Chapter Eight

"Right, now that the grownups are gone, it's time to have fun!" Alan said while rubbing his hands together and looked at the children gathered around them. Some of the children were toddlers and two of the older girls were holding babies.

"No, first we have to learn everyone's name and make name tags so we know who's who!" Adam said as he took out a silver box from his pocket and Alan looked at the silver box.

"Where did you get that?"

"I got it at the mall," Adam said with a snobby look on his face and Faith and Hope softly giggled. Adam went around the room as he learned the children's names and showed them how the silver box worked. He placed the small label on the front of each child's shirt when he looked at the babies and smiled at the young girl with long brown and brown eyes. She had a round face with dimples when she smiled and he looked at the baby wrapped in the blue blanket. "Is that your brother?"

"No, he's." she said softly and Adam widened his eyes.

"Let me guess. That's her baby," Alan thought after setting up a privacy block and Adam appeared in his head, nodding.

"How old is he?"

"He's three weeks old," she said and Adam softly smiled. The label on her shirt read SAMANTHA and Adam wondered if he should ask her how old she was. She seemed to see the question in his eyes and adjusted her hold on the baby. "I'm seventeen."

"Where's the father, if you don't me asking?" Adam asked and Samantha gently shook her head.

"Brad's his father. Brad's eighteen and, as oldest, he can pick a bride. We were married by the elder three months ago," Samantha said softly and Adam nodded.

"What's this little fella's name then?"

"His name's Logan," Samantha said and Adam typed on the keypad. He noticed that Logan was wearing a little t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on the front and placed the label on the t-shirt. Samantha smiled then held Logan out to him and Adam held Logan in his arms.

"He's a very handsome boy," he said while rocking Logan then sniffed the air and rolled his eyes. "And he needs a nappy change."

"You mean he needs a clean diaper?" Samantha asked and Adam nodded his head. She led him over to the door when they walked out of the room and headed down the hallway. Going into one of the rooms, Samantha turned the light on and Adam saw the shelves filled with baby products. Samantha led him to the table when she spread the changing pad out and Adam placed Logan on the changing pad. Samantha got a box of baby wipes, a nappy and some baby powder as she walked to the table and Adam smiled at her. "Do you have any kids?"

"Yeah, I have three of them," Adam said when he unsnapped the little jeans and Logan wiggled on the table. "Oh, you're a wiggle butt, yeah?"

Logan giggled as Adam tickled his little tummy and crossed his eyes, which made Logan and Samantha giggle. A few minutes later Adam changed the nappy as Samantha place the nappy in a plastic baggie and headed out of the room. Adam finished redressing Logan then used a baby wipe to clean his hands off and placed the baby wipe in his pocket. Picking Logan up, he rocked him while Samantha came back into the room and cleaned up. They walked back into the other room as Alan walked closer and arched an eyebrow at him.

"And what took you so long?" he asked, gently poking Adam in the chest.

"Someone was a stinky bottom," Adam said as he rubbed the tip of his finger on Logan's nose and Logan giggled.

"Well, the crumb crushers are bored and want a story. YOU are the story teller of the family, so go tell them one!" Alan said as he waved his hands at the children and Adam shrugged, handing Logan to Samantha.

"Aright, you lot, story time!" Adam said as he clapped his hands while the children sat in a circle on the floor and Hope sat on Alan's lap while Faith sat on Adam's lap. Adam looked at the children when he notice a small boy with wild, brown hair and a heart shaped face and he had bruises on his arms and face.

"Who's that?" Adam asked as Samantha looked at the boy and sighed, lowering her head.

"That's Dawg," she said and Adam and Alan looked at each other.

"Why do they call him that?" Alan asked when Dawg started howling and yelping and Alan got up, half running to him. Dawg was slapping his hands against the wall as he howled louder and Alan knelt down, stopping him from slamming his head against the wall.

"No! Don't do that!" he shouted while Dawg howled and shook his head side to side. He swung his arms as he tried to hit Alan then curled into a ball on the floor and whimpered. Looking at Adam, Alan gently slid his arms around Dawg then stood up, walking to the circle. Sitting on the floor, he held Dawg in his arms while rocking him and kissed the top of his head. Dawg whimpered as he snuggled against Alan and rested his head against Alan's shoulder.

"I don't think you should do that. He'll freak out after he calms down," Samantha said while Alan rocked Dawg and sent love and comfort into his mind. Dawg jerked in his arms when he looked at Alan and moaned. Alan watched as Dawg rocked back and forth on Alan's lap and moaned. Crawling toward Alan, Adam sat on the floor behind Dawg when he clapped his hands several times but Dawg didn't react and Adam sat back on his legs.

"Blimey, he's deaf," Adam said as Alan gently took hold of Dawg's head and locked eyes with him. Dawg blinked his eyes a few times when Alan appeared in his mind and smiled at him. Alan pointed at him then wiggled his finger for him to come closer and Dawg titled his head to one side. He watched Alan kneel down as he held his arms out but realized that Dawg didn't understand what he wanted and Alan let go of Dawg's head. Smiling, Alan moved Dawg closer as Dawg shook and Alan wrapped his arms around him. Dawg whimpered, unsure what the stranger was going to do, but settled down when he felt Alan rocking him and stroked the top of his head. Dawg moved Alan's arms away when he stood on Alan's lap then stroked the top of Alan's head and the children and Adam smiled.

"Ok, that's enough," Alan said as he gently took hold of Dawg's wrists but Dawg howled then tumbled backwards and landed hard on his back. "Oh, now why did you go and do that for?"

"He thinks you're going to punish him," Bridget said.

"And why would he think that?" Adam asked.

"His mommy is always punishing him. One time she hit him so hard that blood came from his ears," she said and Alan and Adam locked eyes.

"Brother, we have a problem," Alan thought while pulling the Doctor's mind forward and set up a privacy block.

"What's wrong?" the Doctor thought.

"Adam and I found out that one of the children is being abused. His name is Dawg, though I think it might be Doug, and his mother beats him. He is covered in bruises and he's deaf. Bridget told us that his mother beat him hard enough that blood ran out of his ears."

"Bugger, sometimes I don't get humans. With everything that's going on, they still find time to abuse a child."

"What do you want us to do?"

"Keep a close eye on Dawg. I want to see what his mother has to say about abusing him."

"Hold on," Alan said as he dropped the block and looked at Samantha while Dawg climbed back onto Alan's lap and Alan placed his arms around him.

"What is Dawg's mother's name?" Alan asked.

"Her name is Charlie. She's one of the guards," Samantha said and Alan nodded.

"His mother's name is Charlie. She's a guard," Alan thought after setting the privacy block.

"I'll see if I can find her," the Doctor said as Alan let his mind go and looked at the children, Hope, Faith and Adam.

"So, who's up for a story?" Adam asked and the children smiled.

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