Chapter Forty Two

Duer stood near the console when he saw something on the screen and placed his black rimmed glasses on.

"Looks like we're getting company," he said when the Doctor got off the jump seat and walked closer. Srylana stood in front of the TARDIS as the Doctor walked to the doors and opened them, looking at her.

"Greetings, Doctor, I have word from the elders," she said with a slight bow and the Doctor leaned against the doorframe, crossing one ankle over the other.

"Have they agreed to live peacefully with the humans?" he asked.

"That had not yet been decided, but they do with to speak to you about the selling of this planet," she said when he looked back at Duer then sighed and half closed his eyes.

"Alan, do me a favor and fetch Travis for me," he thought as he brought Alan's mind forward and glanced at Srylana.

"Aw, and here I was watching paint drying," Alan said and the Doctor slightly smiled.

"Bring Commander Dryner and Srolan, too," the Doctor thought then kicked off the doorframe and silently apologized to the TARDIS. A few minutes later Srylana led them toward the tunnel entrance while Travis kept his rifle trained on Commander Dryner and Srolan, both of them wearing shackles on their wrists and ankles, and Srolan softly growled, looking back at him.

"Take a look around, Meat, this is the last time you will see daylight," he snarled then grunted as Travis poked him in the back with the rifle.

New Gallifrey

Jack stood on the platform as the members of the council gathered and sat down on the form fitting chairs. He has asked Councilor Xashon if he could speak with the council and he lightly coughed, placing his hands behind his back.

"Well, I guess you are wondering why I have gathered you here today," he said with a grin and Xashon smiled, rolling her eyes. She often wondered where Jack got his way of charming people as he gave her a wink and a blush moved across her cheeks. "I won't beat around the bush. The spacecraft we have confiscated from the Omegazians has wormhole technology and we believe that they have not only decimated the Earth in another universe, but have been illegally kidnapping beings in this universe as well as others."

"Yes, there have been reports from the Shadow Proclamation about mass kidnappings, but the Architect has assured us that they have the situation under control," Councilor Daw'kur said and Jack frowned, giving him a hard look. Councilor Daw'kur was a tall humanoid male with a lithe build and skin with a blue/gray tint and Jack noticed that Daw'kur's black eyebrows looked like large, black fur caterpillars. Daw'kur's black hair drifted over his shoulders and halfway down his back and the overhead lighting made his golden eyes sparkle. His face was long and lean with a long, straight nose and high cheekbones and his lips were thin enough to make his mouth look like a slit.

"Why wasn't the Doctor informed about this?" Jack asked and Councilor Daw'kur looked down his long, straight nose at him.

"Like I said, the Architect has assured us that everything is under control," he said and Jack glared at him, balling his hands into fists.

"Gentlemen, we will deal with why the Doctor wasn't informed later," Xashon said then looked at Jack and smiled. "What do you think we should do about the Omegazians, Captain?"

"Well, seeing that the Doctor is over in the other universe, I want to take the fleet there and help that Earth defend itself against them."

"Why should we care about what's happening in another universe?" Councilor Daw'kur demanded as he stood up and pounded his hand on the podium in front of him.

"Because council members like Councilors Storm and Tyler come from different universes and that is what the Doctor would do," Jack said with a smug look on his face.

"Wouldn't that leave us defenseless?" one of the other councilors asked and Jack sighed, looked up at the ceiling.

"I don't think so," Jack said. "And I am only suggesting this in case the Doctor does need help."

"And HOW do you purpose to get the fleet to this other universe?" Councilor Daw'kur asked with a smug tone to his voice.

"It's simple, really. All the fleet ships and cruisers have wormhole capability and could be there in seconds," Jack said and Councilor Daw'kur snorted.

"All in favor for allowing Captain Jack to use the fleet if the Doctor needs them?" Xashon asked and all, but Councilor Daw'kur raised their hands. Jack slightly smiled at the shocked look on Councilor Daw'kur's then Jack glanced over at Xashon and she blushed after he winked at her.

"Do you think they'll listen to the Doctor and let the humans share the Earth?" Frankie asked while Rose sighed and leaned her hands on the console, looking at the screen.

"I hope so. I want to go home and Alan's driving me nuts," Rose said.

"I thought that was a full time job with that one."

"Yeah, but he gets worse when Adam and John aren't around."

"But you love him, yeah?"

"Oh yeah," Rose said when a soft beeping sound filled the air and she looked at the other screen. On the screen were several, silver haul spaceships and her eyes widened when she read the information. "Uh-oh, it looks like we're about to get some company."

"Blimey," Alan whispered while Srylana led them in the room and the steam from the pits rose to the ceiling. The Doctor watched while she stopped in front of the platform at the center of the room and the elders looked down at her.

"I have brought the Doctor as you requested," she said when Srolan tried to run, but landed face first on the floor and Alan held onto Duer as they started laughing.

"I demand that you destroy these meat sacks! Look at what they have done to me!" he demanded while getting to his feet and the elders look from him to Srylana and the Doctor sighed, walking toward them.

"Hello," he said while looking at the elders and the lead elder nodded his head.

"Are you the Doctor?" he asked.

"Yep, and the reason he's being restrained is because he kidnapped my daughters, one of them being a child, nearly turned one of my daughters into a Silurian and attacked us," the Doctor said and Srolan growled at him.

"How else were we to be sure that you give this world to us?!" he demanded as the lead elder, ignoring Srolan, slowly stood up and walked down the steps. He stood in front of the Doctor as the Doctor did a slight bow and the lead elder smiled.

"I am Srnaldo," Srnaldo said with a bow and the Doctor made a small grin and crossed his arms over his chest, tilting his head to one side.

"Pleased to meet you," the Doctor said then turned and looked at the others. "These are my brothers, Duer and Alan, and that human there is Travis. You know Srolan and that is Commander Drynar. He is an Omegazian and it is his people who have claim over this world now."

Commander Drynar watched while Srnaldo walked closer and stood his full height. He had never seen a Silurian before as Srnaldo walked around him then locked eyes with him and Commander Drynar swallowed loudly.

"You own this world, do you?" Srnaldo asked, tilting his head to one side.

"Yes," Commander Drynar said.

"And how did you acquire ownership?"

"Sol Three…uh…this planet was put up for auction and my people had the winning bid."

"And you decided to harvest the surface life?"

"Well, yeah, who would care about some beasts, birds, fish, insects or dumb lizards?" Commander Drynar said then heard the Silurians hissing and coughed. "Not that I mean your people are dumb."

"What about the humans?"

"They're just slave labor."

"You told us that you were coming for the Silurians after you finished harvesting the humans," Travis said and Srnaldo glared at Commander Dryner.

"Is this true?" he growled and Commander Dryner sighed, nodding his head.

"Kill them!" Srolan shouted and Srnaldo looked at him then at Commander Dryner.

"I should kill you," Srnaldo said then sighed and shook his head. "But that would not solve our present situation."

"What are you saying?! They admit that they want to destroy us!" Srolan shouted then tried to run and fell face first on the ground. "Kill them!"

"He's got a one track mind," Alan teased and Duer smiled, nodding his head.

"There will be no killing," Srnaldo said when a loud booming sound ripped through the air and the ground started shaking. Bits of the ceiling fell about them as the Doctor half closed his eyes and moved Rose's mind forward.

"What was that?" he thought and Duer had grabbed hold of Commander Dryner while two guards grabbed onto Srolan.

"The TARDIS just informed me that there are several Omegazian spaceships in orbit and they have started harvesting the last of the humans, animals and other life forms. Not only that, but they have transported several patrols into the Silurian tunnels," Rose thought and the Doctor sighed, opening his eyes.

"What is happening?" Srnaldo demanded and several loud explosions filled the air.

"We're under attack," the Doctor sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

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