Chapter Thirty Six

"I swear, Starlight, Granddad will rue the day he had Hope tickle my pitty poos!" Alan growled while walking into the kitchen and Rose smiled, rolling her eyes. Walking toward the pantry, she opened the door while looking back at Alan and he was pacing back and forth.

"Ok, which will it be? Do you want chocolate biscuits or jammie dodgers?" she asked as she took out two boxes, but didn't say a word while Adam and Little Alan snuck behind Alan and Adam held Little Alan in his arms.

"Gitchee-gitchee-goo!" Adam said while Little Alan tickled Alan under the arms and Alan jumped, turning around to face them. Adam held onto Little Alan as he gave Alan a blank look and Little Alan placed his head on Adam's shoulder. "Hey, it wasn't me! It was him!"

"Yeah, right, blame it on this sweetie pie," Alan said as he took Little Alan from Adam and Little Alan smiled at him. Making soft growling sounds, Little Alan wiggled his fingers at Alan while grinning at him and Rose bit the inside of her cheeks to stop from laughing. "Oi, there will be none of that!"

"He can't hear you," Adam said as Little Alan gave Alan a hurt look and Alan arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah, but he knows when I'm cross with him," Alan said while Little Alan pouted and Alan felt him shaking in his arms. Little Alan tried to get down as he grunted and growled and Adam took him from Alan. "Hey, I wasn't going to do anything."

"He doesn't know the difference," Rose said as she walked closer and Little Alan held on tight to Adam.

"I guess we're going to have to be careful when it comes to being cross with him," Adam said when Alan slowly walked up behind Little Alan and Little Alan turned his head back to look at him. Smiling with wide eyes, Alan wiggled his fingers while Little Alan grinned and Alan slid his fingers under Little Alan's armpits, tickling him.

"Noo!" Little Alan screeched as he wiggled in Adam's arms then giggled and Rose and Adam smiled, rolling their eyes. Little Alan held his arms out as Alan took him away from Adam, walked to the table, sat down and placed Little Alan on his lap.

"My namesake and I will have jammie dodgers, please," Alan said as Rose nodded and Adam smiled, sighed and left the kitchen.

Walking into the medical bay, Adam walked to the computer when he started typing on the keyboard and looked at the screen. He called up the scans they had done on Little Alan as he read the information and leaned his hands on the counter.

"Bugger, with all the advancements in science and genetics, there's still things like deafness and blindness," he thought as he felt someone sending comfort into his mind and turned, seeing Marion standing in the doorway. Walking toward him, Marion slid her arm around his waist as he pulled her closer and kissed the side of her head.

"You can't fix everything," she said softly and he sighed, nodding his head.

"Yeah, but if he had been in the birthing ball, we could have either fixed what was wrong or made it so that he could use hearing aids," he said in reference to the birthing ball he had designed when Marion started miscarrying River and James. It was like a loom, but was in the shape of a ball and acted like an artificial womb. There were scanners inside the birthing ball that would alert Adam if there were any problems and the only time the alert sounded was when either River or James became upset about something. He never mentioned to the Doctor that both River and James were born slightly telepathic and had bonded psychically with him, Marion and Duer at a very early age.

"Are you changing your mind about taking him?" Marion asked as she stroked his hair and Adam softly smiled, shaking his head.

"I guess I'm just going into over-protective mode. I was like that with Namid, remember?" he asked and Marion smiled, nodding her head. "I can't wrap him up in bubble wrap, but I can't just let him run loose. That's what Alan would do if he went to live with him and Rose. Sure, he wouldn't let it happen, but neither of us would forgive ourselves if he got hurt orů.killed."

"Yeah, you would. This is one of those times you have to stop leading with this," Marion said softly as she placed her hand on the center of his chest and his hearts thumped against her fingers. "What does your head say about all this?"

"It says to wait until we get back to New Gallifrey. There has to be a specialist that can help him," he said and Marion nodded her head, kissing his lips.

"Oh, yuck, they're kissing!" Alan said as he and Rose strolled into the room and Little Alan was sitting on Alan's shoulders. Adam glared at Alan then smiled and leaned against the counter. "Well, since you are done with the lip locking, I suggest we go watch a movie until my senile brother gets back!"

"I am so going to tell him you said that!" Marion said and Rose laughed.

"Go ahead and tell! I'm not afraid of Old Brain Farts!" Alan said with wide eyes and Adam started laughing. "Now, come along, we have a movie to watch!"

Turning, Alan and Little Alan left the room while Marion and Rose looked at Adam as he took their hands and they left the medical bay.

Nigel sat with his feet on the console when the TARDIS blasted him with cold air and he sat up, looking at the rotor.

"Oi, what was that for?" Nigel asked as he stood up and walked to the console.

"I was just trying to get your attention," the TARDIS thought as he smiled and placed his hands on the console.

"Well, you've got it. What's wrong, Love?"

"As much as I like you, I do not like having my files hacked into. Will you please release your children before they hit one of my firewalls?"

"Oh, they can handle being hit by a firewall."

"I believe they can, but my firewalls are like antibodies. They destroy intruders," the TARDIS thought and Nigel's eyes widened. He placed the earpiece in his ear when he typed on the keyboard and the cartoon puppy appeared on the screen.


"I need you to get your sisters and brother out of the TARDIS before her systems find you. If they do then they will attack," he said and the eyes of the cartoon puppy bugged out. An alarm sounded as a red light appeared on the screen and the cartoon puppy was wearing a white helmet with a red triangle on the front. He watched as the cartoon puppy ran off screen then he looked at the rotor moving up and down behind the glass and waited. The alarm stopped as the light changed to green and he looked at the screen. "Are they gone?"

"Yes, and I did a scan just in case they left any little "surprises". Oh, I know they wouldn't, but one of them is very naughty," the TARDIS thought and Nigel smiled, nodding his head.

"Yeah, he is a right bastard," Nigel said and the TARDIS softly laughed in his mind.

"All systems are clear. I am sorry."

"Nah, it's ok, Love. I have to be careful when they get into my dad's TARDIS. Speaking of my dad, where is he?" Nigel asked as he leaned against the console and folded his arms across his chest.

"Doc, I think you better see this!" Jack thought as he sent the image of the storage room while he looked into one of the storage containers and the sleeping form of a four year old girl with long black hair, dark skin and a round face was partly covered with a fine mist.

"She looks like Namid," River thought to him as Jack smiled at hearing her voice then frowned when he walked to the next container and saw a six month old boy with pale skin and wisps of blonde hair.

"It's not just kids. They have infants and toddlers as well," Jack thought and the Doctor sighed inside his head.

"How many are there?" Duer thought as Jack looked around the room and sighed.

"I'd say over a couple of hundred thousand and that's just in this room alone," Jack thought and felt the Doctor's anger in his mind.

"I am tracking you, Captain, and will show the Doctor where you are," the TARDIS thought as he slightly smiled and walked by the containers, balling his hands into fists.

"Are you ok, Daddy?" Faith said as Duer looked down at her and knelt down on his knees. Hope, Rain and Faith had arrived a few seconds ago and Duer tried not to laugh at the angry faces Faith and Hope gave Drynar after their arrival.

"Yeah, Butterfly, I'm ok. Uncle Jack just showed us something sad," Duer said and Faith brushed the hair out of his eyes. They had sent word to Jack that Hope and Faith were with them and Jack set up a privacy block before showing them the storage room. Duer wondered how he would react if someone took Faith and placed her in a suspension container. He knew from experience that Adam would panic after River had been kidnapped and he also knew he would tear universes apart to find Faith.

"What did Uncle Jack show you?" Hope said as she walked closer and he looked at her. He remembered how angry the Doctor was when the Silurians took Hope and her sisters and Duer sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Uncle Jack found where they're keeping the children, toddlers and infants," Duer said softly as Hope and Faith glared at Drynar and Hope folded her arms over her chest.

"Stop looking at me like that, you little brat!" Drynar shouted as Duer looked at the Doctor and the Doctor's eyes had turned jet black.

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