Chapter Seventeen

"Different than I remember," Duer said, staring at the silver masks over the Silurian's faces. "Maybe they're another branch of the Silurian family?"

"One way to find out," the Doctor said before all of them stepped forward.

The Silurians halted, surprised that the humans showed no fear. They aimed their guns at them but the Doctor held up his hands.

"We're unarmed, we come in peace. I'm the Doctor, a Time Lord, and this is my family and my friend, Travis. We wish to speak with you."

The Silurians glanced at each other and then the one in the middle stepped forward.

"I am Srylana," she said, removing the mask.

"Good Lord," Travis said, stepping back when he saw her reptilian face.

He was amazed that none of the others showed any fear and their lack of fear bolstered his own courage and he stepped up with the group while the Doctor strode forward.

"Srylana, I want to know what's happened here," the Doctor said. "Is there somewhere where we can talk, a neutral ground?"

Srylana nodded. She handed her gun to her friend and told them to keep watch while she spoke with the warm bloods. They nodded and kept watch, their weapons down at their sides while Srylana led the Doctor and his family and friend back towards the park. They walked through Cinderella castle to a series of run down benches near the moat. Srylana gestured to them and they sat down.

"I know about your people, although you seem to be a different species than the one I'm used to," the Doctor said. "I know that you stay in hibernation unless something wakes you and I'd like to know what woke you up."

"We were hibernating under this land," Srylana said, pointing down. "But the humans were digging tunnels for some reason and they came across our hibernation chamber. One of them pulled open one of our hibernation pods and she killed the diggers and woke the others. We, in turn, woke up our brethren across the world and we began to take back this planet."

"What do you mean "take back", Travis said.

"This planet is rightfully ours, we were here first!" Srylana said to him. "You ape creatures came after we hibernated but this has always been our world!"

"Just for clarification, he's the only ape here," the Doctor said, pointing to Travis. "The rest of us may look human but we aren't. Secondly, the humans have just as much right to be here as you do. Now what did you do with the humans after you conquered their world?"

"We put most of them into hibernation, a few we kept as slaves."

"You did what?" Travis snarled as he got up from the bench and started towards her.

The Doctor held up his hand, stopping him while Srylana hissed at him. Travis sat back down and glared at Srylana.

"Sorry, he's not used to dealing with other beings like me and my family do," the Doctor said. "Why are you staying here then? This is deserted."

"We had reports that more humans were here and we've been searching for them. Apparently, our reports were correct," Srylana said, her eyes narrowing as she gazed at Travis.

"So, that's the plan, you're just gonna take all the humans prisoner until the planet's yours, free and clear?" Jack said.

"This planet is ours!" Srylana said to him.

"No, this planet belongs to them as much as you. You may have been here first but they came after you hibernated and they made a home here so if anything, you should share the planet," Rain said.

"Share? With apes?" Srylana said with disgust.

"Share with these things?" Travis said with the same look of disgust.

The Doctor sighed when Srylana hissed at him again.

"Look, once upon a time, the human race shared the planet with Neanderthals, another species of human and until the Neanderthals died out from the end of the ice age, the two species coexisted here. I know it's a stretch but humans and silurians could do that as well, provided both groups came to an understanding."

"I don't know if my people would agree to that," Srylana said.

"I don't know if the human race would agree to that," Travis said. "Especially after they kidnapped and enslaved them."

"Which is why negotiation is needed," the Doctor said. "Humans tend to shoot first and ask questions later which is why so many alien races are either afraid to come and share their knowledge with you or want to invade and destroy you. You, as a species, need to learn that not everything foreign is evil or bad. These silurians are a living, thriving species, just as you are and just like you, they have certain rights which include the right to exist somewhere."

"But you said yourself that you're not human so why does it matter to you what happens them?" Srylana said, pointing to Travis.

"Long ago, I appointed myself the protector of the human race because I admire them and see so much potential in them. I want to help them become the enlightened species they were meant to be and that means stepping in and defending them when the situation calls for it. These diggers were not being malicious when they woke up that Silurian. I'm sure they were just curious which is both a pro and a con for humanity. They were digging because they have tunnels underneath this amusement park that their workers used to get from one place to another without being seen. They were probably expanding them when they bumped into your hibernation chamber. Even if they were being malicious, the rest of humanity did nothing to you and they don't deserve to be put into hibernation and enslaved. But apart from that, what about the Earth? I see you're letting everything go to waste," the Doctor said, gesturing to the abandoned park.

"On the contrary, we are letting nature retake what man has done. We have no need for their structures except perhaps to hide in."

"But all the great things man has done, you don't care about that?" Travis said.

"Bah, man's achievements are tiny compared to the silurians. We care nothing for this place or the eyesores you built. You do not live in harmony with nature. You humans take and take and take until you exhaust your resources and pollute your environment. Do you deny this, Protector?" she said to the Doctor.

"I don't deny it," the Doctor said. "The human race have far to go and much to learn before they catch up to some species. However, I'm sure the silurians were also primitive and wasteful once, yeah?"

Srylana dropped her eyes to the ground.

"There you have me, Doctor. However, we have never wrecked the environment the way the humans have."

"Perhaps you would have if you didn't go into hibernation," the Doctor pointed out. "It's very easy to point the finger at another species and accuse them of being wasteful when you have no idea if you might have done the same had you continued to live on the surface. That's why these two species must come to some sort of understanding and perhaps, human and silurians can teach and help one another to make this world a better place."

Everyone froze when they heard a ringtone and Rain blushed as she stood up.

"Heh, sorry everyone," she said sheepishly while she walked over towards the bridge.

"Hey, I thought everyone was supposed to shut off their mobiles for this meeting!" Jack yelled to her while she fished it out of her pocket. "Shame on you for being impolite!"

"What is that?" Srylana said, pointing to the mobile.

"Communication device. Someone's contacting her," the Doctor said.

"The humans have such devices?" Srylana said, impressed. "Perhaps you're right, perhaps they do possess more mental power than we thought."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you. Humans are a lot smarter than you think and I think the two species could cohabitate and work together if given the chance."

"Sorry, Dad, he's in the middle of negotiations right now," the Doctor heard Rain say into the mobile.

"Tell John I said hello though," he yelled to her.

"He does say hello," Rain said to her father. "There's been a bad development here though…no, he's fine, we're all fine, it's just that…"

Rain walked towards the castle while she spoke to her father. The Doctor turned his attention back to Srylana.

"I want to know if it's possible to have a formal meeting with your people, at least the representatives who can speak for all the Silurians on the planet so we can try to negotiate," he said to her.

"Well, I believe that could be a possibility but you'd have to give us time to contact our leaders," Srylana said.

"Then you'll accept a truce between us?"

"I will and I think the others here will," Srylana said.

"Then do you mind letting us see some of the human slaves? If you do that, I'll accept you as my guest on board my TARDIS until you can work out a meeting with your leaders?"

"I think that can be arranged."


The Doctor and Srylana shook hands. She then shook hands with everyone else. When she got to Travis, both parties hesitated a moment before shaking hands and the Doctor smiled when Travis promised her that no one would hurt the silurians if they did the same in return. Srylana agreed to the truce and the Doctor smiled even more.

"Come, let's go get my wife and you can show us some of the slaves," the Doctor said to Srylana before everyone walked towards the castle.

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