Chapter Five

The Doctor shielded his eyes when they emerged back into the sunny day. Hope came up beside him while they looked around.

"Hey, there's the…monorail thing," Hope said, pointing off in the distance.

They looked where she was pointing and saw the monorail had stopped on the track halfway between stops. The cars were rusted with kudzu growing all over them and dripping off the bottom. The Doctor stepped forward, keeping his eyes on the track. Hope followed behind him and stopped when he did. She watched while the Doctor turned his attention back towards Main Street. Rain and Rose came up beside him and he looked at them.

"I'm beginning to think whatever happened here happened quickly since the monorail seemed to be abandoned in the middle of its run," he said while everyone else walked to him. "However, we haven't seen any skeletal remains…yet."

"D'ya think there was some sort of invasion, like alien invasion?" Rose said.

"Perhaps. But if there was, there would be remains of the dead and we haven't seen any yet."

"I have a thought," Rain said. "The underground tunnels, the ones we used to go down into for a joke. If some kind of apocalypse happened, maybe everyone ran down into tunnels to hide."

"Hmmm, that could be a possibility," Duer said. "What better place to hide than those tunnels since not many people realize its there."

"And you could get to any section of the park that way, perfect way to travel without attracting attention," the Doctor added.

"What about the hidden room in the castle?" Marion said. "Is it in good condition?"

"Yeah, especially since it wasn't used that much to begin with," Rose added.

"Let's try that then," the Doctor said. "We can use the hidden lift inside the castle and check it out and then we can use the lift to go down into the tunnels and check for bodies or survivors."

"Or monsters, Daddy," Hope said. "Maybe there's monsters down there too."

"Well, if there are monsters, we'll deal with them when the time comes," the Doctor said.

"Do you really think there could be survivors though?" Frankie asked as they walked back to the castle. "It's been awhile since this place was occupied."

"Yes, but considering the obscene amount of restaurants and snack bars all over Disney, you'd probably have enough food to live on for quite a long time, especially if you count the junk food that probably would still be edible after nine million years. I'm not sure where they store the food for their restaurants but I'm willing to bet some of it is stored underground."

They headed back through Main Street to the castle. When they walked over the bridge leading into the castle, Hope and Faith paused a moment to look over the bridge at the murky water.

"Do you think there really are monsters here?" Faith asked Hope.

"I hope not but our daddies can handle them if they pop up," Hope said.

She looked up when the Doctor put his hand on her shoulder.

"Blimey, all this stinky water and we can't go swimming, eh?" he said to her.

"I wonder what Typhoon Lagoon looks like," Hope said.

"Ugh, I'm sure it's just filled with stinky water now," the Doctor said, making a face. "Blizzard Beach, the African boats ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, they're probably all ruined now. If there are survivors, they probably live full time in the tunnels. But come along so we can see what's down there."

"Say…" Alan said, coming up to him. "Brother, just had a thought. Tiki Room is destroyed; can I go and dance for joy in the ruins?"

"No, you can come with us and investigate," the Doctor said. "Tiki room can wait."

"Expedition Everest is in ruins too, that makes me sad," Alan said as Hope took his hand.

"Aw, poor Uncle Stitch, the baby is missing his roller coaster now."

"Oi, you can just shut your chatterbox," Alan said while he and Faith giggled.

The children followed him while they walked into the castle. The interior wasn't quite as ruined as the exterior but there was still a musty odor that hung through the air. They walked over to the staff elevator which also was in good condition since it was inside the castle. The Doctor used his screwdriver to call the elevator to them. It arrived after thirty seconds and when the door opened, they noticed the interior was in very good condition. They stepped inside and went up to the private room. When the door opened, they stepped out into the private apartment. It was in extremely good condition with only a thin film of dust covering some of the furniture. But other than that, everything was as it was when they last saw it.

"I s'pose we don't have to worry about staff coming up here this time," Adam said as they fanned out and investigated.

Hope hurried into the lavatory to see if her favorite stained glass window was still there. She was pleased to see if was perfectly preserved and she stared at the scene of Cinderella for a moment before she walked over and peered into the toilet.

"Hey, Daddy?" Hope said, stepping to the lavatory doorway.

"Yes?" the Doctor called from the bedroom.

"I just checked the water in the toilet and it looks okay, there's no mosquito babies in it."

"That's because this is an enclosed space. They kept this place in pristine condition so no mosquitoes could get in here to breed. Any mosquitoes that got trapped in here would have perished because there's no food source so that's why the water in the toilet isn't filthy."

"Okay," Hope said, going back inside.

She turned on the water in the bathtub and examined it. She felt someone coming up behind her and looked at Alan.

"The water's okay in here," Hope said.

"So I can give you multiple swirlies in the bog and you won't get sick?"

"No," Hope said with a giggle while Alan patted her head. "This is weird though. No people except us."

"Yes, the one time we could have the rides to ourselves and they're all in ruins. We can't win for losing," Alan said.

"Hey, what about Animal Kingdom? Are all the animals dead now?" Hope said.

"Um, if they are, I'm sure there's nothing but bones there now," Alan said. "If the birds didn't pick the bones clean, the elements would have made short work of them. Blimey, now that we know Disney is in ruins, there's so many things I want to check out like the dead animals or ruined rides. The problem is Disney's the size of a small city. Imagine, my hearts, something the size of a small city is in ruins right in the heart of Florida.

"But is Florida the same way?" Hope said.

"Dunno, perhaps the whole world is in ruin, that's what we need to find out," Alan said.

They joined everyone else after they finished examining the apartment. They got back into the elevator and the Doctor and Duer checked their flashlights to make sure they were working properly before going down into the tunnels. After that, the Doctor hit the button and they descended to the lowest level.

"Hope, Faith, stay with one of us at all times," the Doctor said to them. "Don't wander off on your own, we don't know what's down here and I don't want something hurting you or you getting hurt on your own. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Hope and Faith said.

Hope took her mother's hand and Faith did the same with Frankie as everyone readied themselves for whatever they found inside the tunnels.

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