Chapter Nine

"So you left Arella at her dormitory and prepared yourself for the confrontation?" Rose asked the Doctor.

"Well, we didn't get that far. You see, Koschei was still stalking us and he was lying in wait…"


They had almost made it to Arella's dormitory when Koschei stepped out from behind a building. Merzet got between his girlfriend and his best friend while Koschei balled up his fists and came towards him.

"Back away, Koschei," Merzet growled at him while he balled up his fists.

"Ooo, the ponce gets a backbone at last. I like that!" Koschei purred before he stopped a few feet away from them. "What else you gonna do, poncey boy? Throw a punch like a real man?"

"I'm warning you, Koschei, leave us alone!" Merzet growled.

"Will you please not fight?" Arella said, stepping up beside Merzet. "I don't know you that well, Koschei, but you have no reason to be jealous of us?"

"Oh, really? So are you two a couple now?" Koschei said to her.

"We are!" Merzet said confidently.

"Whoo and he's standing up for himself. He really did get a spine. Did you give one to him because he's always been a bit of a wimp," Koschei said to Arella. "Well, I think in celebration of your couplehood I should have a go at the girl. After all, share and share alike, eh…mate?" he said, sneering at Merzet.

"If you lay one finger on her…" Merzet snarled.

"Will you two please stop this?" Arella said. "I don't want to be the cause of a rift in your friendship!"

"Too late, bitch!" Koschei yelled before he lunged at her.

Merzet gasped when he decked her and threw himself on him, pulling him off her as Arella staggered back. He threw a punch and Koschei staggered back when he caught him on the chin. Arella yelled at them to stop while Merzet followed that up with another punch to the face. Koschei staggered back again, growled in frustration and lunged back at Merzet, punching him in the gut. Arella grabbed Koschei and punched him in the face but it only made him angrier and he rammed into her and followed her to the ground. Merzet grabbed Koschei and tried to pull him off Arella when he put both his hands on her windpipe and tried to choke her…


"Blimey, this has suddenly become very intense," Rose said.

"Well, I finally realized just how unhinged my friend really was," the Doctor said. "He never tried to kill anyone before that but his level of obsession for me was so deep that he felt you…Arella was a threat."

"Good job I wasn't there," Jackie said. "He would have had his testicles ripped off for doing that to my daughter."

"Is this…Master still around?" Rose asked.

"No, he's dead…as far as I know. Why? Are you afraid he'll somehow sense who you really were and come back for more?"

"I just don't wanna be around the nutter, that's all," Rose said.

"But being around this nutter is perfectly alright, is it?" Jackie said, pointing to the Doctor.

"He's a fun nutter and he's has springy hair that flies out in every direction when you run your fingers through it," Rose said.

"Yeah…springy hair," the Doctor muttered while Rose snickered. "Anyway, back to the story…"


Merzet managed to pull Koschei off of his girlfriend. Arella gasped and crawled away while Merzet hit Koschei repeatedly in the face.

"You bastard! Don't you ever lay hands on Arella again!" Merzet growled as he hit him.

Koschei tried to get out from under him as he hit him repeatedly. Merzet noticed that his punches only seemed to be making him more maniacal and he grunted when Koschei slapped him hard in the face. Merzet slapped him back and Koschei was about to return it when they heard someone yelling for them to stop. Both men froze and looked over when Arella walked up with two campus guards.

"Him!" Arella said, pointing to Koschei. "He started it and he tried to kill me. My boyfriend was trying to defend himself and me."

"You bitch!" Koschei said, trying to wiggle out from under Merzet.

One of the guards whipped out a stun gun and Merzet jerked his body back when he shot Koschei. Koschei jerked for a moment and then fell unconscious. Merzet took in deep gasps of air while Arella ran and knelt with him.

"He started it," Arella said, pointing to Koschei.

"Don't worry, miss, we'll sort it out," the guard said, putting his stun gun back in the holster on his belt.


"Did they believe me when I told them you didn't start it?" Rose asked.

"Yes, they did. In fact, Koschei got expelled from the Academy."

Rose and Jackie shared a look.

"So that made him even more barmy then?" Jackie said.

"Unfortunately, yes. It made him resentful of me since I didn't get punished and he hated Arella with a passion since she's the one that got him expelled."

"And now he comes after me?" Rose said.

"Yes but not just yet," the Doctor said. "One thing you have to know about Koschei is he bides his time. Revenge is a dish best served cold is very much his motto. He doesn't strike until he's absolutely ready to."

"Like I said, I hope we never meet him again," Rose said. "Daleks are bad enough without your psycho ex-friend being added to the mix."

"I'm pretty confident he's dead. The last time I saw him he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony on the TARDIS and there's no way back from that."

"That's a relief," Rose said.

"Yes, because I would still rip his testicles off his body," Jackie said.

"Well, if he ever shows up again, I'll be sure to direct him your way, Jackie."

"Oh, I have to see that," Rose said. "So what happened next then?"

"Well, things were normal for a bit and Arella and I became closer and then came our first trip into time and space…"

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