Chapter Sixteen

"He's a cute kid," Martha said while Adam stood near the console and Dawg placed his head on Adam's shoulder.

"Yep," Adam said with a small smile and Dawg started playing with Adam's ear.

"What's the story with his mother? I mean you wouldn't just take someone's kid. That's so unlike you," she said then saw the anger in Adam's eyes. In all the centuries that she had known him, Martha had never seen Adam act so cold hearted.

"She's been abusing him since he was a baby," Adam said and the TARDIS showed Martha the medical scans she had done on Dawg.

"Blimey," she whispered and Adam nodded. "She did all this because he was born deaf?"

"Yep," Adam said with a nod of his head and Martha gently stroked Dawg's hair.

"Excuse me," Travis said while walking closer and Adam looked at him. "I need to talk with you."

"If it's about him," Adam said as he looked at Dawg then at Travis. "I'm sorry, but my wife and I have made up our minds. We want to adopt him and take him with us."

"That's fine, but I just want to know what you plan to do with him once you do take him home."

"What do you mean what are we planning on doing with him? We're going to make sure that he grows up to be a healthy, happy kid."

"Yeah, but you're.well, you're aliens," Travis said softly and Adam smiled as he adjusted his hold on Dawg.

"Well, yeah, we are, but most of us started out as humans. I can't go into the details, but we were changed into what we care now and I assure you that Dawg.Shit, I can't keep calling him that."

"His name is really Doug. Only Charlie and the kids call him Dawg," Travis said as Dawg looked at Travis and Travis gently stroked Dawg's hair.

"Ah, well, like I said, my wife and I will take great care of him. We have three kids of our own."

"And they won't mind having a brother that's deaf?" Travis asked and Adam smiled.

"Considering they have two cousins that are blind, I don't think that's a problem," Adam said, not wanting to explain how Namid and Hamish were no longer blind, and Travis nodded then walked away. Adam watched him walk to where Charlie was sleeping when Dawg poked Adam in the ear and he looked at him. Dawg smiled at him when Adam smiled back and crossed his eyes, making Dawg giggle.

"So, Doc, what should we do first?" Jack asked as the Doctor and Duer stood to one side of the control room and the Doctor sighed, leaning against the wall.

"We need to find the Silurians and figure out what woke them up," the Doctor said while Travis walked over and stood next to the Doctor.

"What exactly are Sulurians?" Travis asked.

"The Silurians are a species of reptile-like humanoids that are highly advanced in the fields of science and predate the dawn of man. Legend has it that when a large geological upheaval occurred by the Earth capturing the Moon, the Silurians went into self-induced hibernation. They first woke up from the energy from a nearby nuclear power planet. I tried to set up peace with them, but they didn't want to listen to me. They did stop when a friend of mine talked to them and went back into hibernation. The second time they woke up, they were at war with their, well, cousins, but I was able to stop that and they went back into hibernation."

"But something woke them up and they might be the ones that took everyone?" Travis asked and the Doctor sighed, looking at the grating.

"That is what we need to find out," the Doctor said and Travis nodded.

"I think we need to go out and see if we can find them first," Jack said.

"That's what I was thinking. The thing is, if we all then they will attack before we get a chance to talk," the Doctor said.

"Then maybe only the four of us should go," Duer said.

"But we can't go armed," the Doctor said as he looked at the rifle in Travis' hand and Travis nodded, placing the rifle on the grating.

"Ok, now that we got that sorted, let's get going," Jack said as he headed for the ramp and the Doctor looked at Rain, setting up a privacy block.

"Latara, Jack, Duer, Travis and I are going to see what's going on with the Silurians. Keep everyone here until we get back," he thought to her and Rain looked at him, nodding her head. They were half way down the ramp when Alan saw them and half ran down the ramp, standing in front of the Doctor.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" Alan asked while Adam handed Dawg to Marion and headed down the ramp, standing next to Alan. "You're not thinking of leaving us behind, were you?"

"Yeah, we go where you go!" Adam said, placing his elbow on Alan's shoulder.

"Look, as much as I would like to take the Demented Duo." the Doctor said with a grin and Alan and Adam's mouths dropped open. "I think only a small group should go out to see what's going on with the Silurians."

"Did you hear what he called us?" Alan asked.

"I most certainly did!" Adam said then stuck his nose in the air.

"Well, if that's how they feel, they can go look for the stinky snakes on their own!" Alan said as they snorted and walked away. Travis looked at them then at the Doctor and the Doctor softly laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Believe it or not, that's normal for those two. And before you change your mind about Adam taking care of Dawg, he's only like that when he's around my brother," the Doctor said and Travis smiled, nodding his head. The Doctor led Jack, Duer and Travis to the inner doors then snapped his fingers and the doors opened. Travis looked impressed as they walked outside then the Doctor turned, snapped his fingers and the doors closed.

"Right, Jack, did you bring anything that could help us track the Silurians?" the Doctor asked when Jack took the small scanner out of his pocket and started tapping some of the buttons.

"What is that?" Travis asked.

"It's a scanner that came out of the rift a few weeks back. After my son figured out how it works, we found out it can track cold blood life forms," Jack said and Travis' eyes went wide. "Yeah, I know. My kid's a genius."

"Thanks, Dad," Nigel said as the doors to Jack's TARDIS opened and he walked closer, placing another scanner on his belt. The Doctor introduced him to Travis as they shook hands and Jack walked over to his TARDIS then closed and locked the doors. "Sorry for the delay. I was in the loo. What are we looking for?"

"We're looking for Silurians," Duer said.

"Blimey, those are nasty buggers," Nigel said and the Doctor pushed the buttons on the scanner. He watched the screen while three blue-green dots moved toward the five yellow dots and he looked up, seeing three Silurians with what looked like laser guns heading toward them.

"Oh bugger," he said as they looked at the Silurians and the Silurians softly hissed at them.

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