Chapter Seven

The Doctor and his family sprinted down the corridor while the children chased them. Hope watched the children over the Doctor's shoulder while he carried her.

"Hey, we're not gonna hurt you!" she called to the children. "Leave us alone!"

Rose gasped when Alan suddenly turned around.

"Alan, what are you doing?" she said.

"Confronting the little juvenile delinquents," Alan said.

He roared and waved his arms around and the children stopped in their tracks and stared at him. Alan's family stopped, turned and watched. The children looked at one another, unsure what to do, while Alan continued to roar and howl at them. Adam came up beside him and began to imitate him while the Doctor and Duer put their children down and slowly came up behind their clone brothers.

"We won't hurt you, we're friends," the Doctor said as he and Duer walked around Alan and Adam.

"You're strangers," one of the boys with the bats said.

"Yes, we are but we came here by accident," Duer said.

"How'd you come here by accident? The ancient ruins are huge," a little girl said.

"Ancient ruins? You don't know this is Disneyworld?" Alan said.

The children glanced at each other and shook their heads.

"This was once an amusement park, do you know that?" the Doctor said.

The children shook their heads. The boy with the bat came forward.

"We don't go up to the surface much. There's monsters up there," he said.

"What sort of monsters?" Hope said, coming up beside her father.

"Dunno, they live in the ruins. Dad said they're the ones who made the ruins."

"Where are your parents?" Rain said. "Are they here?"

"Um…they're elsewhere," the boy said, shifting nervously.

"What's your name?" Faith said, coming up beside Hope.

"Um…Brad," the boy said hesitantly.

"Brad, we mean you no harm," the Doctor said. "We could help fight these monsters and get rid of them but we need to know what's going on here. What happened here? How did these monsters make the ruins?"

"You'd have to talk to our parents about that," Brad said. "We don't know much."

"Daddy doesn't want us to know much cause we're too young," a little blonde haired girl said, wandering up to the Doctor.

The Doctor smiled and knelt down beside her.

"I have a daughter that looked like you when she was your age. Her name is Dorothy. What's your name, love?"

"Bridget," she said shyly.

"Bridget, I'm the Doctor, nice to meet you," he said.

He held out his hand and Bridget took it and smiled shyly at him. Hope came up beside him with Faith and they introduced themselves. Bridget took their hands and led them back to the other children. The adults smiled when the children dropped their weapons and talked to Hope and Faith.

"Brad, can you take us to your father?" the Doctor asked him. "We need to talk to someone so we can find out what happened here."

"He might not like you being here," Brad said.

"I'll take that chance. We can help but first we have to know what happened here and who these monsters are. If you can take us to your father, we'd appreciate it."

Brad thought for a moment and then nodded. The Doctor thanked him and stood up. He looked at Hope and Faith who were now laughing and having fun with the other children.

"You lot stay in that room, yeah?" the Doctor said, bending over to them.

They nodded.

"Hope, Faith, do you want to stay with them while we go find Brad's father?" the Doctor said.

They nodded and Alan stepped forward.

"I'll look after them," Alan said.

"And me," Rose said.

"And I will as well," Adam said.

"Brilliant. That way you lot can have some protection, just in case," the Doctor said to the children. "Besides Alan and Adam are very childlike, you lot will love em! And Rose is wonderful. You couldn't ask for better babysitters. Brad, can you come with us and show us where your father's at?"

Brad nodded and Frankie took his hand. While they were doing that, Hope walked over to her father.

"You want me to stay here, Daddy?" Hope said.

"Yes. I need you here, precious. Remember what I always told you about being an ambassador wherever we go? You and Faith can help to win the trust of these kids so they won't be afraid of us anymore. Plus, I'd rather you stayed with them where it's safe. Brad's father might try to attack us like the children did and I want you and Faith out of harm's way. Besides, you might have to take control if Alan and Adam start going beserk and acting like children themselves. Aunt Rose will need aaaall the help she can get. Okay?"

Hope nodded and the Doctor hugged her.

"I'm only a telepathic call away. Your mum and I will be alright and we'll be back soon. Mind Aunt Rose at least since I'm sure your uncles will be joining in with all the kiddy fun."

"Be careful, Daddy."

The Doctor smiled and kissed her forehead. Then Rain did the same.

"Be careful, Mummy."

"I will, baby. You be good and don't get into too much trouble and for God's sake, don't let your uncles run amok and destroy more things."

"I will, Mummy."

Faith hugged her parents and they also told her to be good and look after the children. Hope, Faith, Alan, Adam and Rose waved goodbye and watched while Brad led the others deeper into the tunnel.

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