots all over it like a Dalmatian. It was dressed in a toga and holding a spear while a black dragon menaced him with an open mouth filled with sharp teeth.

"These are the Atalantians," the Doctor said, pointing to the alien. "I believe this is one of their myths. Something about slaying a dragon that guarded his castle. Probably along the lines of Saint George or something."

"And do they still wear those toga things now?" Rose said.

"I don't think so. This was far into their past. I think they're more into space age bodysuits and tech now. But they are still warlike and a very fierce and proud people which is why I have to be here to negotiate a peace treaty. I think I'm gonna change my phone number or the TARDIS's phone number so no one can find me anymore."

The Doctor walked on and Rose followed him. They walked into a cavernous room that had several long wooden tables in it. At the back of the room was a fireplace that the TARDIS could easily fit into. The same dragon that Rose had seen in the tapestry was in a banner hanging above it and stone dragons were sitting upright on either side of it.

"They must like that dragon," Rose said, pointing out the fireplace and banner.

"I think that's the emblem of the kingdom," the Doctor said as they headed to the table nearest the fireplace.

Rose looked around. There were several large arched windows on either side of the room and she noticed the dragon emblem was painting in the middle of each one. The twin suns illuminated the room and made it look cozier than it felt to Rose. The tables each had wooden high back chairs that also had the dragon carved into the back of them. In front of each table was a little name card and the Doctor and Rose found their places at the front table near the end of the table. At the head of their table was a gold throne with the dragon carved into the back of it. The dragon on the throne had rubies for eyes and it was breathing fire. Rose examined it for a moment before she walked over to her chair. The Doctor was across from her and he whistled cheerfully while he leaned back in his chair and looked around. Slowly, Atalantians filed in and sat at the different tables but none sat at theirs.

"Feeling a bit lonely," the Doctor said.

Rose noticed that the Atalantians were wearing togas similar to the one in the tapestry but she didn't say anything to the Doctor about being right since the Doctor would find a way to negate her argument. When they were seated, Atalantians in black togas brought in silver trays laden with fruit, meat and silver goblets filled with drink. One of the female Atalantians brought over a tray to the Doctor and Rose and sat it between them. Rose picked up a purple fruit that looked like a plum and tasted it. It was a bit tart but Rose liked it and she stuck to those while the Doctor ate something that looked like a chicken leg. Rose took one of the goblets and looked into it. The liquid was brown and resembled Coke but when she tasted it, it was more like vanilla ice cream and she licked her lips and took a bigger sip. While they ate, an Atalantian dressed in a regal looking purple toga entered the room and raised his hands for silence. The room fell silent and he lowered his arms.

"Fellow Atalantians and friends," he said. "I present to you, the Morgon ambassador, Zella and his delegation."

Zella entered the room with the Atalantian and Rose was taken aback at how huge he was. The man was a giant; at least fifteen feet and his delegation were just as big. The Morgos were rock people and their bodies looked like they'd been carved out of stone. They were naked except for a loincloth that the men wore around their private parts. Zella led the Morgos to the front table and Rose noticed that one of them carried a large mirror in his hands. The mirror's frame was gold and carved so it looked like two dragons were holding onto the mirror. The eyes of the dragons were diamonds that sparkled in the sunlight and Rose thought it was beautiful. But the mirror itself was covered over with a brown tarp. The Morgos came up to the table but the chairs were so tiny they couldn't sit in them. The Atalantian sat on the throne and Zella walked up to his side while the delegation stood by the fireplace.

"Lord Nyan," Zella said to the Atalantian. "I come here in good faith and as proof of that, I bring you a gift. This mirror."

He beckoned to the Morgo holding the mirror and the man walked up and bowed respectfully before showing Nyan the mirror.

"Thank you, Zella, I am pleased with the gift," Nyan said.

He asked the Morgo to put the mirror by the fireplace and he gently put it down by it. The mirror was seven feet in diameter and Rose found herself staring at it throughout the proceedings, admiring its beauty while the Doctor listened to both parties and added his thoughts and gave suggestions.

The negotiations lasted about four hours with everyone eating while they spoke and listened to each other. When they decided to take a break, Rose decided to look at the mirror more closely. She walked over, lifted up the tarp and put most of it on top of the mirror so she wouldn't have to hold it. She stood in front of it, admiring herself while she admired the mirror at the same time. Then something happened. Rose's jaw dropped when the reflection blurred for a moment and when it sharpened back into focus; Rose's reflection was dressed in a long black dress that was low cut, showing a hint of cleavage. The sleeves were long with ruffles around her wrists. Her hair was up in a bun on top of her head and just in front of it was a small silver diadem that had a ruby in the center of it. But what shocked Rose the most was the expression on the reflection's face. Reflection Rose had a haughty look on her face and a sneer on her lips. Rose quickly pulled the tarp back down and when the mirror was covered, she ran to tell the Doctor what happened.

Because of Rose's sneak peek, the Morgos plot to take over Atalantia by giving their enemies an enchanted mirror that produces an evil mirror image of whoever looked into it. What Rose saw was herself as the opposite of what she was, evil, arrogant and cruel instead of loving, kind and gentle. Once the image was produced, the mirror became a portal that would allow the mirror image to enter the real world. The Doctor ordered the mirror to be destroyed before anything happened but he wasn't able to stay and make sure it was done because peace talks fell apart after the plot was discovered. He tried to convince Nyan to let him have the mirror so he could destroy it and make sure it was destroyed but Nyan insisted that they knew how to deal with it. The Doctor was asked to leave with Rose since he was no longer needed and the Doctor, disgusted at the dismissal, told Rose there was nothing he could do and both of them headed back to their TARDIS. As they left the great hall, the Doctor took one last look back over his shoulder and hoped that Nyan would be able to destroy the mirror before anything bad happened.

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