Chapter Six

The Doctor and Duer led the way as they walked out of the elevator and shined the light around the hallway. The walls were intact and several posters promoting the park and some movies were still on the walls. The floor seemed clean and the air had a slight smell to it. Alan and Adam took the rear while the women and the girls walked in front of them and Adam took out the flashlight from his pocket. Turning the flashlight on, he shined the light on the ceiling while looking at the water pipes and covered electrical systems and sighed.

"This is so sad," he said and Alan nodded. They walked on down the hallway when Adam shined the light into one of the rooms and walked toward the doorway. He walked inside the room while shining the light around and saw metal racks with tattered costumes and some of the character heads were sitting on the shelves. Walking to the shelf to his left, he looked at the character heads when he found Chip's head and he placed the flashlight on the shelf, picking up the head. He placed the fedora on the shelf as well then placed the head on and adjusted the head until it felt comfortable on his shoulders.

"Brother, where are you?" Duer thought when Adam picked up the fedora and flashlight then left the room, holding onto the head. He could just see the flashlights as he waved at them and he heard Marion sighing then came toward him and placed her hands on her hips.

"Take it off," she said with a look that would make Jackie proud and Adam nodded, taking the head off. She pointed as he placed the head on the floor and they went to catch up with the others. What they failed to see was a shadowy figure walking out of the room behind Adam then picked the head up off the floor and walked down the hallway.

"What is the rule about wandering off?" Duer asked while Adam walked near him and he gave him a blank look.

"Hey, the Don't Wander Off rule doesn't apply to me! I'm not a companion," Adam said and Alan smiled, placing his chin on the Doctor's shoulder.

"It doesn't apply to me either!" Alan said while wiggling his eyebrows up and down and the Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Then you two can't go on Expedition Everest when we go to the right Disney World," Rain said as their mouths dropped open and they walked to her, standing on either side of her.

"But that's…You can't….You're mean!" Alan said and Adam nodded his head.

"Are you going to stay with us then?" Rose asked as they walked to her and stood on either side of her.

"Yes, Mommy," Alan said with a childlike tone to his voice.

"We'll be good," Adam said as he walked to Marion and placed his head on her shoulder.

"Oh…alright then," Marion sighed and Alan and Adam smiled, kissing them on the cheek. They walked down the hallway when they came to the canteen where the staff would eat their meals and the Doctor held up a hand to make them stop. Shining the light around, the Doctor saw that the room was neat and clean and the tables were lined up in rows while the chairs were piled against the back wall.

"Ok, does anyone else find that weird?" Alan asked as they walked around the room then Duer walked to the vending machines in the back of the room and shined the light on the glass. All the vending machines were in one piece but the locks were broken off and he opened the glass door, looking at the candy bars and bags of crisps and snacks. Taking one of the bags of crisps, he opened the bag then sniffed what was inside and blinked.

"Doctor?" he asked as the Doctor walked to him and Duer handed him the bag of crisps. The Doctor sniffed the crisps then blinked while the others walked closer and Hope looked at the bag of crisps.

"Are they ok to eat?" she asked when the Doctor took out the sonic screwdriver and scanned the crisp in his hand.

"It appears so," he said then placed the crisp in his mouth and chewed loudly. "Now, if these are still good then it means that…"

"What?" Alan asked while he and Adam held two Three Musketeers bars to their mouths and the Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes.

"As I was saying, if the food is still fresh and these machines have been broken into then it goes to prove that someone is down here," the Doctor said then shook his head when Faith and Hope reached in to take a bag of crisps and Hope pouted, placing her hands on her hips.

"But Uncle Alan and Adam are eating!" she said when Adam pointed to the dollar bills they had placed in the money box and she walked to Alan with her hand out. "Can I have a dollar?"

"Sorry, that was my last one," he said then walked away and Faith looked at Adam. Giving her a wink, he placed two dollars in the money box as the girls took a bag of crisps and Rain gently nudged him.

"You are such a soft touch," she said then kissed his cheek and he broke off a piece of the candy bar, handing the piece to her. She ruffled his hair then walked off and Duer walked to Adam, smiling at him.

"Can I have a piece?" he asked and Adam went wide eyed and shook his head. "But you gave Rain some."

"Yeah, but that's only because she'd slap me if I didn't and my poor, little cheeks do NOT want to get Rainy slapped!" Adam said and Duer snorted a laugh. Shrugging, Adam broke off a big piece of the candy bar then handed the piece to Duer and they went to catch up with the others.

"Hey, look in here!" Faith said when she pointed to one of the rooms and shined the flashlight that Duer had found in one of the rooms. There were some other flashlights as they walked to Faith and they looked in the room. Children's sleeping bags, clothing, boots and shoes, toys and books were scattered around the room. There was also an old television and dvd/Blue Ray player sitting on the shelves in the corner. The Doctor walked further into the room as he saw dvd and Blue Ray cases to Disney movies and cartoons on the floor and a doorway to the bathroom was at the back of the room. Carefully walking closer, he walked into the room as he shined the light around and saw three toilets, four potty chairs, several sinks and a tub/shower in the room and shelves with towels, toiletries and bath toys were against the walls.

"Blimey," he said then walked out of the bathroom and headed for the others. "This is a nursery."

"But where are the children?" Rain asked as she looked around the room when a loud pinging sound filled the air and they walked out into the hallway. The lights were on as they turned the flashlights off when they heard footsteps and the Doctor signaled for them to go into the room to their left. The Doctor closed the door enough to peek out when several, small figures ran by and laughter filled the air. The Doctor watched them going down the hallway when he opened the door and they walked out into the hallway.

"Well, that answers the question about the children. Where are the adults?" Rose asked when Alan thought for a second and snapped his fingers.

"Wasn't there a Star Trek episode about a planet of children?" he asked.

"Yeah, there was, and the kids didn't live into adulthood!" Adam said. "Are you thinking that's what happened? Something killed off the adults and the kids rule the world now?"

"Cool!" Hope said and Faith nodded her head.

"No, I don't think that's what happened," the Doctor said and the girls frowned.

"Then where are the adults?" Frankie asked.

"I don't know, but the children were heading that way," the Doctor said as he pointed down the hallway then looked at the girls and gave them a stern look. "Stay close, yeah?"

"Yes, Daddy," Hope said as he took her hand and Duer took Faith's hand. Walking down the hallway, they stayed close together when they went around the corner and headed down the hallway. The sound of children's voices echoed down the hallway when they came to the doorway to the canteen and the lights were on. Peeking around the corner, the Doctor and Duer looked into the room when they saw a wide variety of children and the children were different ages, sizes and skin tones. They were raiding the vending machines when one of them turned around and looked at the Doctor and Duer.

"Strangers!" the boy with long black hair and green eyes shouted while pointing at them and the children gathered around the boy.

"Run?" Duer asked as he looked at the Doctor looked at the children, who were coming closer, and saw that some of the older children had broken baseball bats in their hands.

"Run!" the Doctor said when he and Duer picked up Faith and Hope then ran down the hallway.

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