Chapter Ten

The Doctor is a very complex individual. I have seen both his mature and immature sides in my time with him. I've seen how terrifying he can be when he's enraged and how playful he can be when he's silly. But I prefer his silliness. Actually, he told me once that there's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes and I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Case in point, we spent one evening at my mum's flat. The TARDIS was parked inside the lounge and mum relaxed after dinner, watching the telly while we invited Mickey into the TARDIS for a game of poker. The Doctor led us to a gaming room, as he put it, but the room was more like a child's playroom with plushie animals all over the place along with an adult sized Victorian playhouse and all sorts of books, games and toys. The Doctor pulled out a card table and three chairs and produced a pack of cards from his trouser pocket.

"So...are we playing for fun or for money?" he asked as everyone sat down.

Rose and Mickey glanced at each other.

"I'll play for money if you want to," Rose said to him.

"Yeah, alright, we'll play for money then," Mickey said to the Doctor.

"Okey-dokey," the Doctor said.

Rose and Mickey watched, impressed, as the Doctor rapidly shuffled the cards before cutting them. While he was doing that, Rose was looking at an elephant plushie that had been lying near her chair. The elephant was gray and wore a little red bowtie.

"Why do you have all this?" Rose said, holding it up.

"Because I collect Earth things and I like plushies. Besides, one day a child might wander in here and want to play. Be prepared, says the Boy Scouts."

He dealt the cards and set the remainder down in the center of the table. He picked up his cards and gasped in shock and wonder. He grinned when Rose and Mickey jerked their heads his way.

"Ha, made you look," he said smugly. "And now you're wondering if I'm being serious or not. All intended to psych you out, my friends."

"He doesn't have anything, he just thinks he does," Rose said to Mickey as they studied their cards.

The Doctor grinned and lightly kicked her shin. Rose eyed him and kicked his shin in return. They stared at one another for a moment before the two of them began kicking at each other's legs in a mini leg war. Mickey gasped when the table rocked and vibrated while they fought under the table.

"Will you stop it?" Mickey finally said.

"She started it!" the Doctor said, pointing to Rose.

"I did not, you started it, you git!"

"Oh, shut your gob, bint!"

"Bint? I'm not a bint, you...thing!"

"Oh yeah, that wounds me deeply," the Doctor said dryly as he put his hand over his right heart. "I'll never recover from that one, Snazoo the Bintaroo!"

He covered his head while Rose smacked him over the head with the elephant plushie.

"I'll give you brain damage, you git!" Rose said to him as she assulted him with the elephant.

"Oh? So I can be like you then?" the Doctor said before covering his head to protect it from the elephant.

"Can we play the game?" Mickey said in exasperation.

Rose and the Doctor calmed down. Rose picked up her cards but she gave the Doctor's shin another quick kick. She leaned her head back when the Doctor reached out towards her while looking at his cards, fishing around for her hair so he could pull it while Rose kept out of his reach. He stopped and studied his cards while Mickey reached into his pocket and put twenty pence on the table. Rose stared at it for a moment, glanced at her cards and raised it with fifty pence. They stared at the Doctor while he studied the money and then his cards. Then he reached into his pocket and laid a wooden yo-yo on the table.

"What's this?" Rose said, pointing to it.

"My wager, it's an antique," the Doctor said.

"We're playing with money, git," Rose said.

"This is money in several cultures, Bintzilla," the Doctor said.

Mickey sighed when they resumed their kick war under the table for a minute before the Doctor sighed and took back the yo-yo. He searched through his pocket and laid a pound coin on the table.

"Happy now?" he said to Rose.

"Yes," Rose said. "Mickey? Going to wager more?"

"Um..." Mickey said, thinking.

He glanced at the Doctor, trying to determine if he had anything valuable in his hand. The Doctor gave him a smug look in return, leaned back in his chair and held his cards against his chest.

"Nah, I'm good," Mickey finally said. "Rose?"

"Care to bet, Binto the Pinto?" the Doctor said to her. "Raise the stakes, as it were?"

"I'm good," Rose said to him.

"P'eh, that's debatable," the Doctor muttered.

"Will you stop it?" Mickey said when they resumed the kick war.

"She's a bint," the Doctor said to him.

"He's a git," Rose said to him.

"Am not," the Doctor said to Rose.

"Are too," Rose said in return.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Will you stop!" Mickey said and both of them sniggered and played footsie under the table. "Bloody hell, you two deserve each other."

"I don't deserve her, she's a bint," the Doctor said to Mickey.

He gasped when Rose seized the elephant and smacked him on the head with it. Rose gasped when the Doctor laid his cards down, leapt up and squeezed her right breast before sitting back down.

"See if you like that, Bintbo!" the Doctor said, picking up his cards.

Mickey, wanting to continue the game, laid his cards on the table so they could see them. The Doctor looked at his hand. Two of clubs, two of hearts, three of diamonds, six of clubs and a jack. He bust out laughing at that and started to scoot the money towards him. Rose slammed her hand down on top of his.

"Show us your cards," Rose said to him.

"Why bother? I have the winning hand," the Doctor said.

"Then show us," Rose said sweetly.

"I don't need to show you. I won," the Doctor said.

He tried to take his hand away from Rose but she held it firmly.

"," she said.

"Show us yours," the Doctor countered.

Rose laid her cards down and smugly pointed to three aces in her hand. The Doctor stared at the aces in shock and quickly tried to hide his surprise but Rose caught it. She leapt up, seized his cards and threw them down on the table and laughed when he had nothing except a ten of diamonds, a queen, a three of spades, a four of hearts and a nine of spades. Rose threw his hand off the money and scooped it towards her.

"No fair, that was mine," the Doctor said sullenly.

"You had nothing," Rose said, pointing to his cards.

"That's because you're playing by Earth rules, by Gallifreyan rules, I won," the Doctor said.

"Oh come off it," Rose said. "You're just a sore loser."

"And you're a bint with a big booty."

"Okay, that's it, i'm going," Mickey said when they started the kick war again.

"No, sit, we'll behave," the Doctor said to him when Mickey got up from the table.

"No thanks, I'm going to go talk to Jackie now," Mickey said.

"Now see what you did," the Doctor said when Mickey left the room.

"Me? You were the git!" Rose said. "And the sore loser."

"Least I'm not a bint," the Doctor said.

He giggled when they resumed their kick war for a moment before the Doctor held up his hand.

"Follow me, my partner in crime," he said to Rose.

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