Chapter Twenty Two

Martha walked down the hallway when she stopped in front of the doorway and smiled. Adam was sitting on the white rocking chair with Dawg curled up on his lap and Dawg was sound asleep. Adam seemed to be looking at nothing as the rocking chair barely moved back and forth and Martha walked closer, kneeling down next to the rocking chair.

"When did he fall asleep?" Martha thought as Adam looked at her and smiled.

"Just a few minutes ago," Adam thought and gently rubbed Dawg's back. Dawg whimpered a bit and he snuggled closer and Adam kissed the top of his head. "By the way, why are you talking to me this way? He can't hear us."

"Yeah, but your chest will vibrate and that might wake him up," she thought as he looked down at Dawg and sighed. "What's wrong?"

"Alan's getting all jealous that Dawg picked me and not him. Why is it that he and his family always get the abandoned kids?"

"Don't let it get you down. He's just being Alan," Martha thought when Alan's head peeked into the room and he sauntered into the room.

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" he thought as they looked at him and Alan sat on the floor in front of the rocking chair.

"Yeah, we were talking about you acting like a baby because Adam's getting to adopt Dawg and you're not," Martha said and Alan softly laughed, shaking his head.

"Rest at ease, Old Smelly Butt, I am going to talk to the ol' butter knife and see if we can't use the loom to make a little one of our own," Alan thought when Dawg opened his eyes and looked at Alan. Alan grinned then waved at Dawg and Dawg softly giggled, waving back. Dawg looked at Adam then back at Alan when he pointed to Alan and smiled.

"Does he want to come to me?" Alan asked as he held his arms out and Dawg got off Adam's lap, walked to the small table where the TARDIS had placed the blocks and they followed him to the table. Sitting on the floor next to him, Alan watched as Dawg moved the blocks and spelled the word DADDY with the blocks. "He spelled "daddy"."

"He knows how to spell a lot of words," Adam said as Dawg looked at him then at Alan and pointed from one to the other then at the blocks. "What?"

"I think he's trying to tell us something," Alan said as he gently took Dawg's hand and Dawg looked at him. "Do you want us to be Daddy?" Alan pointed at the blocks then at Adam then himself and Dawg smiled, nodding his head. "He does! He wants two daddies!"

"So, does this mean you're over being jealous?" Adam asked as Alan nodded and Dawg looked at Martha, pointing at her. Adam looked at Martha when he took some blocks and spelled her name. Dawg then pointed to Alan and Adam used the blocks to spell his name. Adam used the blocks again to spell his own name when Dawg pointed to him and Dawg blinked his eyes a few times. He pointed to himself as Adam sighed and spelled DAWG with the blocks.

"Rah!" Dawg roared as he swiped his arm over the table and knocked the blocks to the floor. They got out of the way as Dawg roared and started tossing the blocks at them. He stopped when the TARDIS placed a force wall between him and Alan, Adam and Martha and he pressed his tiny hands against the force wall. He roared louder as he smashed his hands against the force wall then started banging his forehead against the force wall and Adam saw the mist floating down toward him.

"No, don't knock him out!" he shouted.

"I will not allow him to hurt himself," the TARDIS thought.

"Then let him go!" Adam shouted as the force wall faded and Dawg looked at them. He was breathing hard and fast through his nose when Alan held his arms around and Dawg ran to him. Alan held him as Dawg buried his face into Alan's chest and started whimpering. Rocking him, Alan sent love and comfort into his mind and gently rubbed his back. Adam crawled closer when he stroked the top of Dawg's head and he looked at Adam, tears rolling down his little cheeks. Martha had picked up the blocks when Dawg looked at the blocks and blinked. He got off of Alan's lap when he moved the blocks and spelled NAME then pointed to himself. Adam thought for a few minutes when he thought back to the books of baby boy names he had looked through when he was trying to find his own name and smiled. There was one name that he originally liked, but Marion didn't and he took the blocks, spelling out ALAN ADAMNAN.

"What does Adamnan mean?" Martha asked.

"It's Scottish for "Little Adam"," Adam said and Alan softly laughed.

"What is it with your family and Scottish names?" he asked.

"Well, in Scottish, Alan means handsome," Adam said and Alan made his eyes grow wide.

"It does?" he asked and his voice rose an octave.

"Yep, so his name means "Handsome Little Adam"," Adam said and Dawg looked at the blocks then pointed at himself. "Yes, you are Alan Adamnan."

Little Alan smiled when he pointed to the blocks then at himself and they nodded. Little Alan walked to Adam when he hugged him, kissing his cheek, and they stood up while Adam held onto Little Alan and Alan looked at Adam.

"Wait, why didn't you use Adamnan as his first name?" he asked and Adam tilted his head to one side.

"Because "Little Adam Handsome" sounds stupid!" he said as they laughed and Little Alan smiled, placing his head on Adam's shoulder. Suddenly they felt Tara, Jenny and Hope's minds blink out as they looked at each other and ran out of the room.

"Will you slow down?" Rain shouted as the Doctor ran down the hallway and she ran faster to catch up with him. They had felt Jenny and Hope's mind blink out then the fear in Tara's mind before her mind also blinked out and they ran around the corner.

"Whoa!" Alan shouted after the Doctor nearly plowed into them and the Doctor breathed hard and fast through his nose.

"Jenny….Tara….Hope…." he gasped and Alan placed his hands on his brother's shoulders, sending comfort into his mind.

"We know. We felt it, too," Adam said as Little Alan looked at the Doctor and held his arms out. The Doctor slightly smiled as he took Little Alan from Adam and Little Alan pointed to himself. "Oh, he's got a new name now."

"Really?" the Doctor asked and Little Alan grinned at him.

"His name is Alan Adamnan," Alan said proudly and Rain titled her head to one side.

"What does Adamnan mean?" she asked.

"It's Scottish for "Little Adam" and, no, I don't know why my family keeps picking Scottish names," Adam said as they lightly laughed then headed down the hallway.

The first thing Tara noticed when she started waking up was she couldn't move. Her body was completely numb and she could barely open her eyes. Her hearts slammed in her chest when she saw that she was in some sort of cylinder with a glass cover and two rubber tubes were taped to the back of her hands. Looking around with her eyes, she saw Jenny in a similar cylinder across from her, but she couldn't see where Hope was and she closed her eyes, trying to contact either Hope or Jenny. Neither of them seemed to be conscious as she tried to call out for her father then realized that whatever she was in was blocking her and a tear rolled down her cheek.

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