Chapter Ten

"Once, long ago, there was a man called "The Doctor". He came from a race of people called the Time Lords, but they were a silly lot and never did anything except sit on their butts," Adam said as the children giggled and Rose rolled her eyes.

"What's a Time Lord?" one of the boys asked as he raised his hand.

"A Time Lord is someone that can travel through time and space."

"No one can do that!" one of the older girls said and Adam gave them a stunned look.

"Yeah, they can. In fact, Rose, Alan and I travel through time and space all the time! That's how we got here. We were going to Disneyworld in the year 2011, but our ship hit a bump and we ended up here."

"What's Disneyworld?" Bridget asked.

"That's what's up above us," Alan said while Dawg played with Alan's fingers then got bored, crawled off his lap and went to sit on Adam's lap. "Hey, don't you like me anymore?"

"He can't hear you," Rose said as Dawg knelt on Adam's lap and placed his hands on Adam's shoulders.

"May I help you?" Adam asked with wide eyes and Dawg smiled. He patted Adam's face with his hands and Adam gently took Dawg's wrists, lowering his hands. "Ok, I'll get back to the story."

"Don't see why they're bothering with Dawg. He's nuts," one of the boys whispered and Alan looked at him.

"You want to see nuts?" Alan asked as Rose sighed while Alan stood up and started jumping up and down, making sounds like a monkey. He made grunting sounds while waving his hands over his head and sauntered over to Rose, knelt down and started to pick invisible bugs out of her hair.

"Get off of me, you goof!" she said while trying to swat his hands away and Alan screeched, jumping up and down. Sighing, Hope walked over to one of the storage boxes when she found a banana and walked over to Alan, tapping his shoulder.

"Here, have a banana. You like bananas," she said as Alan made little "oo-oot" noises and titled his head side to side. "Come on. Be a nice monkey and leave Aunt Rose alone."

"I leave Rose alone, I get banana?" he asked.

"Yes!" Hope said while nodding her head and Alan made a face while scratching his head.

"If I don't leave Rose alone, I no get banana?" he asked.

"No, you don't," Hope said when Alan sauntered over to Adam and pushed the fedora off Adam's head and started picking invisible bugs out of his hair.

"Hey, knock it off!" Adam said when Dawg growled at Alan and Alan stopped, looking at Dawg. "See, I have a defender."

"Ok, I'll stop," Alan said when he walked over to Hope and took the banana out of her hand, kissing the top of her head. "Thanks."

"No, you can't have that!" Hope said while he peeled the banana and placed a piece of banana in his mouth.

"You said I could have a banana if I stopped picking on Rose. I did," Alan said and placed another piece of banana in his mouth.

"But then you started picking on Uncle Adam," Faith said and Alan walked to her, bent down until they were face to face, took another piece of banana and placed it in his mouth.

"Who-wah asked you-wah?" he asked after he ate then swallowed the piece of banana and Faith giggled.

"May I get back to my story now?" Adam asked and Alan nodded, sitting next to Faith and slid his arm around her. "Now, the Doctor didn't like being told what to do by the boring, old Time Lords. One day, while walking through an old warehouse, he found an old model time ship. She was the most amazing time ship he had ever seen! Now, she had been abandoned because she was old and no one wanted her anymore."

"That's mean," one of the little girls said and Adam nodded.

"Now, the Doctor wasn't very good at driving a time ship. He failed his driving test so many times that he was banned from driving school. The Doctor didn't care that he couldn't fly a time ship and was surprised to find the doors unlocked. He didn't really steal the time ship, mind. He just borrowed her. He had planned to bring her back. What he didn't count on was finding out that he liked traveling in her and…" Adam said when one of the boys raised his hand and Adam smiled at him. "Yes?"

"Why do you keep calling the time ship her?" the boy asked.

"Well, you see, the time ships the Time Lords used were alive. This time ship just happened to be a female, a girl. I do believe there were male time ships as well, but those were used for fighting. Now, the Doctor decided to leave his home…." Adam said and a little girl held her hand up.

"What was his home like?" she asked and Alan and Rose saw Adam's eyes slightly glaze over while he held Dawg in his arms, placing his chin on top of Dawg's head.

"His home was called Gallifrey. It was a yellow-orange planet and around the planet was a protective field called "the Eye of Harmony". The leaves on the trees had bright, silver leaves that seemed to be on fire when the southern sun rose in the burnt orange sky and the mountains would shine. The Doctor grew up in a house that was halfway up the top of a mountain that had fields of red grass and was capped with snow. Between the Mountains of Solace and Solitude on the Continent of Wild Endeavor sat the Citadel of the Time Lords. Outside the city lived the Outsiders, who had left behind the Time Lord ways and lived in tribal communities," Adam said and the children smiled.

"That sounds so beautiful," Samantha said and Adam nodded.

"Now, the Doctor didn't want to travel alone because he wouldn't have anyone to talk to. He had brought his granddaughter with him and they traveled to a planet that he had been studying for a very long time. The planet was called "Earth". Before you ask, Earth is where you live. He loved watching people like you and was amazed by how you could survive anything. So, seeing how impressed he was, he decided to stick around. Now, there were a lot of other things out there that like Earth as well and…" Adam said when the Doctor, Rain, Duer and the others walked into the room and Hope got up and ran to Rain.

"Hello, Baby, were Uncle Alan and Uncle Adam behaving themselves?" she asked.

"No, Uncle Alan started acting like a monkey and wouldn't leave Aunt Rose alone. I offered him a banana if he's stop and he did. Then he went over and started annoying Uncle Adam," Hope said and Alan snorted, folded his arms over his chest then stuck his tongue out at her. Frankie smiled when she saw Dawg sitting on Adam's lap and her hearts hurt, seeing the bruises on his face and arms.

"Doctor, I think the little boy sitting on Adam's lap is Dawg," she thought as the Doctor looked at Dawg and walked toward Adam. Dawg looked at him then at Adam then at Alan and blinked his eyes a few times.

"I think he's a little confused," Adam said and the Doctor smiled, kneeling down on his haunches.

"Do you think he'll let me touch him?" the Doctor asked as Adam tapped the side of Dawg's head and Dawg looked at him. Adam pointed to the Doctor then at Dawg and rubbed the back of Dawg's hand, pointing at the Doctor again. Dawg thought for a few seconds when he held his arms out and the Doctor smiled, picking him off of Adam's lap. Walking to one of the tables, the Doctor sat Dawg down on the table when he gently took hold of Dawg's head and saw the fear in the little boy's eyes.

"He's terrified," the Doctor thought then shook his head and gently stroked the sides of Dawg's head with his fingers. Dawg smiled when the Doctor brushed back Dawg's fringe and saw a small scar just under his hairline. He checked the bruises on Dawg's face while the anger he was feeling bubbled inside him and he pushed down on Dawg's lower lip to open his mouth. He saw the Dawg was missing some of his front teeth and could just see the tips of permanent teeth coming in. "That doesn't mean she punched them out."

"Get away from my son!" a female voice shouted when Dawg looked at the doorway at the tall woman with long, brown hair and gray eyes then howled, got off the table and ran to Alan, hiding behind his legs. She had a tightly muscled body and a heart shaped face and was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and black boots.

"Guess we found Charlie," Adam whispered as Alan nodded his head and Charlie stormed toward them, holding a semi-automatic rifle in her hands.

"I said get away from my son!" she growled then placed the barrel of the rifle against Alan's chest and Rain looked at the Doctor. She knew that when his eyes turned jet black that he was really angry and he balled his hands into fists.

"Charlie, stand down!" Travis shouted as she turned to him and Travis walked to her, taking the rifle out of her hands.

"Travis, what's going on? Who are they?" she demanded then looked at Dawg, who was shaking while holding onto Alan's legs. "Get over here!"

"He can't hear you!" Adam shouted and she glared at him.

"I know that!"

"Just like we know that you've been beating him!" Alan shouted.

"What if I have been beating him? Do you have any idea what it's like to have a cripple for a child?" she shouted when Rain walked over and tapped her shoulder, making her turn around.

"Hi, I'm Rain and I do know what it's like to have a child with a disability. My daughter, Namid, was born blind," Rain said and Charlie snorted.

"Well I hope you drowned her! Someone like that is just a liability!" Charlie said and Rain growled, glaring daggers at her.

"Did you try to drown him?" Adam asked, pointing to Dawg.

"Yeah, but Travis stopped me!"

"Right….," the Doctor said as he walked closer and Charlie looked at him, seeing the anger in his eyes. "Like I told Travis, I do not approve of child abuse. I am sorry that you had him at such a young age, but that doesn't excuse what you are doing to him."

"I'm his mother and I'll do what I want to him!" she snarled then looked at Travis. "Who are they?"

"This is the Doctor and…" Travis said as the children gasped and one of the boys walked to the Doctor, pulling on his fingers.

"You're the Doctor that borrowed a time ship and used to live on the planet with the red grass?" he asked and the Doctor looked at Adam, who was smiling at him.

"Guess someone's been talking about me," the Doctor said when Dawg ran to him and the Doctor bent down, picking him up. "Yeah, I'm him."

"Where's your time ship?" one of the boys asked as the children gathered round the Doctor and started asking him questions, making him smile.

"I'll answer all of your questions in a minute," he said then looked at Travis and scratched the back of his neck. "Mind showing us around?"

"No, we don't know you from Adam!" Charlie said while Dawg buried his face in the Doctor's neck and the Doctor rubbed his back, sending love and comfort into his mind. Marion watched while Adam walked to Charlie then tapped her back and she turned, looking at him.

"Hello, I'm Adam!" he said with his hand sticking out and Alan snorted a laugh.

"You're dead meat if you don't get out of my face!"

"Charlie, stand down!" Travis said then turned to the Doctor and pointed with his hand toward the door. Nodding, the Doctor followed Travis out of the room as the children followed close to Adam and Alan and they headed down the hallway while Charlie glared at them, balling her hands into fists.

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