Chapter Thirty Three

Rain shook her head when the Doctor finished telepathically explaining the situation.

"Wow, never realized there was a planetary Ebay out there," Rain said to her family.

"Can I auction off Pluto for a pittance?" Alan said. "Or maybe Mercury for some money?"

"How about we auction you off instead?" Rain said.

"Oh…that would be impossible, the bidding wars would make the price astronomical. No one would ever be able to afford me," Alan said smugly.

He and Adam chuckled when Rain let out a huge snort. Charlie walked up to her.

"So what do we do?" Charlie said.

"Not sure, the Doctor and the others will try to handle it first, I'm thinking, and if they need us, they'll call for us," Rain said. "But apparently, the Silurians weren't the only ones harvesting the humans. These Omegaz were doing it too. Which makes sense if you think about their being 6 billion people on the planet. That would explain how it was depopulated so quickly."

"So, we're basically at the mercy of anyone or anything that wants to take us," Charlie said.

"Yes, except we're standing in the way of that…or at least we try to stand in the way of it," Rain said sheepishly.

"Rainy has explosive farts that usually scare them off," Alan said, patting Rain's shoulder.

"No, that's you," Rain said while Alan ruffled her hair playfully.

"Is he gonna be okay, Mummy?" Hope said as she walked up to her with Faith behind her.

"Yeah, is Daddy gonna be okay too?" Faith asked.

"No, they're gonna be turned into oranges and sucked dry for orange juice," Alan said, bending down to them.

Rain chuckled at the shocked look on her brother's face when Hope lightly slapped Alan's cheek and walked past him with Faith.

"I think they'll be okay, your dad's going to talk with these new aliens," Rain said, ruffling her hair.

Everyone except the survivor's children assembled inside the console room and waited for some message from the prisoners high above them. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Srylana and Drynar were walking into a meeting room on the ship. Even though the ship was made of metal, the meeting room looked as if it had wood paneling, giving it a more homely feel than the rest of the spaceship. In the center of the room was a large wooden table with wooden high back chairs around it. Drynar sat on one side of the table and motioned for the Doctor and Srylana to sit on the other side. While they were doing that, the Doctor opened a telepathic link with the other members of his family, Xashon and the council members so they could understand what was going on.

"You may speak first," Drynar said, gesturing to the Doctor and Srylana.

"Well, to start with, I have no idea there was an auction for planets," the Doctor said. "When did this start?"

"I have no idea. All I know is there are certain planets that come up for auction every so often and the highest bidder receives the deed to the planet and the right to do whatever they want with it. I was the highest bidder for Earth and I won the right to depopulate this planet."

"So…any planet could technically be up for auction," the Doctor said.

"No. Only the planets with more primitive life forms on them," Drynar said coolly. "Earth is crawling with primitive life forms."

"Including me?" Srylana snarled as she jumped to her feet.

Drynar gazed at her calmly with a slight smirk on his face while the Doctor urged her to sit back down. Srylana glowered at him while she sank back down onto her chair.

"Including you," Drynar said, ignoring the warning look from the Doctor. "You are lizard which makes you lesser to us, same as the apes that crawled all over your precious planet Earth. And you, are you a human then?"

"I'm a Time Lord which makes you the lesser species in my eyes," the Doctor said with a challenging look.

The Doctor smirked when Drynar shifted uncomfortably. He was aware that Drynar now knew he made a big mistake since a Time Lord was now involved. Sensing the upper hand, he relaxed in his chair.

"My family and I are defenders of Earth," he said casually to Drynar. "We make it our business and indeed, New Gallifrey makes it their business to see that the Earth is protected."

"It…it wasn't my fault the planet got put up for auction," Drynar sputtered.

"Yes, but you and your Omegaz were the ones who won it and started to depopulate it. I'm guessing after the Silurians started to…or perhaps at the same time? That's why the planet was depopulated so quickly. It would take quite awhile for six billion people to vanish from the face of the Earth, eh?"

"Six billion? That many apes lived on the surface?" Srylana said to the Doctor.

"A little over six billion, yes," the Doctor said.

"I…I had no idea there were that many," Srylana said. "We knew there were many apes when we started taking them prisoner but there is no way that we could have taken that many. We have no room for them all."

"But did you ravage the Earth when you were gathering up the humans?" the Doctor asked.

"A bit, we had to do it to show the humans we meant business."

"But there's no way you could have devastated the whole Earth," the Doctor said. "Because there aren't six billion Silurians, yeah?"

"Yes. We are many in number but not that many."

"So you picked up where they left off," the Doctor said to Drynar. "You finished the job they started and now you're back for more. And guess what? You found angry Time Lords this time around. Not only me but our government who was in the process of negotiating the release of the humans the Silurians possessed. However, if you're here, you might as well be added to the mix, especially if you were participating in an illegal planetary auction and the attempted genocide of a whole species. That will not sit well with my people and it doesn't sit well with me. We both frown on genocide and I'm afraid the penalty is death as sanctioned by the Shadow Proclamation. Sorry. You should have stayed away from here, old chap."

"You seem to forget that you and your friends are our prisoners," Drynar said.

"No, haven't forgotten it but right now at this very moment, representatives of my government are on Earth, listening to my telepathic transcript of this very conversation. And I guarantee….if you do anything to us, you'll have our military raining laser fire down on your ship before you can blink. So I'd think long and hard, Commander Drynar, before you do something to us. You may hold us hostage but we still have the upper hand. You just don't know it yet."

The Doctor smiled when he saw the anger on Drynar's face.

"So…old chappie, what ya gonna do now?" the Doctor said.

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