Chapter Thirty Eight


"What did you call my daughter?" the Doctor growled and Drynar swallowed hard, backing away from him.

"No, he's not worth it," Duer said as the Doctor nodded his head and they headed down the hallway, entering the room where the council members were waiting.

"But Daddy….!" Faith said after the Doctor and the others returned to the TARDIS and Duer sighed, rolling his eyes. He knew that she was just as stubborn as Hope and he placed his hands on her shoulders, giving her a serious look.

"No, you have to prepare for your placement exam," Duer said while Frankie stood next to him and Faith looked from one to the other then sighed.

"And you're not going to be alone. Aunt Rain said you can come over and study with Hope," Frankie said.

"And I've got to go home. Need to see if there's a way for this little fella to hear," Adam said while holding Little Alan in his arms and Little Alan had his head on Adam's shoulder. "I'm going to need my little co-pilot to keep him still while they run the scans."

"O-key," Faith said as she took Adam's hand and they headed toward the backdoor, leaving the control room.

"Now, are you sure you can pilot this thing?" Jack asked as Nigel glared at him and sat back in the chair, folding his arms over his chest. "Sorry."

Flipping him off, Nigel looked at the screen when he typed on the keyboard and Jack leaned on the back of the chair, looking at the screen. The cartoon dog appeared on the screen when the cartoon dog sat down and panted and Jack softly laughed, shaking his head.




The cartoon puppy saluted then ran off screen when the engines rumbled around them and the spaceship started moving. The cartoon puppy appeared on the screen then sat as Jack smiled then went to check the other screens.

"Does this thing have warp speed?" Jack asked.

"Yep, and we have warp in ten," Nigel said as Jack nodded and looked at the screens. The spaceship had enough fuel to travel from Earth to New Gallifrey as he checked the other screens and Nigel sat back, placing his feet on the console.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked as Nigel looked at him and Jack walked closer, gently tapping Nigel's foot with his hand.

"I was waiting for you to tell me to push the button, Mon Capitan!" Nigel said and Jack laughed, looking at the console. "It's the green one on the left."

"Smartass," Jack said as he ruffled Nigel's hair and pushed the button. The spaceship shook after entering warp speed and the lights swirled on the screen. A few second later the spaceship slowed down when Jack saw New Gallifrey on the screen and looked at Nigel. "Right, open a communication channel."

"Yes, Sir," Nigel said with a salute then typed on the keyboard and Jack smiled, rolling his eyes. "Communication channel opened, Sir!"

"Security Control, this is Captain Jack Harkness. I need permission to land a Omegazian spaceship and I need multiple ambulances," Jack said as they waited for an answer and Nigel placed his feet on the console.

"This is Commander Maznar. Please state the medical emergency or we will not allow you to land," Commander Maznar's voice said over the speakers and Jack explained. "Hold on, Captain, I am going to have to get council permission."

"Look, the Doctor sent us! We need to land now!" Jack said as he leaned on the console and Nigel's eyes widened.

"Ooo, you're playing the Doctor card, very retro!" Nigel thought and Jack winked at him.

"The Doctor sent you?" Commander Maznar asked with a hint of fear in his voice and Jack smiled, gently nudging Nigel.

"Yeah, now can we land?" Jack asked with an annoyed tone in his voice and Nigel saw the cartoon puppy on its back and the cartoon dog was laughing.

"Of course, Captain. I am sending you the landing co-ordinance right now," Commander Maznar said then the speaker clicked off and they looked at the screen. Cracking his knuckles, Nigel typed on the keyboard as Jack sat on the other chair and placed his feet on the console.

Kasterbourous City, New Gallifrey

Charlie was stunned while she followed Adam and Marion down the pavement and Marion had to stop her from walking into lamp posts a few times.

"This is awesome!" Charlie said when a tall man with blue skin, long white hair and green eyes walked by. He had a long face with chiseled features and was wearing a black bodysuit with thin, plastic tubing sticking out the sides of the bodysuit and black boots.

"Don't stare," Marion whispered as Charlie nodded her head and they headed for the white building. The glass doors hissed open as they walked inside and Charlie looked at the people and beings wearing white bodysuits and boots. Adam walked to the desk as the young woman with long, white hair and green eyes looked at him and he smiled at her. She had a round face and a small nose and he noticed the name badge pinned to white bodysuit. A blue cross sat on the right corner of the name badge and Catherine Hills – Nurse was under her hologram picture.

"Hello, Doctor, how may I help you?" Nurse Hills asked.

"I'm not the Doctor. I'm Councilor Storm," Adam said and Nurse Hills softly smiled.

"I am sorry, Councilor. Um, which Councilor Storm are you?"

"I'm Adam," he said and Nurse Hills nodded her head.

"Ah, what seems to be the matter?" she asked while Marion and Charlie walked closer and Marion held Little Alan in her arms.

"Well, first, I was wondering if the people we brought with us from Earth have arrived," Adam said while Nurse Hills looked at the screen and typed on the keyboard.

"Yes, we received several ambulances just a few seconds ago. The others have been sent to other hospitals," she said and Adam nodded his head.

"And we need to know if there is a pediatrics neurosurgeon available," Adam said as Nurse Hills looked at the screen and typed on the keyboard.

"Yes, Doctor T'Yar'qua is here."

"Can we speak to her or him?" Marion asked and Nurse Hills picked up the microphone and pushed the button.

"Doctor T'Yar'qua, please report to Reception Desk Three," she said then placed the microphone down and looked at them. "Please wait over there."

Nodding, Adam led Charlie, Little Alan and Marion to the couches when they sat down and Little Alan sat on Adam's lap. Adam looked at Marion as he slid his arm around her and she placed her head on his shoulder. He knew she hated hospitals as he sent comfort into her mind and she smiled sweetly at him. A few minutes later a tall woman with a thin build, light violet skin, dark purple hair and red eyes walked closer and the white bodysuit clung to her like a second skin. She had long finger and an egg shaped face and her features looked lizard like.

"Councilor Storm, I am Doctor T'Yar'qua," she said while holding out her hand and Adam stood up, placed Little Alan on Marion's lap and shook hands with Doctor T'Yar'qua. "How may I assist you?"

"I need your help with this little fella,' he said as he pointed to Little Alan and Little Alan looked up at Doctor T'Yar'qua, blinking his eyes a few times.

"Who are his parental units?" she asked and Charlie looked down at her feet. Deep inside she knew she should fess up to being Little Alan's mother, but she couldn't bring herself to admit it and Adam sighed, brushing the hair from his eyes.

"That would be us," Adam said and Doctor T'Yar'qua nodded her head.

"And what seems to be the problem?"

"He's deaf," Marion said as she stood up and held Little Alan in her arms. Doctor T'Yar'qua seemed to glide as she walked closer and Little Alan looked at her, tilting his head to one side. Doctor T'Yar'qua gently placed her hands on either side of Little Alan's head, covering his ears, as she smiled and he smiled back. Moving her hands away, she titled her head side to side and looked at Adam.

"He is not of your genetic signature. Are you adopting him?" she asked and Charlie was stunned that she knew the difference.

"Yes, we are," Adam said with a nod of his head.

"Are his natural parental units here?"

"Yeah, that would be me," Charlie said as she stood up and Doctor T'Yar'qua walked to her, locking eyes with her.

"He has recently healed injuries. Do you know how he came by them?" she asked and Charlie looked down at the floor.

"Is this really necessary?" Marion asked as Doctor T'Yar'qua looked at her and slowly blinked her eyes.

"If I am to properly treat him, I need to know his complete medical history."

"I, uh, I abused him." Charlie said while Doctor T'Yar'qua's eyes widened and her thin mouth fell open.

"I need to call security," she said and Adam held up his hands, shaking his head.

"No, there is no need for that. She is giving up the rights to him and the Doctor doesn't want to charge her with anything," he said and Doctor T'Yar'qua sighed, nodding her head.

"This way, please," Doctor T'Yar'qua with a wave of her hand then looked at Charlie, leering at her. "You will stay here."

Nodding, Charlie watched as they went down the hallway then sat down on the couch, placed her face in her hands and soft sobs filled the air.

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