Chapter Thirty Two

Everyone gathered in the control room while the Doctor and Duer walked to the console and the Doctor looked on the screen. A large, silver hull spaceship was hovering over the pyramids and the TARDIS while several others appeared on the scanners and the Doctor noticed a blue ray moving in a crisscross pattern over the surface of the Earth.

"Rassilon, they've come back for the others," he whispered then pushed a button on the console and Duer saw the anger in the Doctor's eyes. "Attention unidentified spacecraft, this is the Doctor. I demanded to know who you are and why you are taking these people!"

Waiting, the Doctor ran scans on the large, silver hull spaceship as Rain walked closer and gently rubbed his back. He smiled at her when the screen beeped and a face appeared on the screen. A man with blue skin and yellow eyes looked at them and the tips of his pointy ears twitched. The man was wearing a black uniform jacket with white trim and had a round face with a pushed up nose.

"I am Commander Drynar of the Omegaz," Commander Drynar said with a dull tone and the Doctor tried to keep his anger in check. "We have heard of you, Doctor, but I am afraid that you are mistaken. We are not taking them. This is our property and we are here to finish the harvest."

"What do you mean your property? The Earth belongs to us!" Travis said as he walked to the Doctor and Commander Drynar looked at him, slowly blinking his eyes.

"Sol Three was purchased by the Omegaz in 2011 during the planet auction on Albree III. We have the proper documents, if you wish to see them," Commander Drynar said and the Doctor balled his hands into fists.

"Yes, I would like to see these "documents"!" he said when something locked onto the TARDIS and the TARDIS sailed into the air. A few seconds later they felt a slight thump as the Doctor and Duer walked to the doors then the Doctor turned, looking at the children. "Alan, Adam, take the children to one of the garden rooms."

"Aye-aye, Oh Great and Glorious One," Alan said with a salute as he and Adam herded the children together and led them to the back door.

"Daddy, I want to go with you!" Hope said as the Doctor sighed then walked to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"No, you're not coming. I know you want to be a Time Lady and go on adventures, but this isn't one of those times," he said then looked at the other children and smiled. "Besides, you need to look after Uncle Alan. Never know what trouble he'll get into, yeah?"

"But I want to go, too," Faith said as she pouted and stuck her lower lip out like Jamie does when he's mad.

"Now, Butterfly, you know that Uncle Adam would be lost without your help," Duer said as he walked to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Yes! It is true! I need my little shadow or all is lost!" Adam said dramatically as he walked to her and knelt down behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

"Get off me!" she said as she gently whacked his arms away and Adam stood up, bent over and placed his nose in her hair, breathing hard and fast. "And stop doing that! You'll get snot in my hair!"

"Then go with your father! I don't need you hanging around and being mean to me!" Adam said as he lifted his chin, walked over to Little Alan then scooped him up into his arms and Little Alan looked at him. "You need me, right?"

Little Alan looked at Faith then smiled and shook his head and Adam's eyes went wide while his mouth dropped open. Faith and Hope laughed as Charlie, who was watching all this, smiled and Adam stuck his lower lip out and sniffed. His lower lip quivered as Little Alan looked at him then frowned and blinked his eyes a few times. Wrapping his arms around Adam's neck, Little Alan hugged him as Adam smiled and spun around in a circle.

"Oi, get moving," Marion said as Adam nodded and he and Alan led the children out of the control room. Faith and Hope went with them as the others looked at the Doctor and Duer when Xashion walked to them and placed her hands behind her back.

"I don't think it would be a good idea for all of us to go," she said and the Doctor looked at the others, sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

"I agree. So, you, Jack, Travis, Duer and I will go," he said then looked at Srylana and smiled. "Will you come with us? This concerns your people as well."

"Yes, I would be honored," she said as Jack, Travis, Xashion and Srylana walked with the Doctor and Duer to the doors and the Doctor unlocked the doors. Turning, he looked at Rain as she softly smiled at him and he set up a privacy block.

"Be back in a bit, Honey Bunny!" he thought as she softly giggled and he wiggled his eyebrows up and down. Turning around, he walked out of the TARDIS while Duer, Jack, Travis, Xashion and Srylana followed him and he closed the doors, locking the door.

"Now what do we do?" Travis said when the Doctor took the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and scanned the hallway. The walls were a striking white color with cream color nodules embedded in the walls and the ceiling and floor were black. The low hum of the engines filled their ears as the Doctor looked around then pointed and they headed down the hallway. Duer had taken out the sonic screwdriver that his mother, Delmari, had made him and the Doctor was jealous that Duer's sonic screwdriver was slightly longer than his and extended at the middle when Duer pushed a certain button. There were four long prongs at one end and there was a green light on the end instead of a blue light.

"Put that away," the Doctor said as Duer smiled and tossed the sonic screwdriver in the air then caught it after the sonic screwdriver twirled around a few times.

"Just because mine happens to be cooler than yours doesn't mean that yours is worthless," Duer said then pushed the button and the sonic screwdriver extended in the middle. Duer scanned the hallway then the ceiling when he looked at the small screen and smiled. "Right, the lift is that way!"

"Show off," the Doctor grumbled as they walked down the hallway and Srylana looked at Jack.

"Are all of your sun damaged?" she asked softly and Jack smiled, rolling his eyes.

"No, this is just normal for us. See, our family is a mish mash from three different universes and sometimes those two forget which one is the Doctor. Well, there is one more, but he isn't here right now," Jack said with a grin.

"Yet the Doctor is the one who leads you."

"Most of the time, but he doesn't lead me. I have my own team. I do admit that it's more fun traveling with them, but I've always been a free spirit and do my own thing."

"But how do you tell them apart? The brain damaged ones look just like them," she said and Jack softly giggled at her calling Adam and Alan "brain damaged".

"Well, the Doctor is…He's the Doctor. Duer isn't as serious then off the wall as he is, but that's because he had more tragedies than the Doctor. Amato, he was the Doctor in his universe, is the one that had the most pain and suffering. He had changed into a being called the Valeyard and nearly destroyed his universe. The Doctor had defeated him, but it took the Doctor's daughter, Namid, to turn Amato back into the Doctor and he spent a lot of years trying to cope with what he did. He doesn't look like the Doctor or Duer anymore, but that's a long story. The other one that looks like the Doctor is Shilah and he was the Doctor in his universe. He lost everything and was about to kill himself when the Doctor found him. He's fine now and happily married to a friend of ours. Now Alan is…Well, Alan has always been bonkers. He chose to look on the brighter side of life and I think he always will. That's what makes him so cool to hang out with. John, he is Amato's brother, is the quiet one and had to deal with his brother being the Valeyard. Then there's Adam. Like his brother, he was serious and had gone through a lot before Alan came into his life. Together, those two are the funniest guys I know and I wouldn't trade one second with them!"

"I wish I had a family like that," she sighed and Jack gave her a concerned look.

"That bad, eh?" he asked and she nodded her head. The Doctor held his hand up as they stood in front of the lift doors and he scanned the doors with the sonic screwdriver.

"Um, anyone else notice that this is too easy?" Duer asked when the lift doors opened and four guards dressed in black uniforms and helmets pointed laser blasters at them and Duer sighed, rolling his eyes. "Note to self….Keep your mouth shut."

"Stay where you are!" one of the guards said as the other guards surrounded them and the guard placed the laser blaster in the holster, took the sonic screwdrivers from Duer and the Doctor and looked at the sonic screwdrivers then at the Doctor. "What are these?"

"They're scanners," the Doctor said while the guard placed the sonic screwdrivers in the pocket on his belt and Duer frowned, blinking his eyes.

"Can I have my scanner back?" Duer asked, giving the guard sad puppy eyes and the guard glared at him. "Guess not."

"Move!" the guard said as he removed the laser blaster out of the holster and they walked in the lift. The guards flanked them as the doors closed and the lift started moving upward. The lift stopped after a few minutes when the doors opened and they walked out into a hallway. The guard pointed with the laser blaster as they walked left and the Doctor looked at the guard.

"Where are you taking us?" the Doctor asked.

"You are to be taken to interrogation," the guard said as the Doctor stopped and the guards pointed the laser blasters at him.

"Wait, we are here to see the documents that show you have purchased the Earth. Why are we being interrogated?" he demanded and the guard smiled at him.

"Like Commander Drynar said, we know who you are Doctor. There are stories about how you care so much for these so called humans that the commander had you come onboard so you wouldn't stop the harvest."

"Oh, you have just made a BIG mistake!" the Doctor growled and the guard smiled.

"After we're done picking your brain, we might just go after your planet! Now move or we will kill the females!" the guard said as the other guards pointed their laser blasters at Xashion and Srylana and Srylana growled.

"You will not take this planet without a fight! My people will destroy you!" Srylana said and the guard laughed.

"Please, we know about your people! Once we harvest the surface life, we're going to harvest them!" the guard said when Srylana roared and charged at the guard. Jack tackled her to the floor as the laser blast hit him and Srylana screamed.

"No!" she said as she held Jack in her arms and pressed her hand against his chest. "You've killed him!"

"We will kill the others if you don't move!" the guard said as the Doctor sighed and nodded his head.

"Doctor, you must avenge him!" she shouted when Duer walked to her, knelt down and whispered in her earhole. Her eyes widened as he helped her up and they walked down the hallway.

"Did you feel that?" Alan asked after they felt Jack's mind blink out and Alan sent up a privacy block.

"Brother, what's going on? What happened to Jack?" he thought to the Doctor and the Doctor sighed inside his mind.

"He's dead and we've been taken prisoner. It turns out that having us onboard was just a ruse so they can take the rest of the humans and they're going after the Silurians next," the Doctor thought and Alan swore.

"Hold on," Alan thought then dropped the privacy block and told everyone what happened.

"What do you want us to do?" Rain thought.

"Well, Nigel, you up for a little fun?" the Doctor thought and Nigel softly laughed in their heads.

"Always," Nigel thought. "What do you want me to do?"

"I think a little virus should muck up the works. How fast can you make one?" the Doctor thought when Nigel appeared in his head and gave him a look like he had just called him thick. "That fast, eh?"

"Do Slitheen have bad farts?"

"Not as bad as Hope's farts! She can kill a Judoon with those stink bombs!" Alan thought when Hope appeared in his head and blew a raspberry at him.

"Right, Nigel, get to work on the virus. I'll contact you when I have a talk with Commander Drynar!" the Doctor thought and send love into their minds. Sighing, he slid his arm around Srylana as they walked down the hallway, but no one noticed Jack's fingers moving and he opened his eyes.

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