Chapter Twenty Six

"Jack, are you ok?" Adam thought after he came to the control room and stood in front of the console.

"Yeah, I'm ok," Jack thought back.

"Then why did your mind blink out?"

"One of the Silurians shot me with a stun blast."

"Did you find Hope, Jenny and Tara?"

"Hi, Uncle Adam!" Hope thought then appeared in his head and was waving at him.

"Well, there you are! Do you know how worried I was?" he thought as he appeared in her mind and he was huddled in a corner of a padded room, wearing a straightjacket. He was rocking back and forth as he kept mouthing her name and asking where she was and Hope smiled, sending love into his mind. Suddenly Alan appeared in their minds, wearing a small cap with a propeller on the top on his head, and he sat down next to Adam. "Um, can I help you?"

"Don't mind me. I'm just a figment of your crazed imagination!" Alan thought and they heard snickering.

"As if!" Rain thought and Alan got up, walked away and Adam heard a yelp. Rain ran into their minds as she moved him forward then hid behind him and Hope giggled.

"Right, that will be enough!" the Doctor thought as they felt the anger coming from his mind and Adam frowned, wondering what was wrong.

"Um, someone mind telling me what's going on?" Adam asked when Duer set up a privacy block.

"It appears that one of the Silurians, Srolan, had taken Hope, Tara and Jenny to use as bargaining chips to insure that Doctor allows them to take over the Earth. He gave us back Hope, but he's snuck off with Tara and Jenny, He said they're in suspension tubes and we just found out that he used a transmat to take them to Giza," Duer thought and Adam's eyes went wide.

"Hold up, are we talking about the Giza that's in EGYPT?" Adam thought and his hearts thumped hard and fast against his ribs.

"Yep, and we're going to the transmat room now to see if we can catch up to him before he buries them in the sand or seals them in a pyramid."

"Then come and get me! This sounds like a job for Indiana Storm!" Adam thought and Duer softly laughed in his head.

"Hold on," Duer thought then let the privacy block fall and Adam strummed his fingers on the console. Of all of them, only Adam knew the fear and worry a parent can have when it came to having your child taken. It was an old memory, but it still stung whenever he thought back on it and he sat down hard on the jump seat.

"Beloved, please calm down. They will find them," the TARDIS thought as he looked up at the ceiling, stretched his legs out then placed his feet on the console.

"Adam?" the Doctor thought as Adam sat up and arched the fedora forward. "I need you to do me a favor. I need you to put the other TARDISes inside mine then I want you to scan the planet for any human settlements. If they can be reached through communication devices, I want you to tell them to gather at a meeting spot and you'll come get them. Tell them it isn't an invasion than it is a rescue mission."

"What if there isn't any communication system? I don't want to just show up and get killed," Adam thought. There was a short pause while Adam stood up and walked to the console. He typed on the keyboard when he heard soft grinding and wheezing sounds and looked at the screens. Jack and John's TARDISes had vanished just before some Silurians could pick them up and Adam noticed that they were heading for the TARDIS. "Doctor, we have a new problem."

"What's going on?" the Doctor thought as Adam looked at the screen and the Silurians hissed due to the TARDIS setting up a force shield.

"I have several Silurians outside and they were about to steal Jack and John's TARDISes. They're outside yours, but can't get closer due to the force shield the TARDIS put up," Adam thought and heard the Doctor sighing.

"Then I guess you better come to Giza. I don't want them injuring the TARDIS and I certainly don't want them getting their hands on her," the Doctor thought while Adam looked at the ceiling and smiled.

"Race ya!" Adam thought then moved his mind away and walked around the console, pushing buttons, moving levers and buttons and flicking some levers. He picked up the rubber hammer when he knocked a loose switch back into place and whispered an apology to the TARDIS. A few minutes later the TARDIS dematerialized as the Silurians growled and walked away.

Tara didn't know what was worse. Being unable to move or not knowing where Hope was.

"Well, this isn't the first time you've been kidnapped," she thought as she thought back to the number of times over the centuries she had been taken by someone or something and softly sighed. What was starting to bother her was the tube she was in being bumped around like a sack of potatoes and knew she was going to need the tissue regenerator to heal the bruises she was getting. She also felt the heat coming from the sun overhead and a cold shiver moved through her as she remembered the time she, the Doctor and Rain had been taken and she was placed in a metal box. The men that had taken them were going to roast her alive and she felt the sweat rolling down her face. Silently praying, she closed her eyes while the tube bumped up and down and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Ok, it's official. I am so going to kill that lizard!" Jenny thought as the tube bounced up and down and she looked at the clear sky above her. The tube was growing hotter by the second and the sweat rolled into her eyes. She had woken up to find that she couldn't move nor could she contact anyone and every nerve in her body was fighting to move something. She had no idea where Hope or Tara was and she prayed they were still alive and in one piece or the Silurian that had captured her was doomed. She knew she had promised her father she would never kill anyone, but the soldier in her head was devising numerous battle plans and most of them involved the Silurian screaming for mercy. The tube bounced harder as she tried not to bite her tongue and she softly swore in her mind.

Duer stood near the others while they looked at what was left of the Great Pyramids when they heard a low grinding and wheezing sound and he smiled, watching the TARDIS materializing. The doors opened when Adam walked out and leaned on the doorframe. He was still dressed in his leather jacket, jeans, leather boots and fedora, but he had taken his t-shirt off and he had the bullwhip wrapped around his right left shoulder.

"Oh brother," Marion whispered as Adam sauntered over to her then kissed her lips and she held his head in her hands, knocking the fedora off his head.

"Oi, get a room!" Alan shouted when Adam moved back, picked up the fedora, dusted the fedora off and placed it on his head.

"Right," the Doctor said when he knelt down and took Hope's hands, locking eyes with her. "I know you want to help save your sissies, but I want you to go in the TARDIS."

"But Daddy!" she said and he shook his head.

"I don't know how many Silurians Srolan has with him and I would feel a whole lot better if you were in the TARDIS," he said while Alan strolled over and placed his nose down on top of her head.

"Yeah, you could let go with one of your killer farts and give away our position!" Alan said.

"No, you would fart and do that!" she said.

"My farts do not smell!" he said with a stunned look on his face.

"Hey, Doc, come here!" Jack said from the top of a sand dune as the Doctor half ran up the sand dune and Jack handed him the binoculars he was using. Srolan and several other Silurians were dragging the tubes with Jenny and Tara toward the pyramid belonging to Khufu and the Doctor growled, lowering the binoculars.

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