Chapter Twenty Four

"I do not understand," Srylana said as the Doctor glared at her and Rain slid her hand into the Doctor's hand, squeezing his fingers.

"You took my daughters and I want them back…NOW!" the Doctor growled, trying to keep his anger in check and a few of the Silurian guards looked nervously at each other.

"I assure you, Doctor, that we do not have your children," she said while Duer looked at the guard standing next to him and saw the nervous look in the guard's eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" Duer asked as he walked to the Doctor and stood next to him. He glanced over at the guards while the Doctor followed his eyes and the guards became fidgety. "Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

"Commander Srolan, do you know where the Doctor's children are?" Srylana demanded as she walked to Srolan and he looked down at his feet.

"I'd answer her if I were you, Mate," Alan said as he placed his hands behind his back and gave Srolan a smug look.

"Yes, we took them! They are ours until the Doctor agrees that we are the rightful rulers of this world and will turn the humans over to us!" Srolan said and the Doctor balled his hand into a fist.

"Do you have any idea what you have done? The elders will never agree to this!" Srylana said and Srolan laughed.

"The elders are fools! These humans are invaders and should be eradicated!" Srolan said as some of the other guards mumbled in agreement and Jack noticed that some of the guards pointed their laser blasters at them.

"Put those down or you'll regret it," Jack said as one of the guards smiled and pulled the trigger.

Adam had taken Faith, Little Alan and the rest of the children to the park room as they sat a large blanket and Little Alan sat on his lap.

"Will you tell us a story, Uncle Adam?" Faith asked as she sat next to him and leaned against his arm.

"Sure," Adam said then thought for a few minutes when the park room vanished and everything was white.

"What's going on?" Bridget asked.

"The TARDIS is going to show you my story since you're not telepathic like Faith. See, my race is telepathic and I'm used to telling my stories that way. So, if you will be patient…." Adam said then closed his eyes and smiled.

"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…Coming up, it's time to have some fun with everyone's favorite time traveling tots," Adam's off stage voice said when the theme music started and TIME LORD BABIES appeared. Suddenly they were surrounded by a cartoon nursery and the kids smiled.

"Time Lord Babies, we turn aliens into goo…Time Lord Babies, we've come to play with you…When your world is full of baddies, who've come to give you a scare…Just call our names and shout out loud "Catch us if you dare!"…I like Adam…I like Rose…I love the Doctor…Alan dance…I got my toy guns…I got my teddy bear…I play the bagpipes…And I got big hair, HA…I like running…Allons-y…Is everything alright in here…Yes, Jackie…Time Lord Babies, we turn aliens into goo…Time Lord Babies, we've come to play with you…Time Lord…Time Lord...Time Lord…Babies…Babies…Babies…Woooooooooo-hooooo!"

Even though Little Alan couldn't hear the theme song, he smiled at the cartoon characters and he gently bounced up and down on Adam's lap. The scene changed as a cartoon version of the Doctor as a toddler appeared and the long brown coat he was wearing trailed behind him. His left converse sneaker was untied and he blew some of the hair out of his eyes. Looking at the title, he smiled and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Today's episode is called Icky Lizards," Baby Doctor said then looked down and saw the words he just said under him and looked at Adam. Adam pointed to Little Alan as Baby Doctor smiled then nodded his head, turned and walked off screen.

The scene changed to a cartoon nursery as Baby Jack was climbing up the bookcase and Baby Marion and Baby Frankie were setting the small round table for a pretend tea party. Standing at the bottom of the bookcase, Baby Rain looked up at him and frowned, stamping her left foot.

"Jack, you know Jackie doesn't want you doing that!" Baby Rain said and he smiled down at her.

"No worries, Rain. If I fall and boo-boo, I'll just get right back up," Baby Jack said and she sighed. Stamping over to the blue toy box, she pounded on the top of the toy box then placed her hands on her hips.

"Doctor, are you in there?" Baby Rain asked when the top of the toy box opened and the sounds of footsteps going up a ladder came from inside the toy box. Baby Doctor peeked out as he looked at her and little hearts appeared in her eyes.

"What do you want?" Baby Doctor asked, watching the cartoon cupids flying around her head. She then noticed the words under him as she gave him a blank look and Baby Doctor pointed at Little Alan. He waved at her as Baby Rain waved back and smiled.

"Jack is climbing the bookcase again!" Baby Rain said when they heard Baby Jack scream and he tumbled to the floor. They ran to him but he wasn't moving and they looked at each other.

"Out of the way!" Baby Ianto shouted as he ran to Baby Jack and pulled a toy medical cart with a teddy bear on top of it behind him. Kneeling down, he placed two paper cups tied with a string on Baby Jack's chest and made a buzzing sound. "Clear!" Baby Jack gasped as he opened his eyes and hugged Baby Ianto.

"Thanks, Yan!" Baby Jack said as he got up and they went to go play in the cardboard box that had TORCHWOOD written in crayon over the door.

"That can't really happen!" one of the little boys said as the door to the cardboard box open and Baby Jack looked out, stuck his tongue out at the little boy then closed the door. The other kids giggled as Adam smiled and rolled his eyes.

Baby Doctor walked by the toy box when he looked inside the toy box and whistled. The sound of footsteps came up the ladder when Baby Duer, Baby Alan and Baby Adam climbed out of the toy box and Baby Doctor closed the lid of the toy box.

"That can't happen either!" the little boy said as Baby Alan, Baby Adam, Baby Duer and Baby Doctor folded their arms over their chests and Bridget glared at the little boy.

"It's a cartoon! Now shut it! I want to hear the rest of the story!" she said and Adam softly laughed.

"What do you want, Oh Nappy Bottom?" Baby Alan asked as he saluted Baby Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes.

"The other babies are missing and I don't know where they are," Baby Doctor said and the other babies gasped.

"Well, there is that big hole in the floor over there," Baby Duer said as he pointed to the large, cartoon hole in the floor and the babies walked to the large, cartoon hole. Baby Jack and Baby Ianto came out of the cardboard box as they followed them to the large, cartoon hole and they all looked down the large, cartoon hole.

"Do you really think they're down there?" Baby Rain asked when they heard screaming and they looked at each other.

"Yep," Baby Doctor said while popping the "p" then walked to the toy box and opened the lid. Reaching inside, he pulled out a long, cartoon ladder and carried it over his head to the large, cartoon hole. Placing the long, cartoon ladder down the large, cartoon hole, he looked at the others when Baby Alan and Baby Adam ran to the bookcase and took some cartoon torches off the shelf. Handing the cartoon torches to the others, they headed down the long, cartoon ladder when everything went black and only their eyes appeared in the blackness. "Watch your step."

"Um, wouldn't it be better if we turned the torches on?" Baby Jack asked as they turned the cartoon torches on then saw the little, cartoon lizard faces looking at them and they looked at each other. "Um, guess not."

The cartoon torches went off as they headed down the long, cartoon ladder then came to the bottom of the large, cartoon hole and turned the cartoon torches back on. The little, cartoon lizards had surrounded them while Baby Doctor took out his sonic rattle and scanned the little, cartoon lizards.

"What are they?" Baby Frankie asked as she held onto Baby Duer's arm and he gently smiled at her.

"They're Silurians," Baby Doctor said as the baby Silurians surrounded them and the babies gathered into a circle. Baby Doctor held his hands up as the baby Silurians moved closer and stopped a few feet in front of them. "We mean you no harm!"

"You are our prisoners!" one of the baby Silurians said.

"Why? What have we've done?" Baby Rain asked.

"You have taken over the nursery! It's ours!"

"But it's big enough for all of us. Can't we share?" Baby Frankie asked.

"No, give it back or we will hurt the others!" the baby Silurian when a beam of white light appeared and the other babies were in a cartoon cage.

"Help!" Baby Amato shouted as Baby Doctor growled then looked up and took a deep breath.

"Jackie!" Baby Doctor shouted when they heard the sounds of someone running overhead then coming down the long, cartoon ladder and a pair of legs wearing striped socks and white sneakers appeared.

"Is everything alright down here?" Jackie asked and the baby Silurians looked up at her.

"They took the other babies and won't give them back until we give them the nursery!" Baby Adam said as the baby Silurians looked at the right foot tapping.

"Oi, you release those babies right now!" Jackie said while little cartoon sweat drops appeared over the baby Silurians heads and they gulped. Running, the baby Silurians opened the cartoon cage as the other babies ran out of the cartoon cage and headed for Jackie. "Now, you are to leave them alone and never do this again!"

"Yes, Jackie," the baby Silurians said together as Jackie led the babies back up to the nursery and a giant zipper appeared over the large, cartoon hole then closed and the babies smiled up at Jackie as the scene faded to black.

"Yay!" Faith said as she clapped her hands and Adam smiled. Suddenly he felt Jack's mind blink out as he got up, told Brad to keep an eye on the kids and Adam ran out of the room.

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