Chapter Four

"So, where should we go first?" the Doctor said to Rose and Jackie while they flew through the vortex. "Make it somewhere where Goths would be completely out of place."

"Wouldn't that be anytime before the 1970's?" Jackie said.

"Yeah, but somewhere where we'd really stand out," the Doctor said.

"You mean like a fancy ballroom in the 1700's?" Rose said.

"Yes, exactly. Somewhere where Goths would be completely out of place."

Jackie smirked.

"Ancient Egypt then," she said.

The Doctor beamed.

"For Jackie," he said.

Rose put her arm around her mother while the Doctor set a course for Ancient Egypt.


(Thebes, 1423 B.C….)

It was nearly noon in the city of Thebes. In the main plaza, people were hurrying towards places of work or pleasure while a few lingered to talk. There were a couple of obelisks and a few statues of the gods around the perimeter of the plaza. As the people were mingling, they suddenly heard a wheezing sound and the people nearest the wheezing fell silent as they saw a blue box suddenly materialize as if by magic. The crowd gathered around it, murmuring to each other while they wondered if it was a visit from the gods.

Then the door opened and they recoiled when the Doctor, Rose and Jackie stepped outside.

"Here we are, Morticia, Ancient Egypt. Land of death and tombs," the Doctor said to Rose while he shut the door behind them. "Isn't it just ghastly?"

"Yes, especially the dog statue," Rose said, pointing to the gigantic statue across the plaza from them.

"And that, my dear Lady of Darkness, is Anubis, god of the underworld and mummification," the Doctor said.

"I like him already," Rose said.

Jackie looked around at the stunned Egyptians. No one was fleeing but no one was approaching them either. She was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and trainers and she figured she looked just as odd as they did. The Doctor walked up to a man wearing a linen kilt. He had a shaved head and kohl around his eyes. The Doctor gasped with delight.

"You're wearing eyeliner as well, are you a disciple of the dark like me?" he squealed.

"Get away from me, you lunatic," the man said before walking off.

"Hey, where are all the tombs and mummies?" the Doctor called after him. "We thought Egypt was filled with dead, we weren't expecting any live people."

Jackie had to chuckle at that. But she noticed a few people were attracting the attention of people with spears. People she assumed were guards or policemen or something like that. She pointed to them and yelled at the Doctor to look.

"Oh, well, come Morticia, we'll look for tombs elsewhere," he said, taking Rose's arm.

He quickly opened the door and ushered everyone in as the guards hollered for them to stop. He slammed the door just as the guards reached them. They banged on the TARDIS doors, demanding to be let in but everyone jumped back and cried out when the TARDIS dematerialized and vanished.


"See, that's how it's done," the Doctor said to Jackie when the TARDIS was safely inside the vortex. "And you laughed, I heard you."

"Alright, I did. It was a bit funny seeing their reactions," Jackie said. "But is this what you do?"

"Not all the time. This is just a way to blow off steam and have a bit of fun," the Doctor said. "Our lives can get hectic and dangerous so sometimes we do stuff like this to bring a bit of happiness in our lives. So…what next?" he asked them as he leaned against the console.

Rose and Jackie exchanged a look.

"You have a go, love. I chose the last time," Jackie said.

Rose thought for a moment and then grinned.


(Eastern Europe, 50,000 B.C….)

Nog signaled to the other hunters as they trekked through the ankle deep snow in search of their prey. They were currently tracking a herd of mammoths who were about a mile ahead of them. All of them were dressed warmly in mammoth skins and carried wooden spears tipped with stone arrowheads. They had paused for a moment while Nog, the leader, examined the mammoth tracks. Now they were on the move again. The Neanderthals grunted to one another as they walked.

Then suddenly, they heard a wheezing and all of them grunted and yelled as the TARDIS materialized thirty feet in front of them. The doors opened and the Doctor, Rose and Jackei stepped out.

"Ah, snow. Winter, death of plants and possibly animals," the Doctor said to the women. "And look, Morticia, animal skins. They killed animals and now their wearing their skins."

"How beautiful," Rose said. "Death everywhere! It's glorious!"

Nog and the others stared at them in shock. They'd never seen anything like them before.

"Excuse me, where are dead animals at? We'd like to see the dead animals. Maybe even kill a few and drink their blood," the Doctor called to them.

His eyes widened when Nog suddenly yelled at the others to charge.

"Then again, maybe not," he said as he and everyone else ran inside.

Nog and the others screamed in fear when the TARDIS began to dematerialize and disappear from view. Inside, the Doctor took his ship into the vortex.

"Okay, that wasn't that great, not much potential for jokes with Neanderthals," the Doctor said to them.

"Well, you pick something then," Rose said to him.

The Doctor leaned against the rim of the console and thought that over. Then he chuckled and turned to set a course for a new destination.

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