Chapter Two

"Daddy, what happened to Disney World?" eight year old Faith asked as Duer looked around and scratched the back of his neck. He was looking forward to going on their annual trip to Disney World and Faith wanted to ride on Space Mountain. She wasn't tall enough the year before and she was wearing her Space Mountain t-shirt.

"I don't know, Butterfly. But, to be on the safe side, you stay close to me and Mommy, yeah?" he asked and she nodded her head. Duer took her hand when he squinted his eyes and saw something sticking out of the flower bed near the entrance. Carefully walking along the parking lot, he looked at the dead, dried up flowers and could just make out the Mickey Mouse face among the dead flowers. He climbed up onto the wall while Frankie and Faith watched him walking among the dead flowers as his eyes widened and he gently pulled something out of the dead flowers.

"Find something?" Frankie asked and Duer nodded his head. Walked through the dead flowers, he hopped off the wall when he walked to them and held what looked like Mickey Mouse's head. The black paint was faded and the tan and white paint where the eyes and face had been was gone. The nose was cracked off and the left ear was gone. "Is thatů.?"

"What is it, Daddy?" Faith asked as he looked at her and sighed.

"It's just some junk," he said then knelt down and placed the head behind him. He knew that she would be crushed to find that Mickey Mouse wasn't real, but she was old enough to figure things out and had told him that the Little Mermaid was just an actress pretending to be her because a real mermaid couldn't survive on land.

"Oh," Faith said then shrugged her shoulders and Frankie led her toward the Doctor and Hope. Standing up, Duer picked the head up when Adam walked closer and leaned his chin on Duer's shoulder.

"Whatcha doing?" Adam asked with a grin then looked at the head and his eyes widened. "No, say it ain't so!"

"Keep your voice down," Duer whispered as Adam looked at Faith and Hope chatting near the Doctor and Rain and Adam took the head from Duer's hands.

"Alas, Poor Mickey, I knew him well," Adam said while holding the head in his hands.

"You've been hanging out with David again?" Duer asked in reference to Adam's friend not his son of the same name and Adam grinned, nodded his head up and down.

"So, what do you think's going on?" Adam asked as he bounced the head from one hand to the other and Duer sighed, placing his hands in his pockets.

"I don't know. Getting any vibes off that?" Duer asked as Adam blinked his eyes then realized that he was talking about his psychic dreams and gave him a slightly stunned look.

"It doesn't work that way, Chief," Adam said and Duer nodded his head. "Now, if you don't mind, I am going to go see if Alan wanted to play Kick the Mickey!"

"Hold on," Duer said when he saw Rose and Alan heading toward the Doctor, Rain, Frankie, Hope and Faith and the Doctor wiggled his fingers for them to come closer. Adam placed the head on the ground as they walked closer and the Doctor looked at them, placing his hands behind his back.

"Right, I know I set the TARDIS to take us to Disney World 2011, but it seems we overshot the timeline and are in the future," the Doctor said and Alan held his hand up, waving it frantically back and forth. "Yes, Mister Timelord, do you need to use the loo?"

"No, I was wondering if you were letting Rainy Painy drive. You know she's always getting lost!" Alan while Adam coughed a laugh after getting a look of death from Marion and Rain flipped Alan off.

"As I was saying, we seem to be in some sort of abandoned version of Disney World, but why it's abandoned?" the Doctor asked and Adam waved his hand wildly back and forth. "No, Rain didn't get us lost!"

"No, I really need to use the loo!" Adam said then made a dash for the TARDIS, opened the door and ran inside, closing the door behind him.

"At least he asked," Frankie said as Faith giggled and they waited for Adam to come back out. A few minutes passed without a sign of Adam coming back out and Marion sighed, setting up a privacy block.

"Darling, did you get lost?" she thought to him.

"No, I'm just reading this neat article about bass fishing. I'll be out in a moment," Adam thought when Alan appeared in his head and he tapped his foot while pointing at his watch and Adam smiled, rolling his eyes. Finishing his business then washing up, Adam walked out of the room. He stopped in the control room when he saw something sitting on the jump seat and his eyes widened. On the jump seat were a leather jacket, a copy of his Indiana Jones fedora, a bullwhip and a water gun and he looked up at the time rotor.

"Seriously?" he whispered and the TARDIS blew warm air through his hair. He was already wearing a white shirt, jeans and black leather boots and he smiled, picking up the leather jacket.

"Where is he?" Duer asked when the theme music to Raiders of the Lost Ark blared from the TARDIS and they looked at each other.

"No, he didn't!" Rose said as the doors opened and a small fog floated out of the TARDIS.

"He can't! David had his fedora andů" Marion said when Adam walked out of the TARDIS and lifted the fedora up with his finger.

"Oh no," Rain said as she placed her forehead on the Doctor's shoulder and Alan walked to Adam, walking around him.

"What are you expecting to find, the lost treasure of King Mickey-Mookey?" Alan asked as Adam softly laughed and rolled his eyes.

"If everyone's finished fooling around, let's get going," the Doctor said as he took Hope's hand and walked toward the entrance. Duer followed him while holding onto Faith's hand and Marion walked next to Adam, giving him a look that would make Jackie proud.

"Hey, don't blame me! She made them!" Adam said while pointing back at the TARDIS and she just shook her head and he kissed her cheek. "Besides, we might need these."

"We're going to need a bullwhip and a gun? Where did you get a gun, by the way?" she asked as he took the water gun out of his jeans and pulled the trigger, shooting some water into the air. "Ah, well, give that to me before you shoot your toes off."

"It's a water gun!" Adam said with wide eyes and she laughed.

"Just flashing back to our Torchwood, Dear," she said and he frowned. "You nearly shot off Joe's toes, remember?"

"I only nicked his big toe," Adam mumbled as she wiggled her fingers and he handed her the water gun. Marion placed the water gun in her purse as he sighed and she kissed his cheek. "Can I still wear my fedora?"

"Yes," she said with a nod of her head as he slid his arm around her and they went to catch up with the others. The others were standing near the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse but the heads were missing and most of Mickey Mouse's body had vines tangled around it.

"Blimey," Alan said while Adam stood next to him when he thought he heard growling and looked around. "You ok, Indy?"

"Something is watching us," Adam said softly as they went to catch up with the others and they were stunned at the sight of Main Street. Most of the shops were either rubble or had broken windows and Hope peeked inside the hat shop and saw a dirty Stitch hat sitting on the floor.

"Daddy, look!" she said as the Doctor walked to her and she pointed at the hat. He carefully walked into the shop then quickly picked the hat off the floor and stood up. Suddenly something growled in the shadows as he removed the sonic screwdriver from his pocket and Hope took a step into the shop. "What's in there, Daddy?"

"I don't know. Just go," he said and she nodded, walking away. The Doctor turned the sonic screwdriver on as he scanned the shop, but didn't find anything. Sighing, he placed the sonic screwdriver back in his pocket as he walked out of the shop, but didn't see the three shadowed figures peeking out from the storage room.

"Why do you want that smelly thing?" Alan asked as he looked at the Stitch hat in Hope's hand and she smiled at him.

"I think it's cool! Daddy said that the TARDIS can clean it up so I can wear it!" she said as he stopped and placed his hands on his hips.

"I will not be seen with you wearing that!"

"Then I guess I will never see you again!" she said with a blank look on her face and Alan's mouth dropped open.

"Do not fear, Old Buddy Bud. I will nab it when she goes to the loo and we'll drown it in the Jungle Cruise Ride!" Adam said after walking up to him and Alan smiled, placing his arm around Adam's shoulders.

"I will hold you to that, Old Beanie Weenie!" Alan said as they walked to catch up to the others, but something growled from the side street that sold flowers and the shadows darted after them.

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