Chapter Thirty Four

Duer loved watching the Doctor when he was making someone squirm and Duer leaned one foot against the wall then folded his arms over his chest.

"Nigel, is the virus is ready?" Duer thought as he scratched the bridge of his nose and slightly smiled at Drynar.

"It's ready whenever you are, Doc," Nigel thought and Duer rolled his eyes, sighing.

"You do know that your dad is the only one that can call me or the Doctor by that name, yeah?"

"Yeah, and speaking of him, is he back from the dead yet?"

"I'm here," Jack thought as Duer looked at the Doctor and telepathically told him that Jack was ok.

"Glad to hear it. Think you could make your way to the engine room and do a little messing around?" Duer thought and heard Jack laughing inside his head.

"Want me to release the virus then?" Nigel thought when Duer appeared inside his head and shook his head up and down with a grin on his face. Duer brushed some hair from his eyes when he saw something sticking out of the pocket of one of the guards and slowly slid along the wall toward him. Duer's sonic screwdriver was within reach as he silently wished that his brother-in-law, Cameron, was there as he could use a little telekinetic power right about now.

"What is he doing?" Drynar demanded as they looked at Duer and the Doctor softly smiled, rolling his eyes.

"Would you please give him his scanner back?" the Doctor asked and the guard looked from him to Duer.

"My mom made it for me and she'd be really mad at me if I lost it," Duer said while sticking his lower lip out and Srylana sighed, pinching her eyes closed with her fingers.

"Great Egg, are they all sunbaked?" she whispered and the Doctor gently smiled at her.

"Give him the scanner," Drynar said as the guard handed the sonic screwdriver to Duer and Duer smiled, tossed the sonic screwdriver into the air then caught the sonic screwdriver and smiled at the guard.

"Thankie kindly," Duer said with a nod of his head then walked to the Doctor and stood next to him.

"Well?" the Doctor asked as he looked at Commander Drynar and saw that Drynar was thinking long and hard before he answered him.

"Ok, Boys and Girls, gather around and watch a master at work!" Nigel said while Rain, Rose, Marion, Charlie and Frankie gathered around the console and Nigel typed on the keyboard. Charlie noticed the chrome earpiece in his left ear as he glanced at her and smiled. "It's so I can talk to my kids."

"You have kids?" Charlie asked.

"Well, technically, I have just a son right now. My wife's pregnant with our second one, but she doesn't know that I know that it's a girl," he said with a grin as he looked at the screen and brushed the hair out of his eyes. "What I'm talking about is my computers. I have four of them at home and I can tap into them from here. From here, they can go anywhere in cyberspace and we will have contact in…"

They watched as a cartoon puppy appeared on the screen as the cartoon puppy sat and blinked its eyes a few times.

"Is that one of them?" Charlie asked as she pointed at the screen and Nigel smiled, nodding his head.

"Right, Darling, can you and your sisters and brother install this?" Nigel said as he typed on the keyboard and a cartoon bottle appeared on the screen. Tiny cartoon viruses moved within the cartoon bottle as the cartoon puppy carefully walked closer and looked at the cartoon jar. Running off screen, they watched the red lights flashing on the screen while VIRUS ALERT appeared on the screen in white cartoon letters and a siren went off in the room. The cartoon puppy returned and was wearing a yellow hazmat suit with a face visor, red gloves and red boots. Rain tried not to laugh as the cartoon puppy used green, cartoon tongs to pick up the cartoon bottle then carefully walked off screen. They waited while the red lights flashed on the screen then the red lights turned green and the cartoon puppy returned, sitting down. ALL CLEAR appeared on the screen as Nigel smiled and rolled his eyes. "Good Girl."

CAN I GO PLAY NOW, DADDY? WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF PLAYING A SIMS GAME appeared on the screen and Nigel blinked his eyes a few times.

"Which Sims game?" he asked.


"Let's talk about that when we get home, yeah?" he asked as the cartoon puppy nodded its head then the screen went blank and Nigel turned around, leaned on the counter and looked at them.

"How long until they notice there's something wrong with their computers?" Rose asked.

"Oh, I'd say they're having problems right about now," Nigel said with a grin and crossed his arms over his chest.

Jack had gotten lost as he moved long the long hallways when he came to a door and looked up at the CCTV cameras on the walls. He wondered why no guards had come after him when he realized that Nigel must have something with the CCTV cameras and Jack smiled, running faster.

"Admit it, Jack, you have one smart kid," he thought then remembered Lisa, the daughter he and Ianto had loomed after Ianto had fallen into a coma. They weren't sure if Ianto would ever wake up and he wanted a child that was theirs in case Ianto didn't recover. Jack had starved to death several times over the thirteen months that Ianto was in a coma and those deaths proved to him that he might not survive when Ianto finally dies. For Jack, immortality sucked sometimes. Sighing, Jack looked at the panel near the door then removed the sonic screwdriver from his pocket and scanned the panel. Placing the sonic screwdriver back in his pocket, Jack pushed the buttons when the door hissed open and Jack walked into the room. The lights clicked on as his eyes widened and Jack looked at the rows of storage tubes spreading out before him. Most of the storage tubes had humans and other life forms inside and nearly half of the storage tubes contained children, toddlers and infants.

"Rassilon," he said then set a mental image of the room to the Doctor and Jack balled his hands into fists.

Alan chased after the children while growling at them and the children laughed, running away from him. Adam sat under one of the trees with Little Alan while Little Alan looked up at the silver leaves and titled his head to one side. He gently pulled on Adam's hand then pointed at the leaves and Adam looked up at the leaves, smiling. The TARDIS placed the wooden blocks in front of them when Little Alan looked at the wooden blocks and spelled HOME and TREES with the question mark block on the end. Adam looked at the wooden blocks then spelled YES and Little Alan smiled.

GO HOME NOW Little Alan spelled and placed the question mark block at the end.

NOT UNTIL THE DOCTOR DEALS WITH THE BAD ALIENS Adam spelled with the wooden blocks and Little Alan frowned.

WHY BAD ALIENS TAKE PEOPLE Little Alan spelled with the wooden blocks and placed the question mark block at the end.

THEY TOOK THEM BECAUSE THEY SAY THEY OWN THIS WORLD Adam spelled with the wooden blocks and Little Alan frowned.

DO THEY Little Alan spelled with the wooden then placed the question mark block on the end.

NO, THEY DON'T Adam spelled with the wooden blocks and Little Alan smiled.

THE DOCTOR WILL TELL THEM TO GO OR HE'LL KICK THEIR BUTTS Little Alan spelled with the wooden blocks and placed the explanation point block at the end.

YOU'VE BEEN TALKING TO DADDY ALAN, HAVEN'T YOU Adam spelled with the wooden blocks with the question mark block on the end and Little Alan smiled, nodding his head. WELL, YEAH, HE WILL, BUT ONLY IF THEY DON'T PLAY NICE AND GO AWAY Adam spelled with the wooden blocks when Alan came up behind Little Alan and slid his arms under Little Alan's arms.

"No, don't do…." Adam said when Little Alan howled, swung his arms over his head and punched Alan in the chest. Coughing, Alan fell to his bottom when Little Alan turned around and looked at him. Eyes wide, he ran to Alan while Alan slowly sat up and Little Alan wrapped his arms around Alan's neck, softly whimpered in his ear.

"No, it's ok," Alan hushed while wrapping his arms around Little Alan and sat him on his lap. "Daddy shouldn't have done that."

"He can't hear you," Adam said softly and Alan rubbed Little Alan's back.

"But he does know that I scared him and that I'm sorry," Alan said when Little Alan looked at him and Alan made his eyes grew as wide as they can go, making Little Alan smile. Letting go of him, Little Alan crawled over to the wooden blocks while Alan scooted on his bottom after him and looked at the wooden blocks.

SILLY DADDY Little Alan spelled with the wooden blocks then jumped at him and Alan landed on his back, watching Little Alan tickling him. Adam sat back against the tree while Alan giggled as he tried to get away from their wild child son and Adam softly laughed, rolling his eyes.

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