Chapter Twenty Five

"Put those down now or you'll be arrested and taken to New Gallifrey for trial. I have informed everyone on the High Council I was coming and if you hurt me or anyone here, I will relay a message to them and they will use their TARDISes and be here in seconds to arrest you. I demand you release the children at once," Xashon said.

"Yeah, or we start taking a few of you as hostages in return!" Jack said.

He flashed an apologetic look at the Doctor when he glared at him. Srylana looked at the guards and barked at them to lower their weapons. Then she turned to Srolan.

"You had no right to do that. You might have sparked off a war," she said to him.

"All the better, we have an excuse to wipe the rest of the humans off the face of the Earth."

"That's not so easy since this planet is under the protection of New Gallifrey," Xashon said.

"Why does the Earth concern you?" Srolan asked.

"Because I was one of the ones who founded New Gallifrey and the Earth has always concerned me," the Doctor said. "I made it my mission to help and protect the humans and I don't appreciate you lot attacking them without provocation and enslaving them. And I don't appreciate you kidnapping my children so give them back to us this instant."

"Srolan, go get his children before you embroil us in total war," Srylana hissed at him.

Srolan glowered at the Doctor but he remained unmoved. Grumbling under his breath, he motioned to the guards to follow him.

"I'm sorry about this, I had no idea," Srylana said to them. "I was in my sleeping quarters and was only just notified. Srolan is a good man; he just takes matters into his own hands sometimes."

"I see that," Xashon said. "In light of what happened, I believe we should have this negotiation in the presence of both the High Council and the Silurian elders. Both parties need to be involved now."

"I wish it hadn't come to that. I would have loved to seen this resolved peacefully," Srylana said.

"I feel the same way but we need to make this negotiation formal in order to ensure that whatever is decided on is carried out," Xashon said.

"Mummy, Daddy!"

Rain let out a cry of joy when they saw Hope rounding the corner and she and the Doctor rushed to her. They fell to their knees and embraced her.

"Hey, they came and jumped all over us and knocked us out," Hope said when she finished hugging them. "We didn't do anything to them."

"We know, baby, we're working everything out now," Rain said.

The Doctor looked around but didn't see Tara or Jenny.

"Okay, where are my other daughters?" the Doctor said. "I have two older ones and I want all three of them back."

"Wait a moment," Srylana said. "I'm going to see what Srolan is doing."

She walked off in a huff while everyone watched.

"Did you see your sisters?" Rain asked Hope.

"No, they locked me in this cave with a jail door over the hole. I didn't see my sissies."

"Okay, go and stand with your family while we get this sorted out," Rain said.

They gave her kisses on the cheek before Hope walked back to the others. Alan made a big show of throwing out his arms to her but Hope giggled as she turned away from him at the last minute and embraced John. Rose giggled at the feigned puzzlement on Alan's face while he froze with his arms out. She walked around the outstretched arms and hugged him.

"Um…this is nice but you're not the nipper kipper," Alan said to her. "Besides you didn't have you daily cootie bath."

"Well, I'll get you a louse comb then," Rose said, walking away.

I'll get you a louse comb then," Alan repeated in a snotty voice while Rose embraced her niece.

"Are you alright?" she asked her.

"Yeah, I'm a pro at this."

They laughed at the smug look on her face and Rose hugged her again before Hope walked over to Alan's side.

"Pro, eh? Pro at what, getting nabbed?" he said with feigned haughtiness. "I have never been nicked by Silurians, so there."

He frowned when Hope walked around to his front and mimed unsnapping his jeans.

"What is this?" he asked her.

"This is me pulling down your trousers so eeeeeveryone can see your knickers and laugh."

"Knickers? I'll knicker you in a moment," Alan said while Hope ran giggling to Duer.

"Quit tormenting the looney, dear," Duer said, giving her a hug.

The Doctor and Rain followed Srylana while they tried to find Srolan. While they walked through the tunnels they would pass by shocked Silurians who instantly jumped out of the way when they saw the fury on the man and woman's faces. They then stood and watched them follow Srylana before going back to their duties. While they walked, Srylana kept trying to contact Srolan on his communicator but it was turned off.

After a few minutes, Srylana finally pulled a Silurian to her while she stood and watched them pass.

"Maga, where is Srolan? Did he come this way?" she asked the started Silurian.

"Um…I'm not sure, I just stepped out into this tunnel on the way to the larder."

"If you see him, let me know on the communicator," Srylana said. "He's turned it off."

"Why?" Maga said.

"Because he took these warm blood's children and he won't give back to the two oldest. I'm trying to find him and make him give them back to their parents and I need to know where he went."

Maga looked at the Doctor and Rain and volunteered to come with them. Srylana nodded and while she followed them, Maga used her communicator to explain the situation. By the time she was done, another man and woman Silurian had joined them and several more were searching the tunnels. After twenty minutes of searching, the Doctor and Rain listened with sinking hearts while the search teams reported back to Srylana and Maga on their communicators that there was no sign of Srolan or the human children.

"Do you lot have teleporters, transmats, spaceships, something he could have used to carry them off," the Doctor said to the female silurians.

"We have transmats but only a handful. We were asleep so long that when we woke up they were in terrible shape but the ones that do work would allow Srolan to take your children somewhere."

The Doctor cursed in Gallifreyan and reached out to his children telepathically but all he could sense was Hope. He checked her and was relieved that she was in no distress and focused back on the situation at hand.

"Can we find out which transmat he used and where he went?" the Doctor said.

Srylana nodded and both she and Maga contacted the people in charge of the transmats asking if Srylon had used any of them. She was relieved when an elderly man contacted her after a minute of silence.

"This is Grageon, Srylana. Srylon did use transmat number four. I'm monitoring it and I was the one who worked the controls."

"Did he have two human children with them, young women?"

"Yes, he did. They were in suspended animation in anti-gravity capsules."

"Do you know where he went?" Srylana said. "This is of great importance."

"He went to the surface…um…someplace called Egopt."

"Egopt?" Rain said.

"How is it spelled?" the Doctor said.

Srylana repeated what the Doctor said to Grageon and there was a few seconds of silence.

"It's spelled like E…G…Y…P…T," he finally said.

"Egypt, it's pronounced Egypt," the Doctor said. "Where in Egypt though?"

"Where was the final destination?" Srylana said.

"G…I…Z…A," he spelled for them.

"Why would he take them there?" Rain said.

"No idea but we're going after him," the Doctor said. "Can he use the same coordinates for us?"

Srylana asked Grageon to ready the transmat and use the same location for them while she, the Doctor and Rain headed to the transmat room.

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