Chapter Fourteen

Dawg sat on the chair while eating some biscuits that the TARDIS had made and Adam sat across the table, watching him. Marion had gone looking in the wardrobe room for some clothes that might fit Dawg and walked into the kitchen with the clothes folded over her arm and a pair of boy's blue converse sneakers in her hand.

"How many has he eaten?" she asked when she kissed Adam's cheek and Dawg smiled behind the glass as he drank some milk.

"Oh, I'd say about a dozen. I have the feeling he doesn't get much to eat," Adam said while Marion placed the converse sneakers on the table and sat on the chair at the head of the table. "Sunshine, I was thinking."

"Don't do that. It gives you a headache," she teased and he smiled, rolling his eyes.

"No, I'm being serious. See, David, River and James are all grown up and…."

"And you're wondering if we should take in this little cookie monster?" Marion asked with a smile as Dawg nibbled on another biscuit and smiled back at her.

"Only if you want to," Adam said as he held his hands up and Dawg mimicked him.

"Well, I will admit that I do miss having a little one around the house, but there's his being deaf that we have to think about. Ah, before you mention Namid, it's not the same thing. She couldn't see, but she could talk and tell us if she was in trouble. He can't do that and…." Marion said when Dawg got off the chair, walked to the chair she was sitting on and held his arms out. Looking at Adam smiling at her, she lifted Dawg onto her lap as he snuggled against her and gently pulled on her hair. He placed his head against her then made a soft sigh and Adam placed his chin in his hand.

"Someone likes you!" he said in a tone that reminded her of when Lady Cassandra took over Duer's body and she smiled, shaking her head. "Come on, Sunshine. He needs a home."

"This isn't like taking in a stray animal. I thought he was supposed to be crazy." Marion asked when some wooden blocks appeared on the table and Dawg looked at them. He picked the wooden blocks up while looking at the letters painted on the wooden blocks and blinked. They watched as he placed the wooden blocks together and saw that he had spelled out HOME. "Adam, he spelled "home"."

Getting up, Adam walked to them when he found a block with a question mark on it and placed it next to the wooden blocks that spelled "home". Dawg looked at the wooden blocks then took three wooden blocks and spelled YES. He pointed at Adam then at Marion and tapped the wooden blocks that spelled "home" then the wooden block with the question mark.

"I think he's asking if we want to take him home with us," Adam said and Marion looked at Dawg. Dawg blinked his eyes a few times when Marion pointed to the wooden blocks that spelled "yes" and Dawg gently knelt on her lap, carefully placed his arms around her neck and hugged her. She felt the tears running down her neck when she wrapped her arms around him and stood up. Dawg slid his legs around her as Adam smiled and held onto them, sending love into their minds.

"This has to be the DUMBEST thing we have EVER done!" Rose shouted while the ball rolled around the car park and Alan and Hope yelled at the dogs. The dogs snarled and barked at the ball while a few dogs tried to slam into the ball and the ball moved out of the way. Alan had counted ten dogs in all as the ball headed for a hole and Rose hoped the Doctor had scanned the hole to make sure it was deep enough so the dogs couldn't get out, but also not too deep that the dogs would get hurt. The ball bounced into the air as soon as the ball came to the edge of the hole and the dogs yelped, trying to skid to a halt, and fell into the hole. The ball lightly landed on top of the hole as the dogs yelped and tried to jump at the ball and Alan telepathically sent word to the Doctor that the dogs were contained.

"Right, I need you three to get out of the ball so the TARDIS can capture them," the Doctor thought and Alan helped Rose and Hope out of the ball. Watching the ball sink into the hole, Alan smiled down at Hope as she held his hand and they watched the ball surround the dogs. The ball then floated out of the hole as the dogs snarled and snapped at them and they led the ball back to the TARDIS. The doors opened wide enough for the ball to come back inside and Alan held Hope in his arms as they followed the ball. The doors closed behind them as the ball rolled out the back door and Alan placed Hope down, patting her on the head.

"Now what do we do, Daddy?" she asked while walking to the console and the Doctor looked at the screen. Duer was looking at the other screen while he tried to find the reptilian creature he had seen when he thought he saw movement near the entrance and blinked.

"Um, I think I saw that thing again," he said.

"Where is it?" the Doctor asked.

"It went into the park."

"Great, that means it could be anywhere," the Doctor said and scratched the back of his neck. Suddenly the screen beeped as he looked at the information on the screen and leaned against the console.

"What's wrong?" Rain asked as she walked closer and he looked down at his feet, setting up a privacy block.

"The dogs are rabid," he thought and sighed.

"She can cure them, right?" she thought.

'Yeah, but one of them was a female and she had puppies inside her. The puppies are dead," he thought and she rubbed his arm.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" Hope asked while she and Faith walked closer and he looked at them.

"Well, the TARDIS told me that the dogs are rabid and that one of them is pregnant," he said and they smiled.

"Cool!" the girls said together then saw the sadness in his eyes and blinked.

"Daddy, what's wrong with the puppies?" Faith asked as Duer looked at the screen and sighed.

"Um, well, they didn't make it, Butterfly," he said softly while she thought for a few seconds and he knelt down, holding her in his arms. The Doctor held onto Hope as the tears rolled down their cheeks and they sent comfort into their daughters' minds.

"What about the dogs?" Alan asked.

"The TARDIS is going to cure them and place them in one of the park rooms. The bitch with the puppies isn't doing very well though," the Doctor sighed and gently rocked Hope.

"Is she going to die, too?" Hope asked and the Doctor shrugged.

"Who cares about a stinking dog? Where's my kid?" Charlie shouted as the Doctor let go of Hope, stood up and stormed over to Charlie, locking eyes with her.

"Right, just so we're clear, ALL life is sacred to me! I don't care if it's human, Slitheen, Sontaran or a bunny rabbit! If it is hurting or dying then I will make damn sure that it is either healed or doesn't suffer! That is why I sent Alan, Rose and my daughter out there so I could capture those dogs and bring them in here! If you lot hadn't had been so frightened that you went to the surface, you could have found them and those puppies would still be alive!" the Doctor growled and she saw that his eyes were turning black.

"Charlie, for the last time, stand down!" Travis shouted as she snorted and walked to the coral support beam, sitting down on the grating. "What do we do now, Doctor?"

"I suggest we find out what that reptilian creature is," the Doctor said as he walked to the console and looked at the screen. He used the scanners as he tried to find the creature when three reptilian creatures crawled out of a large crack in the car park pavement and headed toward the entrance to the park. "Rassilon, it can't be."

"What are they?" Duer asked when he looked at the screen and his eyes went wide. "No, they look like…."

"Yep," the Doctor said as he popped the "p" and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Well, don't leave us in suspense. What are they?" Alan asked.

"They're Silurians," the Doctor sighed and looked at the screen.

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