Chapter Twenty Eight

Little Alan was bored. Adam had left him in the classroom and the TARDIS was conducting tests to determine his level of education. Little Alan had been allowed to sit in while the other children were having their lessons and he could read at a much higher level than a normal five year old. He knew how to write his name, though writing "Dawg" always angered him, and he could spell nearly every word the TARDIS had shown him pictures of. He was tired of the tests and headed for the door. The door hissed open as he walked down the hallway and smiled. He understood by the looks in Adam and Marion's eyes that they wanted to be his mommy and daddy and were going to take him away fromů.

"Rah," he mumbled as he shook his head and kept walking. He didn't want to think about Charlie as he walked along then stopped at a door. He wiggled the door handle as the door opened and he looked at the stairs. Looking around, he smiled as he walked up the stairs and held onto the railing. Standing at the top of the stairs, he slowly walked forward when he saw something in the shadows and blinked his eyes a few times. Stepping on the Seal of Rassilon, he jumped as the lights came up then his eyes widened at the sight of nine heads resting on pikes. Backing out of the room, Little Alan ran down the stairs then down the hallway and went around the corner.

"I simply can't believe that these...creatures would resort to kidnapping in order to get what they want," Zeronith said as Duer nodded his head and sighed.

"And all because they believe that they were here first," one of the council members sighed when Little Alan ran into the control room, saw Charlie and ran out of the room again. "Who was that?"

"That's Dawg," Charlie said as Duer glared at her then left the room and the TARDIS guided him to where Little Alan went. Duer walked into the kitchen when he knelt on the floor and peeked under the table. Little Alan was huddled against the wall when he looked at Duer and smiled. He knew that his new daddy wore a hat, which meant this was one of the others that looked like Daddy. Duer wiggled his fingers for him to come closer and Little Alan crawled to him. Carefully backing up, Duer knelt back on his legs as Little Alan sat down and blocks appeared on the floor in front of them. Little Alan looked at the blocks then spelled HEADS and Duer frowned.

"I don't understand," Duer said while shrugging his shoulders and shook his head. Standing up, Little Alan held his hand out as Duer stood up and they left the kitchen. Duer wondered where they were going when they came to the door and Little Alan pointed at the door. Duer knew that there were places in the TARDIS the Doctor didn't allow him to go, just like there were places in his TARDIS the Doctor wasn't allowed to go, as Little Alan opened the door and they looked at the stairs. Little Alan tugged on Duer's hand as they went up the stairs and Little Alan held onto the railing. They stood at the top of the stairs while Duer felt a cool chill move through him and they slowly walked forward. Stepping on the Seal of Rassilon, they watched the lights come up and Little Alan pointed to the heads sitting on the pikes. "What?"

Duer jumped when the eyes opened and the heads of the Doctor's past lives blinked at him.

"Well, hello, dear fellow," the head of the second Doctor said and Duer made a light cough.

"Um, this is going to sound odd, but what is this place?" he asked and the heads looked at each other.

"I don't think he's us," the head of the fifth Doctor said.

"No, I'm Duer," Duer said, getting confused. He theorized that this was like his portrait room in his TARDIS, but why the Doctor had heads on pikes instead of portraits confused him.

"Oh, you're from one of the other universes," the head of the ninth Doctor said and Duer nodded.

"Are you John's brother or Adam's?" the head of the third Doctor asked.

"I'm Adam's brother," Duer said then looked down at Little Alan, who was looking at the heads with a stunned look on his face. "And this is Little Alan."

"Is he the one that can't hear?" the head of the fourth Doctor asked.

"How did you know that?"

"The TARDIS told us, hm," the head of the first Doctor said when Little Alan walked closer and looked up at the first Doctor's head. "Curious, isn't he?"

"Well, you would be as well if you saw talking heads sitting on a pike!" the head of the sixth Doctor said, rolling his eyes.

"Who asked you?" the head of the seventh Doctor asked and the head of the sixth Doctor glared at him.

"Gentlemen, this isn'tů" Duer said when the head of the sixth Doctor and the head of the seventh Doctor started fighting and Duer sighed, rolling his eyes. Smiling, Little Alan walked to the pike with the eighth Doctor's head, but the head of the eighth Doctor had his eyes closed and Little Alan looked at Duer. Walking to him, Little Alan pulled on Duer's jeans as he looked down and Little Alan pointed at the head of the eighth Doctor. Curious, Duer watched when Little Alan walked back to the pike and gently tapped the chin of the eight Doctor and the eyes opened, looking at Duer. "Are you alright?"

"Oh, yes, I just find it easier to fringe being asleep when they get like that," the head of the eight Doctor said with a smile and Duer smiled back. Walking back to Duer, Little Alan pulled on Duer's fingers when Duer knelt down then picked Little Alan up and Little Alan reached over and touched the fifth Doctor's hair.

"What is he doing?" the head of the fifth Doctor asked as he tried to see what Little Alan was doing and Duer smiled.

"Well, he grew up in a place where heads talk. I guess he's trying to figure out if you're real or robots," Duer said while Little Alan stroked his fingers over the fifth Doctor's nose and the head of the fifth Doctor smiled.

"Nope, we're real," he said and Little Alan smiled,

"Have they found Jenny or Tara yet?" the head of the seventh Doctor asked and Duer slightly smiled at him rolling his "r"s. He forgot that he used to have a Scottish accent in his seventh life as well and thought about how much fun it would have been to talk with Jamie back then. "Yes, it would have been interesting."

"I'm sorry?" Duer asked then the tips of his ears turned pink from realizing that the head of the seventh Doctor had heard what he was thinking. "Oh, we found out that they have been taken to Giza to Khufu's pyramid."

"Oh my giddy aunt, that doesn't sound good," the head of the second Doctor said.

"No, it most certainly doesn't. In fact, if it had been me, I would never have allowed them to go out unescorted," the head of the sixth Doctor said.

"If you had been their father, they would have run off centuries ago," the head of the ninth Doctor whispered and the head of the sixth Doctor spun around on the pike, glaring at him.

"Who asked you, Baldy?" he shouted and the eyes of the ninth Doctor went wide.

"I am not bald!" the head of the ninth Doctor shouted then the heads started arguing and Duer sighed while Little Adam smiled.

"Oh dear," the head of the second Doctor sighed then looked at Duer and smiled. "What is to become of the boy?"

"Adam and Marion are going to adopt him after we return to New Gallifrey."

"And that's ok with his mother?" the head of the eighth Doctor asked.

"Yeah, she doesn't want him," Duer said as the heads of the sixth and ninth Doctor stopped arguing and looked at him.

"Why, in the name of Rassilon, would she not want him? Is it because he's deaf?" the head of the sixth Doctor asked.

"Yep," Duer said, not wanting to go into details about why Charlie didn't want Little Alan, and the heads frowned.

"If that's the case, he's better off with Adam," the head of the third Doctor said then saw Hope standing on the top of the stairs and smiled at her. "Hello, Hope, nice to see you again."

Duer watched as she walked closer and Hope smiled, waving at the heads.

"What are you doing up here?" she asked and Duer explained what happened. "Well, Daddy doesn't like it if we come up here and bother them."

"Oh, we don't mind," the head of the fifth Doctor said with a smile.

"Anyway, Councilor Zeronith wants to talk to you," Hope said as Duer nodded then looked at the heads and smiled.

"Gentlemen," he said with a nod of his head as Little Alan waved goodbye and they left the room while the lights went down and the heads went back to sleep.

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