Chapter Twenty One

The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck while he headed for his room. He was going to have a rest so he could energize himself and prepare for the grueling mediator role he'd have to assume when the humans and silurians came together.

He opened the door to his bedroom and saw Rain lying on her side of the bed. She glanced at him and smiled.

"Waiting on dad to call me back," she said, holding up the phone. "He said it might be awhile while he takes the information to the High Council."

"Hopefully Srylana is gathering together the leaders of the Silurian tribes," the Doctor said, loosening his tie.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and untied his shoes. While he did that, Rain put her hand on his back.

"Do you really think the Silurians will agree to share the planet?"she said to him.

"I don't know, Latara," the Doctor said, shaking his head. "I've never had to deal with this before. Every other time I was able to step in and prevent something like this from happening. This must be one of those tipping points in time when things can change. Because of the actions of a few Disney staff members the Earth is ruined now and I'm not sure how to set it right."

"Maybe Xashon can help us, she has before," Rain said.

"I hope so because I'm gonna need all the help I can get," the Doctor said, lying down beside her. "If they'll even listen to Xashon, that is."

"I'm still waiting for Dad to call back," Rain said. "He told me he was going over there right after the call ended. I'm sure after Xashon sees the footage she can make a case for the humans so they can reclaim their planet."

The Doctor looked over when the door creaked open. Hope stuck her head inside and giggled when the Doctor covered his eyes with his hands.

"Daddy, are the lizard people gonna let the people go?" Hope said, coming up to him.

"Dunno, my treasure, we're gonna do all we can to make that happen," the Doctor said, uncovering his eyes and putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Jen-Jen and Tara want to go out and explore and I want to go with them, can I?" Hope said.

The Doctor raised his eyebrow and looked at his wife.

"Spousal Unit, your verdict?" he said.

"Did they say you could come with them?" Rain said.


"Okay, but don't you dare run off and lose sight of your sisters, not with Disneyworld in the state it's in, you understand me?"

"Yes, Mummy."

"Be careful and call us or think to us if you have any trouble, okay?"

Hope nodded and kissed both her parents before she hurried out of the room. The Doctor lay back on his pillow and shut his eyes while Hope rolled on her side and snuggled against him. The Doctor had his eyes closed for about two minutes when he felt something hit his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw Alan was bending over with his head on his stomach.

"Can I help you?" the Doctor said while Rain opened her eyes.

"Just resting for a moment before continuing on," Alan said.

"Well can you rest for a moment away from my stomach?" the Doctor said while Rain rolled her eyes and grinned.

"No, because I have thoughts as well," Alan said, straightening up.

"That's why he had to put his head down, the thoughts were weighing down his poor little head and making him tired," Rain said.

The Doctor snickered when she rolled away the moment Alan brought his fist down on the bed.

"No, I have thoughts," Alan said.

"And those thoughts would be…" the Doctor said.

"I wish I had another child," Alan said. "I have to admit I'm a wee bit jealous that Adam gets Dawg."

"Brother, you have children, several of them in fact," the Doctor said.

"I know but I love them when they're young. We have Hope and Faith but it's not the same thing."

"So in other words," Rain said, "you want to figure out a way to loom them to the point where they'll stay children forever even when they regenerate."

"No, I wouldn't want that, I just love children."

"Adopt another," the Doctor said with a shrug. "There are adoption agencies here and on Gallifrey. Or get Rose to loom another child with you. That would make more sense than you being in here whinging about not having any more little children to love."

"Perhaps, I shall ask the butter knife about it," Alan said. "In the meantime, I shall watch the sex play here."

"There is no sex play, doucebag, we're just lying here," Rain said while the Doctor shook with silent laughter.

"Will there be sex play?"

"No, pervert, there will not. Leave us alone so we can get some rest," Rain said.

"Aw, you're no fun," Alan said, strolling out the door.

"Love," Rain said, getting up on her elbows to look at her husband. "Do you ever think that you could have acted that way and Alan is the you that you never were?"

"Um…perhaps," the Doctor said. "Perhaps he just likes being daft."

"Well, I'm glad you're not quite that retarded," Rain said. "I would have slapped ya silly if you had been."

She gave him a kiss and lay back down beside him while he closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Wow, this place is a dump," Tara said to Jenny while she, Jenny and Hope walked over the bridge towards Fantasyland. "Hard to believe that this was our vacation spot."

"Yes, it's all…grotty," Jenny said, making a face.

"It smells too," Hope said.

"No, that's you. You smell," Tara said.

"No, you smell!" Hope said.

"Hey, Tara, let's go chain her to the robots in the It's a Small World and leave her there," Jenny said.

"Nah, let's go hang her from the Tower of Terror building," Tara said.

"No, let's go take my two sisters and put them on the monorail tracks so I can start the monorail and run over them and…"

"What's that, windbag?" Jenny said, tickling her. "We can't understand you when you're rabbiting on like this."

"Quit!" Hope said, laughing while Jenny held her and tickled her underarms. She let go and ran away when Hope gave chase. Tara laughed and ran after them. She almost caught up to them when suddenly twenty Silurians ran out of the buildings. Tara gasped when they fell on Jenny and Hope, seizing them while the women protested. Tara froze when two of the Silurians noticed her.

"Shit!" Tara said, turning and running while five of the Silurians gave chase.

She was nearly to the castle when they fell on her. They quickly overpowered her and knocked her out. They stood back up when it was over and looked at Jenny and Hope who were also unconscious. An elderly Silurian walked up to the group surrounding Tara and looked down at her.

"Good. We'll take these three underground as hostages and if the Doctor doesn't agree to our demands, we'll enslave them and he'll never see them again," he said.

The Silurians picked up the three women and followed the elderly Silurian while he led them back underground.

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