Chapter Forty Four

The screen went blank for a few seconds when a man with blue skin and yellow eyes appeared and the tips of his pointed ears twitched. Like Commander Drynar, the man was wearing a black uniform jacket with white trim, but had a long face and nose.

"This is Admiral Tresmar of the Omegazians. You have entered restricted airspace. Identify yourself or be exterminated," Admiral Tresmar said as the Doctor gave him a blank look and blinked his eyes a few times.

"Are you sure these guys aren't daleks?" Duer thought and the Doctor half smiled.

"I am the Doctor," the Doctor said and Admiral Tresmar frowned.

"That is impossible. The Doctor is dead," Admiral Tresmar said and the Doctor looked at Duer.

"Well, now we know why they were able to take over the Earth so easily," the Doctor thought.

"Yep." Duer thought while popping the "p".

"Well, you see, I am the Doctor from another universe, as is my brother, and we decided to come to this universe to see what was different on the Earth here in comparison to the Earth in our respected universes. Imagine our surprise when we found the planet in ruins and its people being abducted by slavers and the original inhabitants."

"What original inhabitants? There are only the humans on this planet, as well as animal, bird, reptile, amphibious, fish and insect life forms, and they are not threat to us," Admiral Tresmar said when Srnaldo walked closer and Admiral Tresmar's eyes widened. "What is that?!"

"I am Elder Srnaldo of the Silurians," Srnaldo said with a bow and Admiral Tresmar titled his head to one side.

"And you are the original inhabitants of this planet?"

"Yes," Srnaldo said with a nod of his head.

"Which makes them the owners of the planet," the Doctor said then looked at Travis and shrugged.

"But that is impossible! We're the owners!"

"Yes, we all know about the auction, but what you don't realized is you are the owners of stolen goods," the Doctor said when a beeping sound made him look at the screen and typed on the keyboard to clear the interference. The other side of the screen showed static when the screen clicked on and a feline being with orange and light brown stripe fur appeared. He also had white fur around his mouth, inside his ears and down his neck and chest. The dark blue jacket with white trim was open at the top as the green eyes blinked and the whiskers twitched. "Oh, hello, who are you?"

"I am Commander Purrfoo of the Judoon," Commander Purrfoo said with a slight nod of his head and Alan softly grunted when Rose poked her elbow into his stomach.

"Nice to meet you," the Doctor said with a slight bow. "I am the Doctor."

"That is impossible. The Doctor is dead."

"Yes, we've been through this. I am the Doctor from another universe."

"As am I," Duer said and Commander Purrfoo glanced from him then to the Doctor and back.

"We came to this universe to see what differences there are from our universes and was surprised to find this planet in distress," the Doctor said and Commander Purrfoo slowly blinked his eyes. "If it's no trouble, can we speak with the Architect?"

"One moment," Commander Purrfoo said when the screen went blank and Admiral Tresmar sighed, rolling his eyes.

"If you're expecting any help from the Architect, you're not going to get it. She is a brat," he said and they looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces.

"What do you…?" the Doctor asked when the screen flickered on and all they could see was the top of someone's head. The hair was white and pulled back into a bun when a pair of hands appeared and a small, round face with pink eyes looked at them.

"A little help," a child-like voice said when Commander Purrfoo appeared and bowed a few times before kneeling down and they watched as the Architect appeared on the screen. She wore a black dress with black bows decorated with white kitten faces going down the front and she gave them a serious look.

"Brother, permission to leave the room before I piss myself?" Alan thought and the Doctor looked at him then nodded his head.

"Where ith he going?" the Architect asked and the Doctor noticed that she was missing her top front teeth.

"Well, that would explain the lisp," Duer thought and the Doctor barely nodded his head.

"He, um, he isn't feeling well," the Doctor said and she gave him a stern look.

"Captain Purrfoo hath told me you are the Doctor."

"Yeth….uh…yes, I am," the Doctor said and she glared at him.

"But the Doctor died during the Time War two hundred yearth ago."

"Ah, but like I have told the captain and Admiral Tresmar, my brother and I come from different universes and were here to see what's different in this universe when we learned of this planet being bought by the Omegazians."

"I do know about their purchathe of Thol Three. In fact, I wath the one who put it up for auction," she said and the Doctor widened his eyes.


"The inhabitantth of Thol Three are nothing more than barbarianth who are dethtroying their world and dethided the betht courthe of action wath to put up for auction and the humanth were to be thold into thlavery," she said then flinched after seeing his eyes growing black and the Doctor breathed hard and fast through his nose.

"If I may," Duer said as he walked toward the screen and the Architect looked at him then blinked her eyes a few times. "You must have known that the humans weren't the only life on Sol Three, right?"

"Yeth, we knew about the animal, bird, reptile, amphibiouth, fish and inthect life formth on Thol Three."

"Then you must have known about…" Duer said when a loud snort filled his mind and he sighed, pinching his eyes shut.

"Oh, Bro, don't make her say "Silurians". I'll pee myself," Cameron thought and Duer sighed, opened his eyes and looked at the screen.

"May I speak," Srnaldo asked when he walked to stand next to Duer and Duer sighed, placing his hands behind his back.

"Jack, end the transmission unless you want the fleet to pee themselves," Duer thought and pressed his lips together.

"I already jammed the audio signal and explained to the fleet why," Nigel thought and Duer puffed air out of his cheeks.

"And I signaled the Omegazians and they informed me they have turned the speakers off," Cameron thought.

"Who are you?" the Architect asked, looking at Srnaldo.

"I am Srnaldo, High Elder of the Silurians," he said as everyone prepared themselves and the Doctor could just hear Alan snickering in the back of his mind. "I implore you, Great Lady, do not take my people. Our people have lived on Sol Three for millions of years and it is only the humans who are destroying the planet."

"The Thilurianth are the original life formth of Thol Three?"

"Yes, our people had gone into suspended animation and the humans developed on the surface while we slept. When we awakened, we found our world swarming with them and they demanded they were the owners of our world. It is true that we have battled over the years, but, in the end, we agreed to stay underground while they went about destroying themselves."

"And yet you take humanth as thlaves."

"Yes, we have taken some humans over time as slaves, but they were given the choice to become Silurian or stay as slaves and many humans have willingly chosen to change."

"Then you should be happy with them gone."

"Yes, but you are also removing the animal, bird, reptile, amphibious, fish and insect life forms this planet, which is our food source. How can we survive without fresh meat?"

"He has a point," Travis said as he appeared next to Srnaldo and the Architect looked at Travis, blinking his eyes a few times.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Travis."

"Are you human?"

"Yes," he said with a nod of his head.

"You can thpeak?" she asked with wide eyes.

"Um, yes I can," he said with a slightly confused look to his face.

"Did she think humans snort, grunt and squeak?" Duer thought and the Doctor slightly smiled, nudging him in the side.

"I thee," the Architect said then looked at Srnaldo and titled her head to one side.

"Now do you see that the humans should be returned to Sol Three? They are intelligent and have the ability to adapt and change. They have thrived through wars, illness, strife and loads of other things and each and every one of them will defend their planet against any and all who threaten it. If they can't defend themselves, well, that's where my family and I come in," the Doctor said as the Architect looked at him then looked at the screen and the Doctor knew that she was looking at the Gallifreyan fleet surrounding them.

"Do you think the Doctor of this universe would have allowed any of this if he was alive?" Duer asked.

"If the thtorieth I have heard about him are true, no, he wouldn't," the Architect said with a frown.

"Then we can't allow it either," the Doctor said.

"But it has happened, Doctor, we own Sol Three and will not turn it over without some sort of repayment," Admiral Tresmar said while Srnaldo and Travis looked at each other. Wiggling a finger, Travis led him to one side of the room then moved closer so they could have a private conversation and the Doctor gave them a puzzled look. A few moments later, they walked back to the Doctor and Travis nodded his head toward Srnaldo.

"Admiral Tresmar, do the Omegazians have a planet with spaceports and trading centers in this sector?" Srnaldo asked and Admiral Tresmar's eyes widened.

"Uh, no, we don't," Admiral Tresmar said.

"Tell you what," Travis said and the Doctor and Duer softly smiled as though they knew where they were doing. "You return as many humans, animal, bird, reptile, amphibious, fish and insect life forms you can and we'll see to it that you not only have a fully, worldwide spaceport and trading facilities, but human and Silurian personnel running it."

"How do you know for thure that the retht of humanity and Thilurianth will agree to thith arrangement?" the Architect asked.

"They might," Jack said when he appeared on the screen and gave them a sly grin. "When it comes to making profit, humans tend to go where the money is."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness," he said with a slight bow.

"Are you human?"

"Well, I'm sort of half human/half Time Lord, but that's not the point. The point is the humans will agree if you promise them a share of the profits, good living and working conditions and freedom to come and go."

"Well, some humans, as well as other life forms we have taken over the years, do become members of our crew," Admiral Tresmar said with a slight smile on his face then looked at the Doctor. "But I swear we will find and repurchase the others."

"Do you thpeak for all Omegathianth?" the Architect asked with a blank look on her face.

"Seeing that our ruler is my brother, yes, I do," Admiral Tresmar said when the Doctor noticed the Architect's lower lip was quivering and tears appeared in the corner of her eyes.

"And I will make sure that talks between the humans and Silurians go smoothly," the Doctor said when the Architect slammed her tiny fists on the console and her face turned bright red.

"No, I won't let you!" she screamed then started crying and repeated "no" over and over again.

"Is she having a tantrum?" Alan thought.

"Yep," the Doctor thought when the Architect vanished from the screen then Captain Purrfoo appeared and the Architect's screams of "no fair" and "wah" came from under him.

"I am so sorry, Doctor. I assure you the Intergalactic Senate will hear about…Ow, don't do that," he said while looking down and hissed. "As I was saying, the Intergalactic Senate will hear about this and will refund the Omegazians their…YEOWL!"

"Thut up, you thtupid fur ball!" the Architect shouted when the screen went blank and silence gave way to eruptions of giggling and laughter.

"I told you she was a brat," Admiral Tresmar said while wiping the tears from his eyes and the Doctor smiled, nodding his head.

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