Chapter Forty One

The doors hissed open while Jack, Cameron and Nigel walked in the engine room and Nigel whistled while looking at the energy pulsating behind the glass. Cameron walked to the computer console when he typed on the keyboard and looked at the screen.

"Yep, they're using wormhole tech," Cameron said as Jack walked closer and looked at the screen.

"And they have warp tech," Nigel said while looking at them and Jack nodded his head.

"So, seeing that they can jump from one universe to the other, we have no idea where the rest of the six billion humans they harvested are," Jack sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. "The Doctor is not going to like this."

"We still haven't head back about Hope's scores yet," Rain said while the Doctor leaned on the console and looked at the screen.

"Well, I'm sure she did great. She is my daughter after all," the Doctor said when Alan appeared next to him and placed his chin on the Doctor's shoulder. "May I help you?"

"I'm bored," Alan said with a sad tone to his voice and the Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes.

"He's been that way since Adam left," the Doctor said and Rain gave Alan a mock look of pity.

"Even Rose doesn't want to play with my womb broom," Alan sighed and the Doctor choked back a laugh.

"Aw, poor you," she said and Alan slowly nodded his head.

"I guess I'll go sulk," Alan said then walked away and Rain gave the Doctor a confused look.

"Don't worry. He's fine," he said and Rain nodded her head. "Hear anything from Jack?"

"Yeah, the ship arrived in one piece and everyone's alright."

"That's good," the Doctor said when the screen beeped and he saw the Torchwood logo on the screen. "Ah, that would be Jack now."

"Ok, I'll call if we hear anything," she said then ended the call and the Doctor pushed the button, looking at the screen.

"Hey, Doc," Jack said with a grin while Nigel and Cameron, who were behind him, waved and the Doctor smiled, brushing some fringe from his eyes.

"Hello, did you find anything?" the Doctor asked.

"Yep, we found the salve manifests, contacts and clients, but still don't know where the auction house is or where the Omegazians are," Cameron said after gently nudging Jack out of the way and Nigel glared at him.

"Oi, don't shove my dad," he said and Cameron looked at him with a blank look.

"I didn't shove him."

"Yeah, you did," Nigel said and shoved Cameron.

"Hey," Cameron said then shoved back and Nigel glared at him.

"Watch it, TK-Boy, or I'll wipe your hard drive!"

"Yeah, well, how would you like a first class trip into the stratosphere?!" Cameron growled and wiggled his fingers at Nigel. The Doctor and Jack both knew that Cameron could levitate people into the air, but weren't sure how far and the Doctor looked at Cameron with a concerned look on his face.

"Jack…," he thought then his eyes widened when Nigel grabbed hold of Cameron's head then kissed him and Jack leaned in, smiling at him.

"Um…," Jack said with a grin as Cameron and Nigel started snogging then Jack coughed and slid in front of them, shrugging his shoulder. "We did find out that the ship has wormhole capacity."

"That means they have been harvesting people and beings from not only that universe, but this one or any of the known universes," the Doctor sighed and Jack nodded his head.

"The hospital has scanned the humans we found and they match those from the Earth of that universe."

"At least that's something."

"Has Commander Drynar been any help?"

"Nope," the Doctor said as Jack sighed when they heard a low thud and Jack looked down with slightly wide eyes. "ANYWAY, I'll leave you to it."

"Right," Jack said when the screen went blank and the Doctor leaned over the console and softly laughed. He knew Nigel was his father's son when it came to sex, but he had never seen Jack blush before and walked to the jump seat, sat down and placed his feet on top of the console.

Srylana walked down the hallway as her mind whirled with what she was going to say to the elders when she stopped and the guards stood on either side of the large doors, the light shimmering off their silver helmets.

"I am here to speak with the elders," she said as the guards nodded and one of the guards opened the door to the left. The door closed behind her as she walked in the room and the smoke from the rock vents spread around the room rose to the ceiling. The floor, ceiling and walls were made of stone as the lights of glowing rock hung from the ceiling and water dribbled down from the limestone which grew down from the ceiling. She had been in the room before as she straightened her tunic and looked at what was in front of her. At the center of the room was a raised platform made of marble and sitting on stone thrones were four Silurians wearing shimmering silver robes. Their scales seemed to glow from the heat in the room as she stopped and the Silurian sitting on the largest throne had gray edges around his scales.

"Come forward," he said as she meekly moved toward the platform and the elders looked down at her.

"I have been speaking with the Doctor and he wishes we turn over the humans we have taken," she said with her head lowered and the elders look at each other.

"Does he not understand that we need the humans as slaves?" one of the elders asked.

"Yes, he does, and he also understands that there have been humans who have been changed into Silurians."

"How does he know this?" one of the elders asked.

"Srolan had taken three of the Doctor's children and subjected one of them to the process," she said and the elders hissed in shock.

"Why would he do such a thing?" the first elder asked.

"He wanted them as hostages in case the Doctor refused to help us. The Doctor was able to find Srolan after he escaped with the Doctor's children and returned his child to normal."

"Where is Srolan?"

"The Doctor has him. He has not been harmed."

"And the Doctor still wishes to act as a mediator between us and the humans?" the first elder asked.

"Yes, but we have learned that this is no longer our world."

"What?" the lead elder said when he stood up and held onto the arms of the throne.

"It appears that this world was…It was….Someone has laid claim to ownership and it is they who have been taken the rest of the humans," she said then told them about the Omegazians and the lead elder growled.

"Bring the Doctor here," the lead elder said and Srylana nodded, turned and left the room.

Adam didn't know if Little Alan knew what real animals looked like as he held onto Little Alan's hand and Marion held onto Little Alan's other hand. They walked down the pathway while people and beings moved by and Little Alan looked at a tall man with light purple skin, black hair and orange eyes. A woman and three children had the same hair, skin and eye color as the man as Little Alan smiled at the little boy and the little boy smiled back, nodding his head.

"So, where to go to first," Adam said while looking at the zoo map when a low moan filled the air and he glanced at Marion, who was looking toward the mystical and mythological animals area.

"Do you think he'd like to see a water horse?" Marion asked while Little Alan looked up at them and frowned, blinking his eyes a few times. He let go of their hands when he took the digital vocalizer in his hands.

"Why stop?" the mechanical voice asked as they looked down at him then Adam smiled, pointed to the map then at him and Little Alan saw the questioning look on his face. Looking at the map, Little Alan frowned then pointed at the petting zoo and looked up at Adam.

"Guess we're going to the petting zoo," Adam said then they took Little Alan's hands and walked down the path. Reaching down, Adam carefully picked Little Alan up as Little Alan smiled and placed his head on Adam's shoulder. Adam smiled back then blinked when something gently moved through his mind and he blinked his eyes a few times. He knew the feeling of bonding from the times he bonded with River, James and David, but they were his natural born children and Marion noticed the blank look on Adam's face.

"You ok?" she asked while Adam nodded his head as wiped the tears from his eyes then slid her hand in his and they walked down the path.

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