Chapter Thirteen

"Oh lovely," Duer said, "our dog's mates then?"

"Don't know," the Doctor said, "but they don't look as bad off as our dog. They look starved but they also look rabid. Good job we got in here before they caught up to us."

"Hey, more dogs," Hope said, coming up beside her father and looking at the screen.

"Yes, but I think these dogs are rabid and insane. They're not like our dog," the Doctor said to her.

"What do we do?" she asked.

The Doctor looked at the front door when he heard the dogs scratching on it and heard their howls and barks.

"What do we do, Daddy?" Hope repeated.

"Well, I s'pose we can move the TARDIS inside the park but that probably won't stop the dogs and…"


The Doctor jerked his head around when Duer yelled. The Doctor looked at the monitor but only saw the dogs scratching at the door.

"What?" he said.

"Thought I just saw something else run by, something reptilian by the looks of it," Duer said.

"Where?" the Doctor said as he and Hope leaned in.

"Past the dogs, it went so fast I don't think the dogs even noticed it but it was green and reptilian looking, whatever it was."

"Are we gonna go see?" Hope said, looking at her father.

"Um, we might, you're not," the Doctor said to her.

"No, I want to help, I wanna help, Daddy!"

"Love, if I take you out there and you get hurt; your mum will flay me alive and roast my remains on a spit. I don't feel like going through that so you're going to stay here."

"But what about the dogs?" Hope said.

The Doctor thought that over before he telepathically contacted Alan and told him to the come to the console room. A moment later, they heard cheerful whistling.

"I'M HEEEEERE!" Alan said, his arms shooting out as he announced his arrival. "I have been summoned from the dark recesses of the TARDIS to come and offer insight or entertainment…or biscuits, are you gents hungry?"

"We need a distraction," the Doctor said.

"Ah, entertainment then. Well, let me go get my bunny puppet…"

"No, we need you to distract the rabid dogs outside the TARDIS," the Doctor said.

"I'm to do, what? Distract rabid dogs? How will I do that without being mauled?" Alan said.

The Doctor glanced at his family members and ran over to him. He leaned into his ear and whispered.

"Uh huh, well, that is incredibly daft," Alan said when he finished. "However, I request one thing if I'm supposed to be doing this."

"And that request is…" the Doctor said.

"Rose, I want her at my side doing this with me."

"You actually think she'll do that?" the Doctor said.

"My Rosetta Stone loves me and does anything I ask," Alan said.

"I have my doubts about that but call her in here and see."

Ooooh Rosey Posey with the cute nosey, your lord and master summons yooooou!

Duer rolled his eyes and the Doctor tried not to laugh when they heard Alan calling to Rose. There was no reply for a moment and then they heard Rose thinking to them.

I really shouldn't answer to this but my curiosity is getting the best of me, what do you want…my lord and master? Rose thought back.

Come to the console room thither and we shall inform you of your mission, Alan thought back.

A few minutes later, Rose came into the room.

"See, she is prompt, just as I commanded," Alan said to the Doctor.

"What do you want, Sire?" Rose said with a touch of sarcasm as she stopped and bowed before Alan.

Rose listened to their plan and looked at the two of them.

"And you want me to participate in this idiotic scheme," she said to them.

"Come on, Rose, have some fun with me," Alan said to her.

"I must be barking mad," Rose muttered, shaking her head. "This really must be love because I'd never do it for anybody else."

"That's my girl!" Alan said happily.

The Doctor looked back at Duer. Duer shrugged and grinned.

"It's your plan," he said.

"What're you doin', Daddy?" Hope said.

"Something crazy, love," the Doctor said, tousling her hair as he walked back to his console.

Hope listened while the Doctor asked the TARDIS to construct something for him. There was a few minutes of silence and then a flash. Hope walked around the console and saw a large plastic ball that resembled a hamster ball. Inside it, suspended from the top, was a smaller ball. Hope and Duer watched while the Doctor helped Alan and Rose get into the smaller ball. Once they were completely inside it, he sealed it up and sealed up the larger ball so they were nestled in the ball inside a ball.

"This has a gyroscopic stabilizer in it so no matter which way the ball goes, you'll be upright inside it," the Doctor said. "And now for a test…Hope, love, catch!"

The Doctor slapped the side of the ball and it rolled towards Hope while Alan and Rose sat inside it. Hope squealed with delight, stopped the superlight ball and slapped it back towards her father while Duer laughed.

"Hey, this is fun," Alan said as the ball went backwards towards the Doctor.

The Doctor kicked the ball hard, it bounced across the room and Rose gasped as she and Alan were bounced around a bit but they stayed upright as they put their hands on top of their ball to brace themselves. Duer stopped the ball and looked inside at them.

"Cute but how is this going to solve our dog problem?" he asked the Doctor.

"I'm going to play a nice game of fetch with them and the ball will roll over them and trap them in the space underneath Alan and Rose. The balls are made of Plasticine and is impervious to dog bites and scratches so our family members will be safe and secure."

"But why do you need them in there?" Duer said.

"To yell and scream and lead the dogs away from the door. The ball is going to be controlled by remote control. I'm going to get those dogs to chase the ball and then roll over them and trap them. Once they're trapped, we can bring them back inside and the TARDIS can confirm if they have rabies or not before she cures them. I figured Alan would enjoy doing this."

"Indeedy and my little concubine will enjoy it as well," Alan said.

"Wheee," Rose said dryly.

"I wanna do it too, Daddy, I wanna do it too! Please!" Hope said, running to her father.

The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck.

"She'll be in good hands, Brother. As you said, the dogs can't get inside here, let her help us," Alan said.

"Oh, alright, I s'pose you'll be safe enough," the Doctor said while Hope squealed with joy.

He led her to the ball, unsealed it and picked her up. Alan and Rose helped her get inside the little ball and she sat in between them while the Doctor resealed the balls. Hope laughed when the Doctor rolled the ball to the top of the ramp. He rolled it down the ramp and positioned it in front of the door. He looked at Duer.

"I'm going to snap my fingers and you and I will kick the ball out the door as hard as we can," the Doctor said when he walked over to him.

"Yeah, but the ball is bigger than the door," Duer said, pointing to the ball.

They watched while the TARDIS enlarged her door until it was big and wide enough to let the ball go through.

"Never mind, forget I said anything," Duer said while the Doctor gave him a smug look.

The Doctor raised his hand, looked at Duer and they counted to three before the Doctor snapped his fingers. The door flew open and they both kicked as hard as they could before the Doctor snapped his fingers again and closed the door. He then ran over to the console with Duer and they watched while the dogs chased the ball. The Doctor used his computer keyboard to control the ball and send it around the carpark while the dogs barked and yelped at it.

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