Chapter Three

As they continued their investigation, the Doctor, Rain and Hope moved into Fantasyland.

"Look," Hope said, pointing to the Dumbo ride.

The ride was broken down; the individual Dumbo cars were faded with time, the paint chipped off and the metal rusted. They walked over to it and Hope went up to a car. The place where the rider sat was filled with stagnant water and Hope could see tiny things swimming through the murky water. She called the Doctor over and asked what the things were.

"Mosquito larva," the Doctor said. "I'm surprised the place isn't choked with mosquitoes but that's how they breed."

"So when they get out of the water, they'll be mosquitoes?"

"Yes," the Doctor said.

He noticed that rather than being freaked out, Hope was completely fascinated with the abandoned park. He had to admit it did hold some fascination to see the normally busy park a rundown ghost town. He noticed that everyone except Rain was exploring the other rides in Fantasyland. Rain was examining another Dumbo car and he walked over to her.

"Never thought I'd ever see the day Disney World was abandoned," Rain said to him. "I wonder is it the same for all the Disney parks or just this one?"

"No idea but Hope seems to be fascinated by everything," the Doctor said, pointing to Hope who was now running her hand over the faded paint on Dumbo's trunk.

"She's a Time Lady, love. She's helping you investigate this, of course she's fascinated," Rain said. "And you're not?"

"Yes, I am but at the same time I want to fan out from here eventually. I want to know how far this catastrophe reaches. You saw the motorway, it was abandoned as well. Even if this park is no longer operational, the motorway goes to other places yet there's no cars on it. Something is very, very wrong here."

"You don't think we crossed over into a parallel universe?" Rain said.

"Possibly but usually when we cross the void, the TARDIS shakes. There was no shaking with this," the Doctor said.

"Hey, Daddy, what you said about mosquitoes being born in water. Does that mean It's A Small World has a ton of mosquito babies now?"

"Oh God, I can just imagine the water rides," Rain said, making a face. "Not only mosquitoes but bacteria and fungus and ugh…it's probably putrid in there by now. I hope we don't get sick being here."

"Hey, look," Hope said, pointing to Alan who was climbing up into the Peter Pan ride to have a look. "Let's go explore in there, Daddy. Maybe we'll find some cool things."

"See, not freaked out at all," the Doctor said to Rain as they followed her to the Peter Pan ride, "I think she likes this more than the actual rides."

Alan pulled a small torch out of his pocket, pushed open the door and turned on the torch as he went inside. The Doctor pulled out his own torch and held Hope's hand as the three of them followed Alan inside. When they pushed open the door, Alan spun around and relaxed when he saw them.

"Couldn't resist, I had to see inside one of the interior rides," he said as they came over to him.

The tracks the cars ran on were completely rusted and debris was everywhere. The animatronic figures were also rusted and some were missing parts. They came upon one of the cars a little ways in. The car was rusted with faded and chipped paint and what looked like bird poop inside it. Hope peered in, fascinated, when the Doctor shone his light inside. Alan heard squeaking above his head and shined his torch up.

"Bats," he said, pointing to a few of them resting on the ceiling. "Everyone watch yourself. We have furry, flying mammals about."

The Doctor took hold of Hope's hand and shone his light down so they could see where to step so they wouldn't trip over the ride's rail or the debris scattered around. They noticed there were also pieces of the ceiling that had fallen down on the track and the Doctor kicked it out of their way. While he kept his torchlight on the ground, Alan swung his around. They put the women in between them so they could keep watch over them. Rain took Hope's hand and they slowly made their way through the building. Alan swung his flashlight around and saw a rusted Captain Hook, his rusted hook pointing in his direction.

"Not so tough when you're made of rust, eh, Hooky-boy?" Alan said, stepping over the partition that separated the track from the characters. "Yeah, you're all rust and bolts now, Hook. You couldn't hook anyone if you tried!"

"Hey, Bozo the Clown, we need your flashlight over here!"

Alan swung his light back to Rain who was pointing ahead of her.

"In a moment, I'm taunting Rusty here," Alan said.

The Doctor came over and put his arm around him.

"Hi," the Doctor said.

"Why, hello there, fancy meeting you here? I was going through Rusted Disney, thinking to myself, "Gee, wish Brother was here to see it and hey presto, you appear! How cool is that? My mind is pretty powerful."

"Come away from Hook, we're exploring," the Doctor said.

"Ooo, exploring, sounds faboo," Alan said as they stepped over the partition.

"Okay, we have our headlight back," the Doctor said to them.

"I love being the headlight, I light the way for all," Alan said.

He looked down when Hope moved his torchlight onto her shirt. She pointed at Stitch and giggled when Alan lightly bopped her on the head with his flashlight.

"Sorry, I had the urge to do that once I saw that thing," Alan said.

"Could you shut up for a moment?" Rain said.

"Oh, for Rassilon's sake, I'm only joking with Hope, Rain," Alan said.

"No, it's not that, I thought I heard something behind us."

Everyone froze and listened. They heard the occasional squeaking of a bat but other than that, there was only silence. The Doctor looked down when Hope took his hand; he shined his light near her and noticed that she looked uneasy now.

"Are you scared?" the Doctor asked her. "It's okay if you are."

"A little," Hope said. "I don't want to be in here if there's a monster or something."

"Come on, baby, let's go back outside," Rain said, beckoning to her.

The Doctor glanced at Alan and both of them turned. While they headed back towards the entrance, a couple of figures emerged from one of the animatronic figures further down the track and observed them silently while they left.

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