Chapter Thirty Nine

"Uncle Adam?!" Faith called out when Adam turned around to see her running down the hallway and he smiled, rolling his eyes.

"Knew I forgot someone," he teased then introduced her to Doctor T'Yar'qua and Faith pressed her hands together as she bowed to her. They walked down the hallway when the door to the examination room hissed open and Doctor T'Yar'qua led them toward the examination table.

"How old is the child?" Doctor T'Yar'qua asked when she stopped near the examination table and placed her hands on the top of the examination table.

"He is five years old," Adam said while Little Alan looked at the charts on the wall then sighed and placed his head on Adam's shoulder.

"Place the child on the table please," Doctor T'Yar'qua said as Adam sat Little Alan on the examination table and Little Alan looked at him with a slightly frightened look in his eyes.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!" Little Alan moaned with his arms out for him when Adam took his hands and softly smiled at him.

"He doesn't understand what's going on," Adam said while Doctor T'Yar'qua stood on the other side of the examination table and slowly nodded her head. She moved around to the other side of the examination table to stand next to Adam when she gently placed her hands on either side of Little Alan's head and locked eyes with him. Adam knew that Little Alan wasn't telepathic, but did understand visual information when he saw Little Alan smile and Doctor T'Yar'qua lowered her hands.

"Please undress him to his undergarments," Doctor T'Yar'qua said as Adam nodded and Little Alan raised his arms. Adam saw Marion's reaction to the sight of Little Alan's body as Adam shrugged and could feel the anger building inside her.

"Now do you understand why Alan and I want to share custody?" he thought to her and Marion nodded her head. Little Alan made a soft gurgling instead of a giggle after Adam tickled his stomach and Adam smiled down at him, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. Patting the top of the examination table, he watched Little Alan lie down when Doctor T'Yar'qua moved closer and looked at the transparent screens that appeared in front of her. Little Alan looked up at the blue light moving over him when he looked at Adam and a smile spread across his face. Nodding his head, Adam gave him two thumbs up to assure him that he was being a good boy and Little Alan looked at Doctor T'Yar'qua, who smiled sweetly at him.

"Other than the old injuries and a slight case of malnutrition, he is in excellent health," she said then frowned, looking at the screens. "He hasn't had his childhood immunizations though."

"Yeah, well, the place where he's from have limited medical facilities," Adam said and Doctor T'Yar'qua nodded her head.

"I have treated children who come from places like that. It will be no problem," she said then looked at the screens again and sighed. "But I am afraid the news is not good. If he had been brought to me when he was a baby, I would have been able to correct the damage. Now…"

"Now it's too late," Adam sighed and Doctor T'Yar'qua nodded her head.

"I do have something that might help him communicate," she said then walked across the room and opened a cabinet door. She reached up when she removed a white box then moved back to the examination table and handed the white box to Adam. Adam opened the white box when he removed a flat square made of a black, light weight material and looked at the keypad and lighted screen. He pushed the button at the bottom of the square when the screen lit up and Little Alan looked at the square then at Adam. "It is a digital vocalizer."

"Oh," Adam said with a smile and wide eyes and handed the square to Little Alan. Adam pointed to Little Alan then at the square then at the keypad and Little Alan looked at the letters. He knew Little Alan could communicate with his blocks as Little Alan pushed on the letters and smiled up at Adam.

"Daddy," the mechanical voice said as Doctor T'Yar'qua looked at him then at Adam and Adam smiled at her.

"He's a fast learner," he said and she nodded her head.

"There is a strap that goes around his neck so he can carry it with him," she said as she moved toward the counter and Adam knew what she was going to do. He remembered what it was like when his Torchwood immunized him and he glared at her while her back faced him.

"Easy, Tiger," Marion thought as he looked at her and she moved closer, sliding her arm around him. Sighing, he softly smiled at Little Alan as Little Alan showed Faith the digital vocalizer and Adam hoped that Little Alan didn't scream as loud as he had.

Jack watched the security personnel scanning the Omegazian spaceship when Commander Maznar walked closer and stopped next to him, clicked his heels and saluted. Jack, unlike the Doctor, didn't mind if someone saluted him and he gave the commander a sly grin and saluted. Commander Maznar was a tall man with a muscular build, a long face and sparkling green eyes and blonde hair stuck out from under his helmet.

"Commander," Jack said with a nod of his head.

"We have scanned the ship and there are no signs of explosives or viral detonators," Commander Maznar said while handing Jack a scanner pad and Jack looked at the screen.

"Has the communication and computer systems been searched?"

"Your representatives are doing that now," Command Maznar said and Jack frowned, blinking his eyes a few times.

"My what?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Your representatives," Commander Maznar said while looking at the spaceship and his hand went to the handle of his laser blaster.

"Wait. Was one of them wearing jeans, converse sneakers, a leather jacket and a white shirt that says Scotland on the front?"

"I think so."

"Ah, that would be my son. The other one must be Cameron. Well, I guess I better go see what they've found."

"Yes, Sir," Commander Maznar said then Jack looked at the spaceship and walked to the ramp. He slowly walked up the ramp when he saw Nigel and Cameron talking to one of the security personnel and Jack saw that Nigel was standing a little too close to Cameron. He knew that Nigel had his knack of being attracted to a wide variety of partners, but the former lover of Dier's Master was a bit of a surprise. He would be the first to admit he never trusted or like Cameron much since learning that Cameron had tortured and dismembered Duer's version of Jack and had used his telekinetic powers on Jack while being stuck in the mirror world. But he would also be the first to admit that the kid had proven himself over the years and if Nigel wanted a relationship with Cameron then he wouldn't stand in their way.

"Stacey might," he thought in reference to his daughter-in-law then walked closer and coughed, making them turn to look at him.

"Gentlemen," Jack said with a nod of his head as Nigel took a step away from Cameron and Cameron smiled, rolling his eyes. "Find anything?"

"Oh yeah," Nigel said as they walked down the hallway and headed for the bridge. The door hissed open as they walked toward the computer station and Nigel sat down, looking at the screen. Cameron sat on the chair next to him when they typed on the keyboard and Jack leaned against the back of the chair. "We were able to find the slave manifests, contacts and clinets, but not where the Omegazians are now."

"Well, that's a start," Jack said then ruffled the top of Nigel's head and Nigel sighed, sitting back against the back of the chair.

"Any idea what we're going to do when we find them?" he asked and Jack stood up, running his fingers through his hair.

"No idea," Jack sighed while they looked up at him and he smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

Doctor T'Yar'qua had suggested that Little Alan spend the night in the children's ward as Marion walked down the hallway then stopped short after seeing Charlie standing in the hallway. She had asked one of the nurses where the children who were brought in had been taken after explaining that one of the children was hers and the nurse told her where the children's ward was.

"What are you doing here?" Marion demanded after walking up to her and Charlie sighed, looking down at her feet.

"I was looking for Dawg," she said and Marion glared at her.

"His name is Alan now," she snarled and swore she felt the Bad Wolf growling inside her.

"Where is he?" Charlie asked when a security guard walked closer and looked at them with a concerned look on his face.

"Is there a problem?" he asked while Charlie looked from him to Marion then sighed, shook her head and walked away. "Do you wish me to go after her?"

"No," Marion sighed while watching Charlie walk down the hallway then turned and headed for the doorway. Looking at Adam sitting on the bed with Little Alan snuggled in peaceful sleep against him, Marion sighed then smiled when she walked in the room and closed the door behind her.

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