Chapter Twenty Four

"So..." Jack said to his team as they sat in the Hub's meeting room, "this meeting is now officially started so...any complaints, gripes, moans, groans?"

"Ianto's coffee is a bit off lately," Owen said.

"I've been a bit off, I haven't felt well," Ianto said to him.

"Well, fix that so we can have good tasting coffee again," Owen said to him.

"Yeah, I'll tell the germs in my body to hurry up and go so you can have your coffee back," Ianto muttered sarcastically.

"I have something," Gwen said.

"Yes, Mrs. Williams, you have the floor," Jack said, gesturing to her.

"Curtains," Gwen said.

"I'm sorry?" Jack said, frowning.

"We need more curtains in here, it's depressing," Gwen said.

"In...the meeting room?" Jack said, his eyes glancing around.

"No, everywhere. We need more curtains. We need a woman's touch in this place," Gwen said.

"I agree," Tosh said.

"I don't," Owen said.

"Well, that's not surprising," Tosh said, "you don't agree with anything anyone says."

"I do too," Owen said. "But I draw the line at curtains and fluffy, lace, frilly things around here. The Hub is fine as is."

"Oh, I don't know about that, it could do with a splash of color," Ianto said.

"And some lace pink pillows on our sofa," Jack said.

Owen rolled his eyes while Jack grinned at Ianto. Owen was about to tell everyone to talk about something other than girl things when they suddenly heard a wheezing sound coming from behind Jack. Jack's eyes bulged and he gripped the arms of his chair as a blue box slowly materialized behind him to the astonishment of everyone else in the room.

"Okay, what the hell is that?" Owen said, pointing to the blue box.

" the man I've been waiting for all these years," Jack said, leaping up and spinning to face the TARDIS.

He was about to go knock on the door when the door opened and to his surprise, a small silver orb zoomed out and hovered in front of his face.

"Wow, you look scruffy," Ten said through the orb. "You need to shave, Jack."

"I'm sorry, who or what are you?" Jack said to the orb while everyone else clustered around him.

"I am the Doctor, Jack."

Jack cocked his eyebrow.

"You regenerated into a silver flying ball thing?" he said.

"No, it's his annoying surveillance thing."

Jack looked at the TARDIS door and grinned when Rose stepped through it.

"Blondie! Finally someone I recognize!" he said, stepping around the ball to embrace her.

As he held her tightly, the orb came over and hovered to the side. Jack glanced at the orb.

"What?" he said to it.

"Just making sure you're being platonic and nothing more," the Doctor said through the orb.

"Is this the Doctor now? This annoying ball thing?" Jack said to Rose after finishing his hug

"No, he's inside with our pet elephant. He's just being a pest," Rose said, waving her hand dismissively.

"Pet elephant? You have a pet elephant now?" Jack said while his team came up behind him and stared at Rose.

"Excuse me but who is this?" Owen finally said.

"Oh...Rose Tyler, this is my team," Jack said before quickly making introductions. "This is Rose, I traveled with her and the Doctor...the ball thing," Jack muttered, pointing to the orb while Rose giggled. "He apparently won't show his face so I guess this is the Doctor now."


Jack frowned when he heard the meeing coming from the ball.

"That's Snuffy, that's the elephant I mentioned," Rose said.

"Okay, Doctor, either get out here and show yourself or take your TARDIS and go. I'm not speaking to a floating ball thing," Jack said.

"Fine, Snuffy and I are coming," the Doctor said.

The orb zoomed back into the TARDIS while Jack rolled his eyes.

"Trust me, I'm annoyed with it as well," Rose said. "Since he invented it, he's been using it nearly nonstop while his lazy arse sits up front."

"I object, I don't have a lazy arse," the Doctor said as he stepped outside with Snuffy in his hands.

Jack did a double take and gave an appraising look to the Doctor from head to toe, taking time to linger on the bulge in his trousers for a moment before his eyes settled on Snuffy.

" the elephant?" he said, pointing to Snuffy.

"Yup, this is Snuffy Lumpkins, my pet," the Doctor said proudly.

"It's tiny," Jack said.

"Bang on, Harkness, well spotted," the Doctor said sarcastically. "I see your eyes work."

"How the hell did you get it so small?" Jack said.

"I won her with a Weetabix sample through the post," the Doctor said while Jack's team crowded in to look at Snuffy.

"You did what?" Jack said before shaking his head. "Never mind, I don't wanna know. So...why are you here then with Dumbo?"

"Rose,Snuffy and I are here because I thought perhaps you'd like to go eat somewhere...if you're not busy, that is..." he said, looking at his team.

"Oh! Um...well, we're not really busy, we were talking about buying curtains for our headquarters so if you want me to come...but what about them?" he said, pointing to his team.

"Are they well behaved?" the Doctor said, looking them over.

"Um...most of the time," Jack said.

"If they want to come, they can. Just follow me," the Doctor said, turning with Snuffy and going back into the TARDIS.

"Jack, what is this?" Gwen said as Rose followed the Doctor inside the timeship.

" an adventure. Come on, gang, I want to introduce you to the wonders of time travel," Jack said to his team before he urged them inside the TARDIS.

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