Chapter Fifteen

"Silurians?" Alan said. "What are they doing here?"

"I suppose they were awakened somehow and decided the human race needed to be wiped off the face of the Earth. And if that's the case, that would explain the depopulating of Earth."

"So the Silurians awoke, rose up and finally defeated the humans?" Duer said. "They've now reclaimed the Earth?"

The Doctor sighed. They watched while he fished out his mobile and opened it. He dialed a number and tapped his fingers on the rim of the console while he waited.

"Jack?" he said. "Yeah, I'm fine. Listen, we've had a small diversion on our holiday this year."

They listened while he explained the situation and their theory.

"Can you do me a favor and bring your team to…the 8th of July, 2011 and see if you see us in the carpark," the Doctor said when he finished his explanation. "Okay, ring me when you arrive, see ya."

He ended the call.

"So you're gonna see if Jack will end up in desolate Disneyworld then?" Rain said.

"Yeah, I wanna see if we're much further than we should be. I think we are but…little test can't hurt. What about you lot, what year do you think it is?" he said, turning to Travis.

"God only knows," Travis said. "We've been underground for so long, I'm not sure how many years have passed."

"Well, how old are the oldest of your children that you had while you were in the tunnels?"

"About 19 years," another man spoke up.

"Okay, you've managed to survive on the food from Disney for 19 years?" Rain said.

"And foraging," Travis said. "We hunted and gathered food for awhile until it became too dangerous."

"And what year was it when you came here?" Rain asked them.


"Love, we're in the year, 2030," Rain said. "I keep telling you to fix the monitor so the readout will be correct."

"It is correct but sometimes the TARDIS has a mind of her own," the Doctor said.

The mobile rang and he fished it out of his pocket.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey, Doctor…um, we're in the carpark but…I don't see you. I see craploads of cars though, doesn't look like any invasion's taken place."

"We figured it out. We're around the year 2030. Home in on our TARDIS's artron energy and meet us here," the Doctor said.

"Gotcha, see ya in a few."

The Doctor ended the call and put it back in his pocket.

"Are those more of your friends?" Travis asked.

"Family members. He's coming to assist me. If these are Silurians, we'll need all the help we can get."

They heard a wheezing sound just outside the door.

"And that'll be him now," the Doctor said. "Excuse me."

Hope and Faith started to follow him but he told them to stay back in case there were more dogs or Silurians outside. Rain stood with the children and watched while the Doctor sprinted down the ramp to the door. He looked outside and breathed a sigh of relief when Jack's TARDIS was parked in front of his. He slipped out, closed his door and walked over to his.

"It's me, Jack," the Doctor said as he knocked.

Jack opened the door and looked around.

"Jesus," he said, stepping outside and looking at the deserted carpark.

"Yes, this is where we landed up when we tried to have our holiday," the Doctor said.

Ianto came outside after Jack.

"Wow, I've never seen Disneyworld with no cars in the carpark, this is bizarre," Ianto said.

Gwen and Martha followed Ianto out the door and then the Doctor was surprised to see Jenny and Tara.

"Hi, we were visiting Martha when you called," Tara said. "And we just had to see deserted Disneyworld for ourselves."

The Doctor hugged Jenny and Tara and pointed to Cinderella's Castle.

"God," Jenny said. "You weren't joking when you said total ruin."

"What are the rides like?" Tara asked.

"Broken down, dirty, smelly, mozzie infested," the Doctor said. "Why? You wanna go ride It's a Small World and smell the putrid water."

"Uh, no, that's okay, I'll pass," Tara said.

They went into the Doctor's TARDIS and the Doctor made introductions. He then alerted everyone else that they had more family members up front. A few minutes later, the rest of the family walked up to say hello. Charlie pushed through the survivors when she saw Adam holding Dawg in his arms.

"Give him to me!" she said.

"No, we're adopting him," Adam said curtly.

"Excuse me? This is my child!" Charlie said.

"Yes, you may have given birth to him but you didn't bring him up, that's for bloody sure," Marion said.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Charlie growled.

She raised her hand, drew back her fist and yelped when her fist hit the solid wall of a force field that the TARDIS threw up over here. She ran her hands over it, trying to find a way out while the Doctor walked up to her.

"You were warned about being belligerent," the Doctor said. "The TARDIS has contained you because you can't stop lashing out and being violent. For the moment, I want you in there until you can calm down and see reason."

"They're stealing my kid!" Charlie snarled at the Doctor.

"You don't want him!" Adam said, while Dawg cowered in his arms. "He was a burden to you but the moment someone tries to take him off your hands, you suddenly get protective. Well, I'm sorry but Dawg has become close to me and my wife and wants to be with us. We'll see to his upbringing now."

"Dawg, honey, come here and see mommy," Charlie said, holding out her hand to him.

Dawg cowered in Adam's arms and whimpered. Adam gave her a pointed look and moved away towards Jack while Charlie screamed curses. Suddenly, the prison was filled with a white gas and Charlie passed out.

"What did you do?" Travis said to the Doctor.

"I didn't do it. My ship is tired of her so she put her to sleep. It's perfectly harmless gas, she'll only sleep but you must understand that she's no mother to this child," he said, pointing to Dawg.

"Yes, we know. And personally I'd rather you did take the child," Travis said. "We want the best for the child, we really do. We've all been in survival mode for so long that it's a wonder we managed to raise any children at all."

"Well, Adam can see to his care, he'll make an excellent father," the Doctor said while Adam nodded and held Dawg close. "But now that we've introduced everyone, let's get down to the problem at hand and find out what happened and what woke the Silurians from their hibernation."

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