Chapter Twenty Two

"There we go," the Doctor said.

He was sitting on the jump seat with Snuffy beside him. He had just finished working on a new monitoring system for his TARDIS, a tiny silver orb that would float around his ship and beam back images of what was going on to his console monitor. He was quite proud of it and he showed it to Snuffy.

"See, I can see everything that happens from here now," he said to her.

He opened a tiny panel on top of the silver ball, pushed a little black button and closed it. He threw the ball up into the air and it hovered above the Doctor's head.

"See, it floats," he said to Snuffy while he pointed to it. "Let's do a test run, eh?"

He walked over to his monitor, hit a few buttons and sent the ball on its way out of the room.


Rose sang and danced her way down the corridor. It'd been a slow day in the TARDIS. The Doctor told her he was working on a project so without much else to do, Rose had been exploring. After an hour of silence while searching, she couldn't tolerate it any longer. She took out her Ipod, put her in her earbuds and listented to music while she looked in the various rooms on board the ship. Soon the music got to her which was why she was singing aloud and half dancing as she walked along the corridors. She was so into the music, she didn't realize that a little silver orb had entered the corridor behind her. The orb glided up behind her and hovered nearby, observing her while she stopped and danced and sang along to the song on her Ipod. Then the orb lowered itself and studied her gyrating hips and bouncing ass for a few minutes while Rose remained oblivious to it. Then Rose danced on down the hallway and the orb followed her.

Then she reached another door and the orb went up above her head as she turned her body towards it. The orb came down behind her while Rose tested the doorknob and opened the unlocked door, peering inside at the contents of the room.

"Being nosy, are we?" the Doctor said to himself as he sat on the jump seat and watched the monitor from there. "Getting into things we shouldn't be getting into, Tyler? I suppose I'll have to use the intercom function on my orb and scare her into keeping her nosey nose to herself."

He got up and walked over to the console.


Rose walked into the narrow cupboard after opening the door and noticed there were stacks of magazines piled nearly to the ceiling. She hummed to herself while she reached up and carefully pulled a magazine down off of one of the stacks. Her eyes widened when she realized it was Playboy. While she was doing this, the Doctor piloted the orb until he could see over her shoulder. He groaned to himself when he saw what the magazine was.

"Trust Rose to find the vintage Playboy collection," he muttered to himself.

"Into porn, are you, Doctor?" he heard Rose say as she opened the magazine.

"No, Rose," the Doctor said in a snotty voice as he watched, "I'm not into porn."

So far, he hadn't activated the microphone so Rose couldn't hear him but he watched as she took down another Playboy and made a comment about how he was a pervy old man underneath his wise alien persona.

"That's it then, Tyler, you're getting outta my cupboard after that remark," the Doctor said, reaching down to press the on button for the microphone.


"God, Doctor, do you wank off when no one's looking?" Rose muttered as she took another Playboy down off the stack. "No wonder you like being alone in the console room."



The Doctor's mouth dropped open when he noticed his bellowed command elicited no response from her. He then rolled his eyes when he realized she probably had the volume of her Ipod at full blast. Muttering about how she was gonna make herself deaf, he tried another tactic to get her attention.


Rose put the magazines back on the stack and reached for another magazine off another stack. She took it down and raised her eyebrow. Instead of Playboy, this magazine was Hot Rodder's Monthly and there was a cherry red hot rod on the front cover of the magazine.

"Cars and slutty women, just like a normal human man," Rose said, shaking her head.

She was about to put it back on the stack when something suddenly rammed her ass. Something cold and hard. She gasped and dropped the magazine as she spun around. Her eyes widened when she came face to face with the orb.

"What the hell is this?" Rose muttered as she reached up to touch it.

She jerked back when the orb came towards her and nearly topple over the stacks of magazines. She watched while the orb went to the cord of her right earbud, positioned itself beside it and tried to jerk it so the earbud would come out. Rose understood what it was doing and took the earbud out and the orb stopped and hovered up to her face.

"Get out of my cupboard," she heard the Doctor say through a tinny speaker hidden somewhere on the orb.

"Doctor, why do you have Playboys in here?" Rose said after getting over the shock of hearing his voice coming through the silver orb.

"I collect vintage magazines and Playboy is one such collection. No, I do not "wank off" as you put it. Now pick up the magazine you dropped and get outta here post haste!"

"Alright, i'm going," Rose said annoyed.

She rolled her eyes and turned to pick up the magazine from the floor. As she bent over, the Doctor couldn't resist another quick peek at her ass so he dipped down, surveyed the goods and quickly left the room before she twigged on. Rose put the magazine back onto the stack and turned around to face the orb.

"Good. Now leave and don't poke around in my things without my express permission. And turn down the bloody volume on your Ipod before you make yourself deaf."

"Yes, Daddy," Rose said sarcastically.

The orb came into close to Rose's face and Rose gave him a defiant look, figuring he was going to say something about the Daddy comment. Instead, the orb zoomed up above her head and Rose gasped when the Doctor bonked her once on the head with it before zooming away. Rose flipped the vees to the air in front of her and with a sigh, she left the room and shut the door behind her.

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