Chapter Twenty Three

After making a few modifications, the Doctor sent out his silver orb on another test flight through the TARDIS. Specifically, he was trying to find Rose and see what she was up to.

He found her roaming the TARDIS corridors again, this time without Ipod accompaniment. He zoomed in front of her and Rose sighed when the orb stopped and hovered in front of her.

"I'm not being a nosy nose and I haven't peeked in any cupboards," she said to him.

"Very good," the Doctor said through the orb, "keep it that way."

"Yes, Daddy," Rose said before walking past the orb.

She walked for about fifty feet before looking over her shoulder. She sighed angrily when she noticed the orb was following her.

"I'm not opening cupboards!" she said testily when she turned to confront the orb.

"I believe ya. I'm just bored and curious about what you're doin'," the Doctor said.


"Snuffy Lumpkins is bored as well," the Doctor said when Rose heard the elephant through the orb. "Lead on, my friend and partner in crime!"

Rose turned around and the orb followed her as she walked down the corridor. For five minutes, there was nothing but silence as Rose passed door after door.

"This sucks," she finally heard the Doctor say, "open a door."

"I thought I wasn't supposed to," Rose said.

"Yeah, well, I'm granting you special permission. So open one."

Rose stopped at the next door, tried the doorknob and opened the door. She widened her eyes when she suddenly felt the orb nestle down in the hair on top of her head.

"Ah, much better view here," she heard the Doctor say. "It's Rosecam!"

Rose rolled her eyes. She found the cupboard's lightswitch and turned it on but to her dismay there was nothing in the cupboard except coats on hangers.

"Wow, out of all the doors in here, we picked the boringest one," she heard the Doctor say. "Although I wondered where that burgany peacoat got to, nice to know I still have it. Anyway, try something else, Rose."

Rose turned off the light, backed out and shut the door. She waited for the orb to get off her head but it stayed there.

"Well?" the Doctor finally said when she didn't move.

"Get off my head," Rose said.

"No, I like the view here. I'm not hurting you so quit whinging and go open a door."


"Snuffy agrees."

"Sure, she does," Rose muttered as she walked on.

She tried another door and found to her delight that it was filled with toys.

"Ooo, my toy collection, much better than coats," the Doctor said.

Rose smiled and walked further inside. There was a large wooden bookcase filled with toys as well as a wooden toychest and a couple of clear plastic bins that were filled with more toys. Rose examined a clown doll while the orb lifted off her head and slowly went around the room, viewing the other toys.

"I'm quite the pack rat, eh?" the Doctor said as he stared at a yellow rubber ball sitting on the bookshelf.

"Yes, you are," Rose said as she put the doll back in the toy chest. "I thought you said you never carried money so where did all this stuff come from. You didn't pinch it, did ya?"

She waited for a response but the orb just kept going around the room and she guessed in most cases the answer was yes. She sighed when the orb settled back on top of her head.

"This is most comfy here, too bad I can't do it with my physical body."

"Yeah, too bad about that," Rose muttered as she turned off the light and went outside.

She closed the door and was about to move on when the orb suddenly zoomed down to her face.

"Do you like me?"

Rose blinked her eyes in shock when she heard the Doctor pose that question. She thought he was winding her up since it seemed like a stupid question but the orb hovered there and she could tell he was waiting for a response.

"Yes, Doctor, I like you," Rose finally said.

The orb hovered there for a moment before coming up to her cheek. Rose felt the orb go gently up and down her cheek in a kind of nuzzling motion before backing up.

"Thank you," the Doctor said.

"'re welcome," Rose said, a bit thrown off by the sudden show of affection.


"Do you like Snuffy Lumpkins? She's a bit worried as well."

Rose grinned.

"Yes, I like Snuffy Lumpkins," she said.

The orb came back to her cheek and nuzzled it once more before backing up.

"You know, I'm hungry. Shall we get pizza?" the Doctor said.

"Um...yeah, that sounds good," Rose said.

"Good. Follow this orb back to the front. I have an idea," the Doctor said.

"Lead on," Rose said.

The orb slowly glided away with Rose following right behind it.

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