Chapter Four

Duer watched while Faith walked around the Dumbo ride and he felt his hearts hurting. He had seen the Doctor and Hope exploring the ride as he watched Faith walking by the rust elephant cars when she stopped at one of them and looked up at the rusty hat on the elephant's head. She could just see the blue paint and sighed while Duer walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Found Ol' Blue, eh?" he asked and she nodded her head. Ever since she was little, Faith demanded they ride on the elephant with the blue hat and he placed his arms around her, kissing the top of her head.

"This can't be Disney World, Daddy, it just can't be!" she said with anger in her voice and he lifted her chin so she was looking up at him.

"Well, if it is then something major happened. There is no one around and the motorway is empty as well."

"But if something had happened, you, Uncle Doctor and Uncle Amato would have stopped it," she said as he smiled down at his smart Time Lady in Training and tapped the tip of his finger on the tip of her nose. They walked toward Frankie and Marion when Duer noticed that Adam was missing and frowned.

"Where's Adam?" he asked when he stopped near Frankie and Marion pointed to Mad Tea Party ride. Duer strolled over to Adam and he was standing near the head of the Door Mouse, which was covered in rust and black mold. "Think a cat got him?"

"Hunh?" Adam asked as he looked at Duer then smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Have you found anything?"

"Just rusted out teacups with water and mosquito babies," Adam said as they looked at the rusted tea cups, one of them was upside down and had a large crack down the middle of it, and Duer sighed, scratching the back of his neck. "Got any ideas what happened?"

"Not a sausage," Duer said while shaking his head and walked by the rusted teacups. "Remember when the Doctor, Amato and I were going into exile?"

"Why are you bringing that up?" Adam asked, knowing that Duer never wanted to be reminded of how the three of them were forced to regenerate and were sentenced to spend three thousand years in exile. With some help from some friends, the exile was lifted and Duer and the Doctor had decided to change back to their tenth lives. Amato kept his eleventh life due to his wife, Peri, falling in love with him looking like that and Duer sighed, looking at the upside down teacup.

"Just thinking about when we took the families here before we had to go," Duer said when he thought he saw something moving behind the crack and knelt down, taking his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket. He admitted that he loved the fact that his sonic screwdriver was different than the other sonic screwdrivers and the fact that his mother, Delmari, made it for him also made it special.

Before Adam could move, Duer held his hand up and moved closer to the upside down teacup. Kneeling down on his haunches, Duer looked into the crack when he shined the green light into the darkness and something hissed at him. Adam watched while Duer got out of the way and rats of various sizes ran out of the crack, scurrying by them. The screeching echoed around them as Duer stood up and smiled, placing the sonic screwdriver away.

"Is everything ok?" Frankie thought to him and Duer smiled.

"Yeah, just got spooked by some rats," he thought back.

"Were they big rats, Daddy?" Faith thought.

"No, Butterfly, they were just normal size rats," Duer thought and walked to Adam, who was watching the rats scampering behind one of the buildings and they left the Mad Tea Party.

"You should have seen him," Alan said after telling Adam about the rusted Captain Hook in the Peter Pan ride and Adam smiled, rolling his eyes. "Old Hooky-boy won't be bothering the Lost Boys now."

"Ah, I never thought he was so tough. I mean he was fighting kids," Adam said and Alan nodded his head. Duer and the Doctor were standing in front of the It's A Small World ride and most of the building had collapsed. Broken robot children were lying on the ground as the Doctor walked closer and carefully walked up the ramp.

"Be careful, Thete, " Rain thought after placing up a privacy block and he looked at her, smiled and nodded his head.

"That goes for you, too," Frankie said as Duer followed him and took the sonic screw driver out of his pocket. Pushing a few buttons, Duer and the Doctor looked down at the fungus covered water then at each other and the Doctor looked around. Finding the maintenance door, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to unlock the door and they went inside. The air was stagnant and smelt of mold and spoiled eggs so, to be on the safe side, they set their respiratory bypass systems and the Doctor shined the blue light in front of them. Walking carefully down the dark hallway, the Doctor scanned the hallway when he noticed the door that led inside the ride and used the sonic screwdriver to open the door. A low humming sound filled the air as they looked down and saw the mosquitos buzzing over the water. Duer pointed the sonic screwdriver at the mosquitos then pushed the button and the swarms of mosquitos flew away from them in a quickly moving mass of blackness.

"Show off," the Doctor said as Duer shrugged with a grin on his face and they walked by the broken, rusty robot children. Duer looked down when he found the little robot boy dressed as a Scottish piper and he knelt on his haunches, looking at the robot boy. Most of the head was missing, but it was still holding onto the bagpipes and he sighed, standing up.

"Jamie always liked that one," Duer whispered in reference to his son-in-law/former companion and the Doctor nodded his head. They walked along until they came to a side door and the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to open the door. They walked back into the hallway, but didn't see the six shadowy figures that were wearing thick netting over their bodies and the figures growled before vanishing into the darkness.

The Doctor and Duer moved along the hallway when they came to the door marked STAFF ONLY and the Doctor unlocked the door. Going inside the room, they noticed the large hole in the ceiling while the sunlight bathed the room in a gloomy light and Duer walked to the console, looking at the buttons. Scanning the console, he changed the setting on the sonic screwdriver when he pointed the sonic screwdriver at the console and the lights on the console clicked on. Some of the screens on the console showed nothing except static while Duer looked at the switches and tried to read what was on the faded labels.

"Wonder what this does," he said when he flicked a switch and sparks of electricity popped out at them, causing Duer to hit the floor.

"It does that," the Doctor teased and Duer flipped him off, stood up and dusted the dirt off his bottom.

"Be careful!" Duer said when the Doctor flipped the switch and a loud screeching filled the air. The Doctor and Duer covered their ears when the screeching died down and It's A Small World started playing over the squeaking speakers.

"No! Please! Not that" Alan shouted as he covered his ears and started humming Bad Romance.

"My ears!" Adam shouted as he placed his hands over his ears and hummed along with Alan.

"Make it stop!" Alan whimpered when he fell to his knees and Rain, Marion and Rose bent over, laughing.

"Turn it off," Duer said when the Doctor flipped the switch and the song stopped. The Doctor scanned the rest of the console when they left the room and walked down the hallway. Neither of them saw the shadowy figures behind them then the figures stopped when the Doctor and Duer came to the door to the outside and the figures growled.

"So it was you!" Alan said as he stormed over to the Doctor and Duer and his eyes were wide.

"What is it that we are accused of doing?" the Doctor asked with a blank look on his face and Alan stood face to face with him, breathing hard through his nose.

"It was you that played one of the Forbidden Songs! Look at what you have done to my brother!" Alan said as Adam sat on the ground with his fingers in his ears and was humming the Witch Doctor song. Duer tried not to laugh while he walked to Adam then knelt down and removed Adam's fingers from his ears. Adam looked at Duer as Duer smiled when Adam realized he didn't hear the song anymore and his eyes widened.

"No, I've gone deaf!" Adam shouted while the women, Hope and Faith laughed and he looked at them. "Wait. If I can hear your cruel laughter then I am not deaf."

"Right, you're daft not deaf," Duer said as he removed the fedora, ruffled Adam's hair then placed the fedora back on his head and they stood up.

"Did you find anything, Daddy?" Hope asked while walking to the Doctor and he sighed, shaking his head.

"Just a lot of mosquitos and junk," he said and took her hand.

"So, if I am to understand you correctly, it's gone and I will never have to hear that song ever again?" Alan asked while pointing to the building and the Doctor nodded. Everyone laughed when Alan and Adam cheered and high fived each other and the Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Come on. Let's go check the other rides," he said as he squeezed Hope's fingers and they walked off toward Cinderella's Castle.

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