Chapter Forty Three

"See, I told you they wanted to destroy us," Srolan shouted as he struggled with the guards and Srnaldo looked at the Doctor. Holding up a finger, the Doctor closed his eyes when he brought Rose's mind forward and sighed.

"Rose, where are you?" he thought.

"We're still in the TARDIS. The Omegazians are trying to get in, but the shields are holding. Do you want me call Jack and see if he can send some help?" Rose thought.

"I think that would be a good idea."


"Uh, before you do that, have the TARDIS come to our location to pick us up," the Doctor thought then let go of her mind and opened his eyes. A few minutes later a low wheezing and grinding sound filled the air and they watched while the TARDIS materialized near the platform.

"What is that?" Snarldo asked when the doors opened and Rose walked out, closing the door behind her.

"That is our ship and the blonde goddess is my wifie," Alan said while strolling to Rose and slid his arms around her.

"She is a goddess?" one of the elders asked with wide eyes and Rose sighed, rolling her eyes.

"She is to me," Alan said then kissed the top of her head and soft laughter filled the air.

"You say this is a ship," Srnaldo said while walking toward the TARDIS and the Doctor strolled next to him nodded his head. "But how can anything so small hold so many people?"

"Like this," Duer said when he raised his left hand then snapped his fingers and the doors opened. The Doctor watched while Srnaldo slowly walked inside then up the ramp and looked at the control room. He quickly came out when he looked wide eyed at the Doctor and the Doctor smiled.

"It is larger on the inside," Srnaldo said with a surprise tone to his voice and the other elders walked down the stairs, walking to him. The elders took turns going inside then came out and the Doctor leaned against the side of the TARDIS.

"Well?" the Doctor said while pointing with his hands toward the TARDIS and the elders and guards walked inside. Srolan grumbled while the guards half shoved him along while the others came in the control room and the Doctor closed the doors, locking them. Suddenly a loud booming sound filled the air while he ran to the console and looked at the screen after pushing the buttons. "It looks like we have company."

"Did you contact Jack, WIfie Mine?" Alan asked.

"Yep," Rose said with a nod of her head.

"Then where is he?" the Doctor whispered and looked at the time rotor.

New Gallifrey

Jack stood on the bridge of the Omegazian spaceship while Nigel sat at the navigation station and Cameron sat at the computer station. After Rose had contact him, he had contacted the council and the Gallifreyan fleet was put on alert. Several star cruisers, space fighters and space ambulances floated on the screen as he sighed and placed his hands behind his back.

"Open a channel," Jack said when the communications officer nodded her head and he gave her a wink. Ianto glared at him as Jack shrugged and he was glad that he had included the rest of Torchwood in this mission. Maggie told him she would look after Rory and Lisa as Jack sighed and looked at the screen. "Attention all ships. This is Captain Harkness. I know you have all been briefed on what we are about to do and I would not think differently of you if any of you decide to leave. We have never encountered the Omegazians before and there is a high chance that we will face hostilities. They have wormhole capability, which makes tracking them tricky, but we have the advantage of surprise. So, anyone who wants to follow me, engage your wormhole drive. We leave on my signal."

Jack looked over at Cameron while Cameron typed on the keyboard then reached out his hand and the coffee mug sitting on the console gently lifted into the air and sailed into his hand.

"Mister Douglas, report," Jack said as Cameron looked at the screen and smiled.

"This isn't Star Trek, you know," Cameron thought and Jack snorted a laugh and rolled his eyes.

"Have to keep up appearances," Jack thought.

"All ships are ready for wormhole, Sir," Cameron said with a salute and Jack saluted back.

"Then let's get this show on the road," Jack said when Nigel typed on the keyboard and the engines hummed around them. Ianto moved closer when he slid his hand in Jack's hand and Jack gently squeezed his fingers. They looked at the screen when the wormhole opened and the Omegazian ship as well as the fleet sailed inside. The wormhole closed behind them as a multitude of colors blurred around them and Jack smiled.

"You better surrender now, Doctor," Commander Drynar said with a smug look on his face and the Doctor glared at him.

"You still haven't told us why your people wanted to acquire ownership of this planet," Srnaldo said as Commander Dryner looked at him and snorted.

"Well, the non-human life is considered a delicacy is nearly all know universes and private collectors pay top dollar to have rare and exotic species as pets or to be displayed in their zoos. As for the humans, they're nothing more than slaves," he said and Srnaldo nodded his head.

"When it comes to humans, I agree with you."

"As for your people, we had no idea that you were here," Commander Dryner said with a sigh and the Doctor leaned against the console.

"So, if you had known about the Silurians, you would have just left them alone?" he asked.

"Of course," Commander Drynar said.

"But doesn't that make you hypocrites? I mean, it is fine that Silurians run this world, but humans have been here nearly just as long as them and have done some amazing things. Take a look at the technology and medical achievements they have done. If you take them off this world, who knows what things they would miss out discovering. Leave them alone."

"But they are ruining the planet, Doctor," Srnaldo said.

"Well, if you would share your secrets with us, we could change things," Travis said.

"Ah, that is true, but we have seen how some humans treat our kind when we do offer assistance. We are betrayed and exterminated or imprisoned."

"Then it is better for us to remove them," Commander Dryner said when the console beeped and the Doctor turned around, looking at the screen.

"Well, I don't think that matters anymore," the Doctor said then started pushing buttons on the console and looked at the screen. "Attention Omegazian fleet, this is the Doctor."

"We have heard of you, Doctor," a voice said and the Doctor beamed.

"Glad to hear that. Now, if you will look at your scanners, you will see a large wormhole opening up," the Doctor said when he pushed a button and a screen appeared on the wall, On the screen was the Omegazian fleet of star cruisers, fighter ships, cargo ships and scot ships and behind the fleet was a large wormhole. Suddenly the Omegazian spaceship with Jack onboard and the New Gallifreyan fleet appeared and the wormhole closed behind them. "That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the New Gallifreyan fleet and, as you can see, there are a butt load of them. So, be nice and surrender."

"We can take them," a voice said as Rose smiled and Alan gave her a confused look.

"Ok, Wife of Mine, what's with the smile?" he asked.

"I didn't just call Jack," she said when another wormhole opened on the screen and several, tube shaped ships appeared and surrounded the Omegazian fleet. "I called the Shadow Proclamation."

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