Chapter Twenty

"What do you mean you're jealous?" Adam asked after Alan had called him and they had gone to the park room with the paintball court.

"You're getting a new son," Alan said and Adam arched an eyebrow.

"Well you got a new one, too. Or did you forget Mirza?" Adam asked. Mirza was eleven years old when Alan and Rose had met him Parsuash in 480 BC and he had run away from his abusive uncle. They had taken him with them after his uncle had caught him and was going to sell him to slavers.

"No, I didn't forget him," Alan said with a smile. "It's just that Dawg liked me first and I thought he'd pick me to be his daddy."

"Where is it written that you and the Doctor get all the lost and abandoned kids? It's my turn! Live with it!" Adam teased and Alan laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, but you know as well as I, Old Beans, that our kids end up adopting one of us as a spare mom or dad. It's just a matter of time before he's bored of you and wants me to be Daddy!" Alan said and Adam laughed, nodding his head.

"Is there anything else you're jealous of? Are you jealous of my being a writer? That my dog is smarter than that rat of yours?"

"Hold on! My chewie wooie is smart!"

"Oh yeah, she's brilliant….for a rat!" Adam said with an evil grin and Alan breathed hard through his nose.

"Well, at least my dog doesn't look like an ugly, furry HORSE!" Alan said while Adam arched his eyebrows up and gave him a blank look.

"She does not!"

"Right, she looks more like a furry jackass!" Alan said then they started laughing and Adam shook his head side to side. "So, are you as bored as I am?"

"Oh yeah," Adam said. "How did we end up with babysitting duty?"

"It's not the babysitting duty part that I mind. It's the fact that they left without us!"

"That is totally unacceptable!"

"Alan, where are you?" the Doctor thought and Alan pulled his mind closer.

"Adam and I are in the park room with the paintball court," Alan thought.

"We're in the Silurian city. They do have human slaves and the slaves are barely alive."

"Blimey, what are you going to do?" Adam thought.

"Rain contacted her father and he told Xashion. We're waiting to see what she has to say about all this. In the meantime, I want you to keep everyone in the TARDIS until we get back."

"Um, Doctor, Charlie woke up," Adam thought then set up a privacy block and heard the Doctor sighing.

"Is she causing trouble?"

"No, and I had a long talk with her. She's agreed to let me and Marion take Dawg, but I…I…."

"Adam, what's the matter? You're not changing your mind, are you?"

"No, it's just that I acted like some sort of heartless jerk. I don't normally just take someone's kid. I was just so angry that something in me just snapped."

"I think it's because, like me, you can't stand seeing a child, especially a child with a disability, being harmed. You have always been protective of them because of what happened with River," the Doctor thought in reference to the time Adam's daughter had been kidnapped when she was two years old. Adam had killed Duer's Valeyard because he thought the Valeyard had taken her, but it turned out it was really his Pete. Duer's Valeyard had been captured when he followed Duer to Adam's universe and Pete had used a control disc on him, instructing the Valeyard to kidnap River. She was to be bait to trap Duer, but the Valeyard had captured Duer and would have killed him if Adam hadn't had killed the Valeyard first. Peter was arrested and sent to Volage Nok and Adam's Jackie and Tony came to live with them.

"No, I haven't forgotten. Anyway, Charlie also told me that she wants Dawg to forget her. I don't know if that's a good idea. She's his mother."

"But he doesn't know that. As far as he is concerned, she is someone that's beaten and abused him."

"I guess," Adam sighed and the Doctor sent comfort into his mind.

"Tiri'me'su, you are doing the right thing. Dawg's chances of survival aren't good if he stays here. He's better off coming with us."

"Yeah, I guess I'm feeling guilty about how I acted, is all."

"You're just a big softy. That's why we love you," the Doctor thought and Adam slightly smiled.

"What we are is bored. Can't Alan and I go look around? We promise to be good!" Adam thought then appeared in the Doctor's head, giving him sad puppy eyes.

"Let me guess. You want to go see what happened to Expedition Everest."

"Yes, please, can we?"

"Oh, ok, you two can go, but only there! I don't want to go looking for you!" the Doctor thought when cartoon hearts appeared over Adam's head and Adam held up a cardboard sign with THE DOCTOR ROCKS on it. The Doctor laughed as Adam dropped the privacy block and the Doctor's mind moved away.

"Ok, what was that all about?" Alan asked as Adam smiled and arched the fedora forward.

"Well, your brother has given us the ok to go see what happened to Everest!" Adam said and Alan widened his eyes.

"He did?" Alan asked as his voice went up an octave and Adam nodded his head. Alan whooped as he pumped his fist into the air and they left the room.

"Whoa, that's a mess," Alan said as they looked at what was left of the Tree of Life and Adam nodded. They had borrowed the manipulator as they walked down the trial and noticed how quiet the park was. They walked along while Adam looked at the ruined buildings and arched the fedora back.

"You ok?" Alan asked.

"Yeah, was just thinking about taking the girls to the Affection Rafiki's Planet Watch," Adam sighed.

"Remember how hard it was to get them out of the Fossil Fun Games area?"

"Yeah, and Faith loved Tricera Top Spin," Adam sighed and Alan gently nudged him. They walked onward when they stopped short and Alan's eyes went wide.

"NO!" Alan shouted as he sank to his knees and Adam balled his hands into fists. The lake that was in front of Exploration Everest was dried up and the ground was cracked. Several of the cracks stood out like stone fingers and the bridge the guests crossed to get on the ride was missing. The grass and trees were burnt and they could just see the rubble of the pretend village.

"Now that is just wrong!" Adam said as they walked down the bank of the lake and carefully headed toward the ride. Helping each other up the bank, they stood at the base of the ride and the ramp that led into the artificial mountain had half collapsed. Most of the artificial mountain had collapsed and Adam took out his sonic screwdriver, scanning the area. "Come on."

Alan followed as they walked through the wreckage and the creaking of metal filled the air. They scanned the darkness, but there were no sign of Silurians or animals as they walked along then Alan stopped and sighed. Lying on its side was the robotic Yeti and half of it had been crushed by some of the wreckage. Adam stood next to him as they sighed and Adam reached out, touching the fake fur.

"Poor Frosty," Adam sighed as they stood there then Adam scanned the area and walked into the darkness. Alan half ran after him when the blue light from Adam's sonic screwdriver shimmered on the door and he pushed the button. The lock clicked as he opened the door and scanned the hallway. They walked inside the small hallway as they walked down the hallway and the blue light lit up the darkness. A few minutes later they found the control room when Adam unlocked the door and they walked inside the room. Scanning the room with his sonic screwdriver, Alan found the controls while they stood at the console and sighed. Nearly all the controls were crushed or broken as they placed their sonic screwdrivers away and headed for the door. "Let's go."

Neither Rose nor Marion said anything when Alan and Adam returned and slowly walked out of the control room. They headed down the hallway when a door opened to one of the rooms and Alan looked at Adam. Shrugging, they walked into the room when their hearts sped up and their eyes went wide. The room looked like a park room, but at the center of the room was Exploration Everest and they looked up at the ceiling.

"How….? Where….? What?" Alan asked and the TARDIS gently giggled.

"You two rode it so often that I've copied the semantics and made a duplicate. This way you two can ride it whenever you want. I did some modifications on the Yeti and even built a giant snowball that rolls after the cars then goes down a separate track," the TARDIS thought and their mouths fell open.

"You mean this had been here all this time and you didn't tell us?" Alan asked.

"It was a Christmas present!" the TARDIS thought. Running down the trail, Alan and Adam whooped as the TARDIS laughed and the water of the lake gently moved in the breeze.

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