A/N: This was inspired by someone's you tube videos of what Disney World might look like if it were abandoned. This is a part of my Something Old, Something New series and my friend Carol is helping me write it. The series has quite a few stories so if you need the order in which they should be read please refer to the Something Old, Something New list on my profile page.

Chapter One

"Yay, Disney World!" Hope said as she ran out of her bedroom.

It was their annual family holiday and eight year old Hope was excited. She loved going to Disney World, especially with her uncles Alan and Adam who were always guaranteed to make her laugh and smile. Her mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while her father was out in the garage making sure the TARDIS was in tip top shape. She wandered into the kitchen and Rain smiled at her daughter.

"You're wearing your Stitch t-shirt?" she said, pointing to the light blue t-shirt Hope was wearing.

Hope proudly showed it to her. Stitch was on it dressed as a hula dancer while he played the ukulele.

"I thought I'd show Uncle Alan what he looks like," she said.

"Uncle Alan will tickle you for that, you know," Rain said, flipping the eggs. "If he sees that, you better run."

"I'm not afraid of the geek," Hope said. "I'm gonna go annoy Daddy now."

"If you come back with a black eye and a red butt, don't come crying to me," Rain said.

Hope laughed and gave her a quick hug before she went out of the room. She petted Anne and Elizabeth when they ran up to her wagging their tails. She headed on to the garage with the dogs following behind her. When she stepped into the garage, she walked over to the TARDIS sitting in the corner near the people carrier and peeked in the open door. The Doctor was inside, fiddling with his console.

"BAH!" Hope yelled before she ran several feet from the TARDIS.

"TARDIS?" she heard her father saying, "is there any way you can extend your force field prison outside yourself so you can capture the brat that's standing outside and giggling at her cheekiness?"

Hope giggled and walked over to the door. She peeked inside and the Doctor raised his eyebrow when he saw her.

"You think you're so smart, dontcha?" the Doctor said airly as she and the dogs came inside.

"I am so smart cause I'm your kid," Hope said, walking over to him.

"Well, can't argue with that," he said with a shrug.

"I'm wearing my Stitch t-shirt so I can annoy Uncle Alan," Hope said, pointing to it.

"I wouldn't if I were you; he nearly threw that hula dancing Stitch plushie in the oven last year when you rammed it in his face. You know how he gets whenever he sees Stitch."

"He'll just have to deal with it."

"Yeah, he'll deal with it by ripping that shirt off and throwing it in the fire," the Doctor said, petting the dog's heads when they put their front paws up on the rim of the console.

"Mummy's fixing breakfast now," Hope said.

"I know, I'm nearly finished so I'll be in there to have my breakie in a moment, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy."

They heard a faint knock.

"And that'll probably be Stitch Hater and the misses, be a good daughter and greet them for me, okay?"


Hope ran out with the dogs running after her. She reached the front door before her mother and flung it open.

"I have Stitch on my chest!" she yelled at Alan before she ran away.

"Kill!" Alan yelled as he ran in the room.

Rose laughed when Alan chased his niece up the stairs.

"Give me that vulgar Stitch thing, it must be destroyed!" he yelled as he hit the second floor.

Rain came out of the kitchen, shaking her head as she listened to Alan yelling and Hope laughing.

"It's a wonder our neighbors don't report us to the police whenever loudmouth comes around," she said, hugging Rose when she came into the living room.

"I think the neighbors are used to him by now," Rose said. "Not to mention most of your neighbors are our family members and I doubt they'll ring the police to report Alan. They know how he is. Where's the Doctor?"

"In the TARDIS, making last minute prep," Rain said. "He said he'd be in here in a minute."

"Wrong, I'm here now, be afraid, be very afraid," the Doctor said, strolling into the room. "Gonna have a few rashers of bacon and some egg now so be there when I get back so I can wreck havoc upon you."

"Yeah, we'll do that," Rose said. "Go eat your food before your brother gets it all."

"Did I hear someone mention food?" Alan said, coming down the stairs.

"Yes, in the kitchen. Is my daughter still alive or did you throw her in the fire with her t-shirt," Rain said.

"She lives. I'm too hungry to annihilate her," Alan said.

He walked over to Rain, gave her a peck on the cheek and wandered into the kitchen. Anne and Elizabeth came up to Rose and she bent down to pet them while Rain walked into the kitchen to make sure that Hope got some breakfast.

After eating, they dropped the dogs off at Wilf's house and went to pick up Adam, Marion, Duer, Frankie and Faith. They found all of them at Duer's house and headed on to Disney World. Hope and Faith hung out by the console, laughing and giggling, while the adults sat and stood around the jump seat doing the same. After five minutes, the TARDIS landed and powered down and Rain grabbed a small tote bag that held a few essential items they would need for the day.

"Right, you two stay with us. If you want to go ride a ride on your own, ask one of us to go with you. I don't want a repeat of last year when you both wandered off and we had to go search for you for a half hour."

Hope and Faith nodded and they took their mother's hands as everyone walked to the front door. The Doctor opened it, figuring they ended up in the parking lot near the front gates at usual. Instead, to his shock, he noticed that the asphalt in the parking lot was all cracked and the parking lot was torn up and filled with thick, tall weeds. The Doctor was so shocked, he stood there for a moment staring at the devastated parking lot.

"Um, you're not a turnstile, mate, wanna move?" Alan said as he and the others stood behind him.

The Doctor stepped out onto the broken asphalt and everyone else followed him.

"What the…" Rain said, looking around. "Is this Disney World?"

"If it is, they've really slacked off on the upkeep," Marion said.

The Doctor kept walking forward, looking around at the deserted parking lot. Not a car was in sight and everything around the parking lot was overgrown with weeds and trees. He felt someone take his hand and he looked down at Hope.

"Is this Disney World, Daddy?" she asked.

"Um…I'll let you know in a second," the Doctor said.


The Doctor turned when he heard Rose or Marion calling to him. He saw Rose pointing back behind her and he did a double take when he saw Cinderella's Castle. The castle was in ruins. Some of the turrets had fallen off, a few of the fiberglass bricks were missing and ivy snaked around some of the towers.

"It is Disney World, but…what happened?" Hope said to the Doctor.

"I don't know, my precious, but I have a feeling we didn't land in the correct time period."

By now the rest of the family was spreading out and looking around. The Doctor joined them, keeping Hope near him while they explored. The motorway beside the park was deserted, no cars were going past and they heard no cars in the distance. He paused when he noticed one of the lot markers several feet from them. He headed towards it and stopped when he got a few feet from it. The pole had ivy snaking up it and the sign indicated that it was the Dumbo section of the lot. The Dumbo painting was faded and washed out from the sun.

"What the hell happened? Are we in the middle of I Am Legend or something?" Alan said, walking up to the Doctor. "When did the apocalypse occur?"

"Dunno, Brother, I set the time for 2011 and I don't recall Disney World being an abandoned park in 2011. We musta overshot 2011."

"I'll say, it doesn't look like there's anyone around," Adam said, coming up beside Alan. "It doesn't look like anyone's used the motorway in donkey's years."

"Should we investigate then?" Alan said.

"I'd like to, I wanna find out what happened since I don't recall Disney World becoming a wasteland, at least not around the year 2011. But…do you want to do it, Hope? I'll let you stay in the TARDIS, if you're too scared."

"Nah, I wanna help you, Daddy. I wanna see what's wrong," Hope said. "I won't be scared."

"Okay, we stick together then. Just in case," the Doctor said. "Come on, let's assemble everyone and head for the entrance."

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