Chapter Eight

Merzet stiffened when he heard a twig snap and he quickly pulled away from Arella's lips. He looked around but couldn't see anything in the forest. He could sense someone was there though and he was willing to bet he knew who it was.

"Come out and show yourself, Koschei," Merzet said.

"Blast, I was hoping I could stay here awhile and watch the show," Koschei said, stepping out of some trees to Merzet's right.

"Is this your roommate?" Arella asked Merzet.

"I am indeed his roommate," Koschei said with a small bow. "Pity I didn't get to meet you back at the dormitory but my roommate decided to meet you outside."

"Go home, Koschei," Merzet said angrily.

"No, I want to meet your lover and get to know her better. Perhaps then she'd come to realize there are better men than you."

"I doubt that," Arella said.

"Has he shown you his little defect yet?" Koschei purred as he stepped closer to her. "He has one, you know."

"I do know and he's shown me this so-called defect. I don't get why everyone thinks it's so terrifying. It's just an indention in his stomach."

"Yes. But no one knows where he got it from," Koschei said, coming closer. "It was a freak accident that turned him into a freak. Isn't that right, Wormhole?"

"Leave us alone!" Merzet growled as he stepped up beside Arella.

"Ooo, a bit tetchy tonight, mate," Koschei purred. "What's wrong? I just want to spend time with the two of you."

Merzet took Arella's hand and walked off with her. Koschei blew him a kiss when he looked back over his shoulder and shot him a look of warning.

"See ya back at the dormitory, Bubbles!" Koschei called to them as they hurried out of the forest.


"Bubbles? Am I allowed to call ya that?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"No, you're allowed to call me Doctor and that's it."

"That's boring," Rose said. "But let's skip it for the moment. I take it Koschei was planning an arse beating when you got back to your room?"

"Pretty much, yeah," the Doctor said.

"You knew your friend was barking mad and you stayed with him?" Jackie said.

"Well, yes. But like I said earlier, we were both sort of outcasts so we stuck together," the Doctor said. "I didn't think he would ever turn on me though."

"That's because you're a twat with a twat brain," Rose said.

She giggled when the Doctor turned his head and fixed her with a long stare.

"You can be replaced, you know," he said.

"No, I can't, I'm your destiny. I'm your past life girlfriend so you can't chuck me out of the TARDIS."

"Just watch me," the Doctor said airily as he turned his head back towards Jackie.

He paused a moment as he stared at Jackie before asking what Rose was doing now.

"She's sticking her tongue out and flipping you the vees," Jackie said.

"Permission to do experimental surgery on her?" the Doctor said to Jackie.

"What sort of surgery?" Jackie said.

"Well, I was contemplating making her into a kind of hybrid human/velociraptor and selling her to the zoo on Alpha Centauri for her insolence."

Jackie chuckled when Rose leapt up and mussed up his hair some more before plopping back down.

"You know, mum, there have been many people who have stood before the Oncoming Storm here but I'm betting I'm the only one who messed up his hair and lived to tell about it," Rose said.

"So….experimental surgery is okay then?" the Doctor said to Jackie.

"No. Get on with the story before I surgically sew your penis to the top of your head," Jackie said.

"Dickhead! Do it, mum," Rose said.

"So anyway, we weren't bothered for the remainder of the dance but I knew Koschei was lying in wait for me back at our room," the Doctor said, ignoring Rose. "But before that happened, Arella surprised me yet again…"


"I hope you aren't going to have any trouble from your friend," Arella said when the dance ended and everyone started to leave.

"I probably will but I can handle it," Merzet said with a shrug.

"Is he jealous of you because I like you?"

"No, I think he's jealous of me because he likes me," Merzet said.

"Oh. Oh! Well, he won't do anything to you, will he?"

"He might rant and rave and scream at me but I doubt he'll hurt me…and he better not lay a finger on you or I will cripple him."

"So…does that mean we are a couple?" Arella said.

"Um…well, I hadn't thought about it. I thought we were just good friends."

"We are but I like you, Merzet, and I want to be something more than just your best mate. Do you like me?"

Merzet was stunned into silence for a moment. A gorgeous girl was actually asking him to be her boyfriend. He never thought he would have that kind of chance, at least not with someone as beautiful as Arella.

"So, how 'bout it? Do you want to be a couple?" Arella said.

"Y…yes," Merzet forced out of his mouth.

Arella laughed at that and stroked his cheek.

"You're cute when you're shy, Merzy," she said fondly.

Merzet felt warmth again when Arella kissed his cheek. He quickly brought himself back down to Earth and asked Arella if he could escort her back to her dormitory. His hearts did a flip flop when Arella kissed his lips and told him he could. Feeling lighter than air, Merzet took her hand and the two of them headed for the auditorium exit.

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