Chapter Thirty

"Where are we going?" Faith asked while she and Hope watched Duer moving around the console and he was pushing buttons, flipping switches and moved the main lever. The TARDIS made soft wheezing and grinding sounds as he stood against the console and sighed.

"We're going to where the Doctor and the others are. They found Jenny and Tara, but Tara's been almost turned into a Silurian," he said then knelt down and hugged Hope, sending love into her mind. "Don't worry. Your daddy will change her back."

"I know," Hope whispered while Charlie watched them then looked over at Little Alan, who was hiding behind the jump seat, and sighed. She was surprised when he slowly walked to her then looked up at her and blinked his eyes a few times. She could still see the fear in his eyes as she sat on the floor and placed her face in her hands. She didn't care if the others were looking as the tears rolled down her cheeks and her body started shaking. Charlie jumped when she felt someone stroking her hair then looked up and saw Little Alan looking at her with his head titled to one side. She watched as he sat down in front of her when the blocks appeared and he looked at them.

"I am so sorry," she whispered. Frowning, she realized that he couldn't hear her as he moved the blocks and spelled WHY then added a question mark block. "Why?"

HURT was the next thing he spelled as he looked at her and blinked his eyes a few times. Charlie looked at the blocks then at Little Alan as she realized that he could read and softly smiled.

I WAS ANGRY she spelled with the blocks and he blinked his eyes a few times.

ME he spelled then used the question mark block and she felt her heart aching.

NO she spelled then looked at the blocks. DO YOU WANT TO STAY WITH ME she spelled then used the question mark block and he looked at the blocks.

NO he spelled with the blocks and she sighed.

BUT I AM YOUR MOMMY she spelled as he looked at the blocks and blinked his eyes a few times.

NOT MOMMY he spelled with the blocks.

WHO AM I she spelled then used the question mark block and he looked at her.

YOU PAIN he spelled and her heart sank. The doors opened when the Doctor and Alan ran inside while carrying Jenny and Tara and Charlie could see that Tara looked more reptile than human. Smiling when he saw Marion and Adam coming up the ramp, Little Alan got up and ran to Adam. Charlie watched Adam scoop Little Alan into his arms as he held him up in the air and Little Alan smiled, taking the fedora off Adam's head. Sighing, Charlie got off the floor as she walked to the corner and leaned against the wall. She wiped the tears out of her eyes as Adam chatted with Xashion and the council members and Little Alan placed his head on Adam's shoulder.

The doors to the medical bay hissed open as the Doctor and Alan headed for the examination beds and Alan slid Jenny onto the examination bed. Jack had brought Srolan into the medical bay as he headed for a separate section and placed Srolan in one of the isolation rooms.

"How is she?" Alan asked as he ran some scans on Jenny and the Doctor looked at Tara.

"She's stable," the Doctor said when he pushed buttons on the scanner and a green light moved up and down Tara's body. The scans showed that half of her body was now reptilian as he pushed the buttons and looked at the screen.

"Dad, is that you?" Jenny whispered as her eyes slowly opened and Alan leaned over, bugged his eyes out and she smiled.

"Do I look that old? Sheez, I still have brain cells, you know. Unlike some people I can mention!" he teased as she softly laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Hi, Uncle Alan," she said softly as he kissed her forehead and looked at the screen. Suddenly Jenny remembered what happened as she sat up and Alan placed his hands on her shoulders. "Where is Tara and Hope?"

"Easy, Jenny Beans, they're fine. Well, Hope's fine," he said as she looked at him then looked over at the Doctor, who had his back to her, and could just see Tara lying on the examination bed.

"Rassilon, what did they do to her?" Jenny demanded as she tried to get off the examination bed, but her legs felt like rubber and Alan gently slid her back onto the examination bed.

"She's going to be ok," Alan said then heard a growl from the Doctor as the Doctor turned around and glared at him.

"She is not ok! They changed her into one of them!" he half shouted and Alan walked to him, wrapping his arms around him.

"No-wah, they only changed her halfway into one of them. So calm down and get back to finding out how to change her back," he said with a grin and the Doctor sighed, nodded his head and turned around. He typed on the keyboard when the screen beeped and a smile moved across his face. "Did you figure out how to reverse it?"

"Yep," the Doctor said as he popped the "p" and pushed the buttons. A blue light moved over Tara as she softly moaned and the Doctor looked at the screens. Slowly Tara's face changed back to normal as she sighed and a few minutes later the blue light faded. The Doctor stroked Tara's hair then kissed her forehead when Tara blinked her eyes open and he smiled at her. "Hello, Star."

Alan sat on the examination bed with Jenny when Tara sat up and held onto the Doctor. The Doctor gently sat on the bed while he rocked her and the tears rolled down his neck. He hushed her while sending word to Rain that Tara and Jenny were alright and the Doctor rubbed Tara's back. Alan looked at Jenny when he saw something in her eyes and he set up a privacy block.

"Ok, spill, what's wrong?" Alan thought as she placed her head on his shoulder and he rubbed her back.

"I want to kill them," she thought as he felt the anger in her mind and kissed the side of her head.

"If you're talking about the Silurians, I'd stand in line if I were you. I think your dad's got first crack at playing Whack A Lizard," he thought and she sadly smiled. Both jumped when Rain ran into the room then ran to the examination bed where Tara was and the Doctor got up so Rain could sit down and hold Tara.

"Are you alright, Jenny?" Rain asked as Jenny nodded her head and the Doctor walked closer, kissing the top of Jenny's head.

"Um, Doc, Srolan's awake," Jack said, looking at Srolan trying to get up then got to his feet and glared at him. The Doctor walked to Jack when Srolan hissed and ran at the window.

"Let me out!" Srolan hissed, pounding his hands on the glass.

"Be lucky that I don't have the TARDIS turn the air off in there!" the Doctor growled, balling his hands into fists.

"Touch me and it is war between us!" Srolan snarled and Jack saw that the Doctor's eyes had turned black.

"Doc, don't," Jack said as the Doctor looked at him then sighed and walked back to Rain and Tara.

"That was a wise move, Human. I would hate to think what would happen to…." Srolan said when the TARDIS soundproofed the isolation room and Jack turned, walking away.

Adam had placed his t-shirt back on as the leather jacket hung on the back of the jump seat and he stood next to Duer, who was looking at the screen.

"There're only 120 people left?" Adam asked and Duer nodded.

"Travis told me that they have radio communication equipment, but how to convince them that we're not going to hurt them is another story," Duer said when Little Alan tugged on his jeans and Duer looked down at him. Smiling, he picked Little Alan up as he held him in his arms and Adam smiled at how relaxed Little Alan was with them.

"He really likes you," Adam teased when Little Alan held his arms out and Adam took him from Duer.

"Maybe he thinks I'm you," Duer said with a wink when Little Alan looked from Adam to Duer and tilted his head to one side. He pointed to Adam then Duer as he shook his head and Adam blinked his eyes a few times.

"No, I think he knows the difference," Adam said.

"He does?" Duer asked when Little Alan held up Adam's left hand, pointed at him then tapped Duer's right hand and pointed at Duer.

"Ah, see, he knows that I'm the left handed one and you're the right handed one!" Adam said then lifted Little Alan into the air and smiled. "You are brilliant!"

"And you are a nutter," Duer said when the screen beeped and he looked at the information on the screen. "Oh bugger."

"Now what's wrong?" Adam sighed when he looked at the screen and his eyes widened. "You have to be kidding!"

"Nope," Duer said as large, circular shadow moved over the TARDIS and the pyramids and a large, silver hull spaceship hovered above them.

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